3 Social Media Tips For Job Seekers: A #SynergyBWI Recap

Here are three tips regardless of where
you are in your career that will help you with social media. Make sure your social media presence gives potential employers a reason to
hire you rather than not to hire you. Make sure you fully complete all the
content of your social media and make sure that your name is full name and
that you use a professional photo. Make sure you increase your social media
capital so people can search you and want to look for you. Be active. Engage in conversation. Be a thought provoker. Don't just join a group.
But participate in the group online. Share content. Not just yours,
but others. These three job tips will help you in your job search not only in your active search for a job.

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But it'll help others find you for opportunities you may not even know are available..

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