Make $10k A Month With Social Media Marketing?

what is social media marketing in a nutshell social media marketing is the use of social media platforms and websites to promote a product or service basically you have to post a lot of content on your social profiles to gain views and engagement then people will start to trust you and love your brand and eventually will start to buy your service or product that's when you have a business and take care of that marketing effort but what if you don't have that time or skills and turn to a specialized agency or freelancer that can build this social awareness for you well then let's switch sides and see what you can do to become that social media marketing specialist or even develop a small business out of that and provide a great service to your clients stay tuned and if you like this video don't forget to hit that button [Music] okay so you're about to master the social media space and sell your services let's see what we will cover in this video what do you have to learn in the space of social media marketing how to get clients how much money you can get [Music] so first let's see what skills you have to master to start your social media marketing business copywriting as a social marketing specialist you have to compose the text for the posts that you create that's why you have to know copywriting and a little bit of marketing we recommend two skillshare classes for that and we put their links in the description first is a general copywriting class that covers the basics copywriting for beginners how to write web copy that sells without being cheesy an online skillshare class by jesse forrest this class is for beginners experienced writers and anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of writing for the web in this 60-minute class delivered in 16 short video lessons you'll learn how to write for the web and turn cold website visitors into warm leads sales and customers the second one is more focused on social media social media copywriting masterclass professional tips for profiles and posts and online skillshare class by ruth claus if you want to improve your writing for social media from profiles and bios to posts and pages this class is for you the copywriting skills you'll learn will make your social media marketing communications more effective helping you reach your conversion targets and sales goals [Music] also we recommend some classic books to read about copywriting this book is a practical guide to advertising by the founder of an international advertising company showing how to create advertising that works how to run an agency how to write successful copy and what the future holds for the advertising industry [Music] how to write seductive web copy takes the stress out of your copywriting this practical book takes you through a step-by-step process to write your own website texts you can use this guide to write copy for your new website or to update existing web copy this boot doesn't just tell you how to write it also helps you decide what to write it has been described as probably the most practical guide you can find about writing web copy we have a whole list of the best copywriting books in the description go check it out graphic design a few design basics first graphic design basics core principles for visual design the lessons include both examples and demonstrations giving you a foundation to create inspired functional design you'll learn to identify and define five basic design principles and apply each core concept in future projects also take a look at this book on advertising it's really good this comprehensive overview of advertising design strategies helps students and professionals understand how to create ads that cut through the clutter design principles such as unity contrast hierarchy dominance scale abstraction and typed image relationships are thoroughly discussed chapters also cover researching your client and your audience what makes an ad successful getting the audience's attention in a crowded marketplace the importance of consistent branding and identity the difference between print advertising billboards the web television and radio advertising design versus editorial design now how you can get the first and then repetitive clients fiverr is a great way to start it is an online platform that allows buyers and sellers to connect so they can buy and sell digital services it gets its name from the starting price of services which is spot dollars although all services were priced at five dollars when the site initially launched freelancers can now set their price to whatever they choose and can offer package deals or gig packages you need to set up your profile and create custom gigs to sell on the site as a seller you set your price and can choose to offer add-ons to your gigs to bump up the cost once a buyer decides to buy your order their money is taken from their account and put on hold for you until you complete the order sellers keep 80 of what they earn on each gate they successfully sell and deliver the mortgage you sell the easier it will be to build your seller rating on the site this means you will potentially be able to charge more for the services you offer also there is upwork upwork is a freelancing platform one of the biggest around freelancers like you sign up and create a profile that highlights the skills you have to offer clients like business owners startup people entrepreneurs post jobs on upwork when they need help getting a job done hitting a hang of how the site works can be a bit fuzzy at the beginning but it gets easier as you keep using it as with most freelancing sites the work of finding yourself some clients is all on you clients will normally post jobs that they want to be done you then bid on the jobs you want to work on by sending a proposal to the client so you can start with fiverr and upwork to get your first clients then some of them will stick to you and ask directly for permanent work without fiber or upwork as intermediaries and this is how your business will start to take off how much money can you get from social media marketing well it all depends on two things the time you are willing to put into this business and the services you provide many newbie social media managers charge approximately 25 to 35 dollars an hour to start typically between 10 or 20 hours per month per client this means that each client is worth 250 to 700 dollars per month if you put in 8 hours a day of work for up to 16 clients a month it will be more or less 5 000 a month of course with that strategy coupled with a great portfolio and with some success stories you can charge up to double the beginner hourly rate or maybe at one point you can have collaborators and you can scale up your business so yeah a social media marketing business can get you ten thousand dollars a month and even more you just have to invest time and effort into your skills then have patience and develop your portfolio if you like this 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