Highest-paying jobs in Columbus that don’t require a college degree

now from the NBC 4. I streaming center with a look at the stories that are making headlines when he got. Hey, good morning, had a top online right now. It's a list of the top 50 highest paying jobs in Columbus that do not require a college degree. The list was compiled by stacker using Bureau of Labor Statistics. Occupational outlook, handbook and based on the 2020 annual mean wage. The top 5 in Columbus are number 5. >> First-line supervisors of non-retail sales workers number 4, first-line supervisors of fire fighting and Prevention workers. Number 3 transportation storage and distribution managers. Number 2, first-line supervisors of police and detectives. And number one, our commercial pilots the average salary for a commercial pilot in Columbus is $112,000 per year.

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All 5 of the jobs that I just listed average more than.

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