Quit Social Media Today? 7 Reasons You Need A Social Media Detox

Ever had that particular disgusted
feeling, while scrolling and swithcing through apps mindlessly,
simultaneously questioning your habits? Now, more than ever, social media usage is at its peak and is resulting
in poor productivity for many. Statistics show that since the start of this year,
the average usage in terms of time spent on social media apps have
increased by 25 percent. So while many of us want to make a change
but can't find the motivation for it here are seven reasons why you need to get
your social media detox up and running.

Researchers have found that most people who use social media end up comparing
their lives to everyone else they follow. The problem with this is that it
can greatly affect our self-esteem. For example, one is only presented with the best parts of other people's
lives on social media, which can leave you feeling extremely
sad and disconnected from reality. For some people, this can even lead to severe depression
and a weakened immune system. Break away from this unhealthy
cycle through a social media detox so you can reconnect with the things
that actually matter in your life.

Social networking is an easy way to stay
in contact and share information. But in return, you do need
to give up a lot of your privacy. For example, it was recently revealed
that Whatsapp's most recent privacy policy update enables the messaging app
to exchange data with Facebook. So if you don't want to be targeted
by spammers or unnecessary ads, make sure you keep your private info
on your socials as less as possible. Even better, you should take a detox that involves
deleting your applications and profiles to provide you with the best
privacy protection possible. Social media brings out your competitive side and you might not
even be aware of it.

This is because the main basis of social media networks is to attract
attention to your posts. Each reaction and comment is a measure of how popular a particular post is,
which can make you strive to outdo others and even yourself,
which can leave one exhausted. In the end,
competitiveness of this sort is not good and may cause anxiety
and depression, rather, boost your mental well-being
by avoiding social media for a change. FOMO or the fear of missing out is one of the biggest motivations for us to
scramble back to our social media apps. Studies have found that social media was
built to be as addictive as illegal drugs. It's not an exaggeration as you should begin to experience withdrawal symptoms
as soon as you begin with your detox. This deeply embedded fear of losing out
is what keeps us coming back. Staying away is made even more complicated by the constant bombardment
of notifications. Those who become social media addicts
might end up destroying their personal and professional relationships
with the result.

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Do you share everything
that's going on in your life, significant or otherwise immediately
on your social media handles? There have been cases of people updating their Facebook and Twitter profiles from
the altar right after they got married. This is a viable way of documenting your life, but it can also be a burden
that will take you away from the moment. If you live everything through the social
media lens instead of interacting directly with it, your experiences will become
less memorable and of poor quality. Do you spend a lot of time looking
up at old posts or stalking your ex? This can keep you trapped in a negative
mindset, which makes healing from a breakup even more difficult.
For a time, leaving social media behind can give you the space you need to avoid being distracted and to just
move on with your life. Make sure you take the extra steps of blocking exes or someone else
that pains you to see online. You can even change your app settings
to not show you old posts or stories. Or you can manually remove these so that you are no longer reminded of.
When you start letting go past you will attract new opportunities
for the future to bring to you.

Do you feel like you never have enough time to exercise, read or learn a new hobby.
Putting social media aside for a while will help you gain a lot of time
for productive practices during which you can devote your
energy to improving your life. Exercising 30 minutes a day offers immediate physical and mental
health benefits, which makes it a much better usage of your time than scrolling
through your Facebook news feed. You will also feel less stressed out if you take some time to get
your house in order.

For many of us, social media is
already a big part of our lives. But despite the benefits we gain from it. There are also downsides to using it,
especially if we spend too much time. So before starting, one must have a strong
reason whether it is the aim of being more productive or wanting to connect
with the real world around you to have an enjoyable, and successful detox. If you're going on this journey, we wish you good luck and do
follow us on our social media handles when you're back. Thanks for watching. And if you did enjoy,
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