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If you live the life of a content creator, 
you quickly realize that no two days are   ever the same. However, if you want to be 
a successful one, there are a few tasks   you should do every day to become better 
at marketing and boost your engagement. Ready? Let’s do this! Hi my lovely people, it’s Natalia and 
welcome back to my channel where I share   super-actionable ideas on content creation for 
entrepreneurs and creatives! In today’s video,   I’ll share with you some of the daily tasks 
you can add to your checklist to become a   better-organized content creator, protect your 
brand image and improve your engagement rate. You’ll learn why it’s important to 
have a checklist as a content creator,   what daily tasks you can do to improve 
your content game and I’ve thrown in   some bonus points at the very end of 
this video stick around for these too. Alright, let’s get to it! Why keep a daily checklist? As in any job, there will be multiple recurring 
tasks that you’ll need to on a daily basis.   To make sure you never forget a 
thing, it's a good idea to create   a checklist of daily tasks and that’s no 
different for a content creator.

Not only Whether you’re a solopreneur working on your own 
profile, a social media manager who juggles a   few different clients and their platforms 
or manage content in any other capacity,   I honestly think you will definitely 
benefit from a checklist like that.   Of course, the way you deal with content is going 
to affect your daily tasks because of the range   of responsibilities. As an example, you could be 
writing a blog for your business or be employed to   do so in which case a part of your focus would 
be on finding appealing keywords and updating   the previous posts or you could be an ads manager 
and deal with setting up and measuring campaigns.   But because my channel revolves around 
content marketing on social media with an   emphasis on Instagram, I will focus on 
organic social media marketing in this video.   With all that being said, there will be quite a 
lot of overlap so it’s definitely worth a watch! Let’s start by looking at the first task on 
our daily checklist as a content creator! Task 1: Reply to comments & messages If you want to differentiate yourself from 
others and actively work on building an engaged   community, make sure you reply to your comments 
and messages on a daily basis.

It may seem like   a no-brainer to some of you but when I audit 
Instagram profiles or someone DMs me and asks how   they can get more engagement, so often I see tons 
and tons of unanswered comments under their posts.   And listen, I’ll be the first one to tell you it’s 
a lot of work and I started struggling with this a   while ago. The thing that matters here though is 
that people really really appreciate you doing it   and it actually encourages other people to comment 
on your posts as they see that you actually read   the comments and want to have those conversations. 
You need to remember that social media is,   in fact, social so this is, in my opinion, a must 
and that’s why I included it as number one on our   list. Normally, I’m really struggling to reply 
to every comment but having a daily reminder   to jump on for 10 minutes solely to reply to my 
followers, it’s helping me keep this habit going.   Apart from that, when I have some time (between 
exercises at the gym or when I’m on a bus)   I’m doing it because connection is an important 
part of my brand values.

You also should be   thinking about these DMS and comments as 
a way of building engagement and trust,   and therefore nurturing important relationships 
and potentially bringing more sales in the future.   Sometimes you’ll find that a seemingly small 
conversation in your DMs can lead to an inquiry   email or a Zoom call. And while we’re still on 
the subject of comments, don’t be afraid of any   negative ones. I often see them left without 
a reply but unless they’re straight up rude or   offensive, that’s a huge no-no. Of course, with 
mild, snarky comments, depending on your brand   communication strategy, you can hit them back 
with an edgy reply or bombard them with kindness.   Otherwise, negative comments are a great 
opportunity to show people that you see   and acknowledge their perspectives 
and are willing to address any   issues that may be there. It proves that you 
care, listen and want to genuinely improve. Task 2: Check all mentions and react to them If you want to protect your online reputation, 
you need to know what’s being said about your   brand online.

Although there are some media 
monitoring tools like my favorite Brand24,   they do come at a high price point and 
may not be necessary for a small brand.   But if you don’t want to spend extra money, there 
is a solution and you can do some things manually!   What I like to do is to set up a separate bookmark 
folder in my browser with all the different places   I can find potential mentions. First of all, 
I add all of the shortcuts to mentions boards   like the Twitter Mentions or the Mentions 
tab in the Facebook Business Suite – a.k.a.   Meta Business Suite after the refresh.

I bookmark links to any brand hashtags,   campaign hashtags, and any relevant hashtags. 
To give you an example, when I was working at a   cookery school, I had a set of brand hashtags but 
I also added things like #edinburghcookeryschool   even though it was not directly connected to the 
brand. It’s quite good to look at your mentions   and then check what hashtags are underneath. 
You may find that people come up with their   own hashtags that are actually being used by the 
wider audience and you might not have been aware   of them before. With this mention and tag check, I 
also like to go beyond to any relevant sites like   your Google Reviews, TripAdvisor, or even job 
portals like Glassdoor if you hire people.

If   you have all of these links in one bookmarks 
folder, you can pick them up with one click   and quickly browse through them to see any 
positive remarks or catch the not-so-great   ones. This way you can act quickly and it’s 
only going to take a few minutes a day max. Task 3: Get ready to post & activate your audience If you have a post scheduled for the day or you 
will be posting it manually, it’s a great idea to   do a quick spell-check, see if there’s a location 
attached and if you’ve added any relevant tags   for brands or partners.

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Apart from this, there’s 
one thing that I’ve shared not too long ago that   you could do before the post goes live and that’s 
activating your audience. I have a full video for   both what you should do before you post and what 
to do after you have posted which I will leave for   you in the description box below. Both of these 
will definitely be a great watch after you’re   done with this one! What I love to do here apart 
from answering any comments and DMs is to actively   engage with my MVPs, my brand advocates, you know, 
the kind of people who always share my content,   like and comment on all of my posts, and 
I have really cool conversations with.   These are the people who, for any brand, are 
invaluable, and given that you already have   some rapport established with them, it’s really 
nice to give back and show your love and support   by checking out their stories, engaging 
in polls, and leaving meaningful comments.

When time permits (and I really try not to 
spend too much time just engaging on IG),   I try to actually connect with people outside 
of my tribe as well. I also have a few relevant   hashtags saved where people who may be 
interested in my content often hang out   and I engage with their stories or posts. 
This is my little contribution to the niche   I’m in and a huge part of building an engaged 
community. It’s a great way to connect with   one new person that day and you never know what 
impact they may have on your business or life. Task 4: Check trends and competitors  Now, this I feel is a part of staying relevant and 
constantly looking to refresh your content.

I make   it my point to check any social media news and 
updates on a daily, to look at what’s trending,   and to see what my competitors are doing. If 
you’ve been here a while, you’ll know how much   I dislike the word competition so I prefer to 
think of it as looking at other contributors   in my niche. It’s a great way to analyze what’s 
working for them and really serves their audience   which is going to be similar to yours. Apart from 
that, you can realize what’s missing in terms of   content in your general niche and how you can be 
the one to fill that gap. When you do this daily,   you’ll start to notice the general patterns, see 
what the audiences are gravitating towards and   understand their struggles since you’ll be able 
to see conversations in the comment sections. Checking what’s currently trending on 
different platforms also means that   you’re staying relevant. Despite having some 
content planned and scheduled ahead of time,   you’ll be able to quickly insert yourself into 
a hot topic or jump on a trend that’s creating   a lot of buzz in your industry.

Whether it’s 
a hot topic you can address in your Stories   or a really great trending audio for your next 
Reel, it’s a good habit to have to stay relevant.   Even if it doesn’t result in a funny RTM post 
or a viral Reel, at the very least you’ll know   what’s happening and in the ever-changing world 
of social media, that’s quite a good thing! As a little bonus, I want to throw in some 
of the tasks you may not be doing daily,   but can be a fantastic addition to your 
checklist on a weekly or monthly basis! If you’re serious about growth 
and finessing your strategies,   I’d highly recommend you track your stats across 
all social media platforms. You can do this on   a weekly or a monthly basis and it could be a 
part of your own personal social media audit.   By doing this, you’ll be able to see how 
well you’re progressing and identify what   kind of content resonates with your audience 
the most.

From here, it’s so easy to think of   ways to capitalize on it and produce more of 
what works, thereby replicating your success. Another thing I like to do, if not 
on a weekly, then a monthly basis,   is to update my content calendar. If you’ve seen 
my Notion content calendar video, you’ll know   how I like to have all the information added for 
each of my YouTube videos and all of my posts.   That’s how I’m always able to reference specific 
pieces of content, search for something quickly   or repurpose my content.

If I’ve missed any 
links or information at the stage of creation   or publishing, I have this task in place that 
allows me to keep my content calendar in order. Each month, you can have a 
brainstorming and planning session.   This way, you’ll be able to populate your content 
pillars with plenty of new, fresh ideas for posts   and it’s going to be easier to plan your 
content. Once you have all of your ideas there,   mapping out content for a month is a perfect 
way to stay organized. And I’m not talking about   sitting down and executing all that content in 
its entirety, captions and images and all. It’s   about knowing what you have in the pipeline 
in terms of formats and pillars and knowing   that you’ll be hitting all the important 
points your audience needs to hear about.   Plus, this makes batching content so much easier 
since you know exactly what needs to be done! What tasks would you add to a content 
creator checklist? Are you going to try   any of these in your day-to-day? Let me 
know down below in the comment section! If you’re looking to improve your content game,   I’m confident this video here is going to 
help you a ton.

You’ll learn how to build a   strong marketing strategy yourself to find 
your tribe and attract the ideal clients.   And to really niche down and make sure you’re 
serving your audience with the right topics,   check out this video to figure out your content 
pillars and make creating content easier. Subscribe to my channel for more 
actionable content creation tips   and hit that thumbs up button 
if you’ve enjoyed this video.   Have an awesome day and I can’t 
wait to see you… next time..

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