My job at Vanderlande: Digital Solutions Manager

I am an Airports Digital Solutions Manager. And that means that we look
at what developments… there are on the market,
what needs our customers have that… are not being supported yet
by our solutions… or by maybe even any solution
on the market, and determining… OK, those are things that we could be working
on, that we should develop… get that through approval… and together with a product team
make sure that that solution comes… and manage the life cycle of it, together
with the product team. Historically, let's say we have our…

Already digital IT solutions,
which are really supporting… the operating systems, so a baggage handling
system has its own control system. Our passenger screening lanes
have their own software. But what we are looking at is
how do we connect data… from those systems with each other,
but also with other systems around us? And how do we actually get
new technologies with new value… to add value
to what we already have for the customers? So technologies like machine learning… artificial intelligence, computer vision,
those kind of things. And how do you actually integrate
that back into what we already have? But also, how are you able to
not just look at your little silo… but the whole thing? So that is something that Vanderlande
is looking at right now.

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With the digitalisation… we see in the world right now, anyway,
there are so many opportunities… for such a wider group of companies
to bring value. And I think that airports… have been very conservative
in accepting new technologies in the past… and that is something
that seems to have changed. What is nice about Vanderlande is… you have something tangible. It's actually from software all the way
down to equipment that does something. When I'm brainstorming with colleagues… it feels like every time we discuss
an idea… it grows
and you see a vision coming out there. That's really nice
and you feel like… wow, we are actually thinking
of something, something cool..

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