Strategic Marketing Communications – Steve Howell part 1

Hello international students I'm Jenny social 
media ambassador and today I'm very excited   because I am here with Steph to talk about 
the Strategic Marketing Communication program at Conestoga College. Can you please introduce what 
is the Strategic Marketing Communication program and what is so unique about it? Strategic Marketing 
Communications well all three words in that title   were very consciously and deliberately chosen. 
Strategic thinking is a key quality that they will   develop in the program. The ability to see things 
holistically the beginning the middle and the end. In other words what we're really trying to 
do in the program is help students understand   the consequences and the impact that the 
communications choices that they make   can have on the business on the target 
market and upon society as a whole.   So, from that perspective, I think that 
we do have a fairly unique outlook.   One of our mantras is people are everything and 
people are everything when we think of marketing it's a business, but who are we marketing to   we're marketing to people, and therefore knowing,
understanding, liking and appreciating people   is really the center of what we're trying to 
help our students understand as they learn.

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What are the top reasons for international 
students to choose this program? Wow! That's a that's a fantastic question. So, one of the 
things that we have noticed over the years   is that the program attracts students from many 
parts of the world but also from a huge variety   of learning backgrounds, they want to broaden their 
skill base so they have an understanding   of how to really connect with people.
Exchanging ideas and thinking and   seeing things from different people's perspectives 
doesn't get much more exciting than that really..

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