FREE Social media marketing tools I use (Apps for Youtube & Instagram)

20 free of cost tools, that I use for my business and social media Basically I'll tell you for 3 categories, YouTube, business
and Instagram Time stamps are in description You can check for particular category First tool is my life's tool In fact I'm clubbing two tools Google Calendar and Google Sheet I need to plan everything and make schedule to know What am I supposed to do Specially now, when I've to do everything on my own No office pressure Besides this, I've mentioned all the productivity apps in this video Link in description and i button To shoot from phone, I use three apps Open camera for shooting As I need a mic, otherwise the voice is not good This mic doesn't work with my phone's camera For that, I need to use Open camera If you've Boya mic which is incompatible with your phone Try installing Open Camera, it's free of cost Second one, for editing, I use Inshots All the people who edit on phone know Inshot is the number one app Third, I use phonto for making thumbnails You can add photo on any background, add text And you can save it as a thumbnail You must have noticed most of my thumbnails have removed background For example with this photo, you won't see the same background At first I used photoshop and trust me, it broke mind I'm not a good editor, if you're, obviously photoshop is better So now I've started to use free version of a website Simply go to the website, upload a photo It will automatically remove the background And your job is done Best thing is, you don't need to sign up Just go to the website, photo uploaded, downloaded, sorted !! Now coming to the editing part There you must have seen some added photos or videos footages That I take from Pexels, you get copyright free images It's absolutely free of cost Similarly for audio, I use YouTube Audio Library Simply search YouTube audio Library There you can see many music files and sound effects Any audio can be used copyright free Now I want to upgrade to a better platform And I was about to research for that But if you know a better solution, let me know in the comments So that I can take better sound tracks If you're in my mail list, you must know I frequently mail you something When I get many same queries on mail and Instagram I try to draft a mail explaining everything If you want such mails, make sure to subscribe Link is in the description to subscribe to the mailbox And for that I use convertKit I really like ConvertKit and is free for first 1000 subscribers Another alternative is mailchimp It is also free of cost till 1000 subscribers What should be topic of the video? We generally keep thinking about it For that I use two platform tools But for me, you are most important to me tell me in comments, what kind of video you want to watch Want any specific video? First tool is answer the public Here you can go, type in your query, select your country And all the questions searched will be reflected here And that might give you one video idea for your niche Along that I use Tubebuddy Even though I don't use it too much But still, it helps to get an idea how good the topic is Although I don't had very good experience in past year Still at least I get to know number of video on internet And I can chose accordingly And ofcourse, when you're making video you'll put the links Like Instagram bio, on website or somewhere else There the link gets open in a browser For that not to happen, there's an AppURL I'll put the full name here Simply go to the app and put the link of video Then it'll convert it into deep link Put that link wherever you're promoting the video So that directly the app gets opened Because no one will sign in on browser On app if they want to subscribe to the channel They'll subscribe immediately So if you want to subscribe, make sure you do that!

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