Affiliate Marketing – How I Made $8,628 In One Week (Complete Tutorial)

Affiliate Marketing – How I Made $8,628 In One Week (Complete Tutorial)

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In this video, I reveal an Affiliate Marketing strategy that I have used to make $8,000 in one week. I go through everything step by step and show you how to use my course to make affiliate marketing commissions using free traffic, with no website, no following, and no experience required.

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In just one week with affiliate Marketing I have made over eight Thousand six hundred and twenty eight Dollars with a brand new strategy that's Working really well for me and I can Pretty much promise you that if you go And listen to every single thing that I'm going to show you on this video You're pretty much guaranteed to make Anything from one to three thousand Dollars a month utilizing this strategy In my opinion this is probably one of The easiest ways to start affiliate Marketing in 2023 and I'm going to show You how to do it utilizing a course that I have created and you can make money From it now with that being said let's Get straight into it so for anyone that Doesn't know what affiliate marketing is Let me explain it to you very quickly it Basically comes down to when you promote Somebody else's product or service what Happens is you put a link inside your Social media website Etc anytime Somebody clicks onto that link and Purchases that product you are going to Earn a percentage of that commission With the example that I'm going to show You on this video you will earn 50 said Commissions which means you can earn up To 88.50 every single time you make a Sale all right so moving on now let's Talk about the strategy that's enabled Me to make over eight thousand dollars

In the last week in affiliate marketing Commissions the first thing that you Want to do is you want to come over to Google and you want to type in jet video Academy affiliate program this is my own YouTube course and I want to show you How you can promote this exact same Course the same way that I've been Promoting it to make money with Affiliate marketing commissions okay It's really really simple you're not Gonna need to show your face anywhere You don't need to create any videos you Donate a website and you don't even need A social media following it does not get Any easier than that once you go over to Google and you type that in what you Want to do is you want to come over here And click onto this affiliate program Jet video Academy what that's going to Do is it's going to bring you over to This page and this is where you can sign Up to be an affiliate of our program Come currently this course has been sold For a hundred and seventy seven dollars For Affiliates and you get 50 of that Commission what that means is if you Make one sale that's a hundred and Seventy seven dollars and you divide That by two you are going to make 88.50 and I can guarantee you that I've Been making sales with this exact same Strategy and there's absolutely no Reason why you can't do the same all you

Need to do is come over here and take a Look at this you can see how we pay out And I'm going to show you exactly how You can sign up so what you need to do Is you want to come over here and click Onto this sign up to become a jet video Academy affiliate once you click onto That it's going to bring you over to a Page that looks like this if you're a Current Thrive cart member you need to Click onto this and sign up if you don't Currently have a Thrive card account Just come over here click onto this and Follow all the steps to sign up to Become an affiliate once you've done all That what's going to happen is you are Going to get an affiliate link that Looks like this and this is the exact Same link that you are going to be using Promote this product and the way you're Going to get this traffic is super Simple so what you want to do for you Quite simply is copy this URL because This is what you're going to need but I'm going to give you a script at the End of this video that you can use the Similar script that I've been using you Can play around with it and tailor it a Little bit it's entirely up to you the Other good thing about this strategy Guys if you don't want to promote this Particular product you can go to ClickBank and you can promote any Product that you want it's completely up

To you I just know that this has worked Really well for me and you're going to See why in a second so from here I want To show you the actual product that You're going to be promoting and it's This one over here it's my course and Greg kononenko who's a YouTuber that's Got a channel called caffeinated blogger We've put five years into this and we've Created this course to help people start A YouTube channel we've been doing this Consistently for over five years and we Make over twenty thousand dollars a Month in YouTube ad Revenue alone and Also we make a lot more with affiliate Marketing commissions so what you want To be telling people people is when they Come over to this page is they need to Watch this video this video is going to Explain to them exactly what we teach Them in this course on top of that with This particular course we have an Ongoing coaching and mentoring Facebook Group where people can ask us as many Questions as they want and we answer These questions all the time and help Them grow their YouTube channels we've Got people currently making well over Twenty thousand dollars a month whether They show their face or not it's Completely up to them so as you scroll Down what they're going to say on this Sales page is we're going to teach them Exactly how we do this using an

Evergreen formula okay and I'm showing You this so you know why this converts So well we show them how much money we Are making who we are how we started you Can see here we show them how many views We get subscribers how much money you Can make on YouTube what we did in 2022 Okay which was a pretty good year for us As well and you can see that we're just A couple of regular 40-something year Old dads we're actually family friends Greg did this before me he introduced me To this and look where I've gotten to Today so as you scroll down down you can See we're going to show people how to go From zero to getting the 1000 Subscribers getting their channels Monetized how we have made as much as Forty five thousand dollars just from One video Etc and as you scroll down you Can see that we've got the price in here Currently the price is on average 497 Dollars we've reduced it it's 177 if we Increase it then you're going to get 50 Of whatever we are promoting this for on Top of that we go through all the Modules and we also have a ton of Bonuses as well that we give away with This particular course on top of that People do get a 30-day 100 guaranteed Money back guarantee okay so this is the Actual course itself and then we go Through and we show a heap of Testimonials and there's also FAQs so

This is the product that you will be Promoting and this is back by myself and Greg and I'll just want to show you the Facebook group if we come over here you Can see that currently we have over 1 400 members inside this group and as we Scroll down you can see people are Asking us questions all the time and we Are replying to them and helping them Grow their YouTube channel so no Question is too much for us we simply Answer as much as we can we're not Proclaiming that we're perfect but we do The best that we can to try and help you Grow your YouTube channel so what this Basically means is anybody that signs up As an affiliate we try and reduce the Amount of refunds that we're potentially Going to get because we try and stay Engaged with them which means every time You make a sale there's a good chance That you're not going to get a refund so This is why promoting this product is a Good option for yourself so how are you Going to get this free traffic so what You want to do is you actually want to Start using Facebook to get this traffic And I'm going to show you exactly how to Do this and like I said I'm going to Give you my free script this is a super Super simple strategy it will only take You maybe 10 to 15 minutes a day if you Want to stay consistent with this and You can build on that from that from

There as well so what you want to do is You want to come over to Facebook quite Simply up top what you want to do is you Want to just type in YouTube okay now There is a trick to this there's a few Ways that you can do it and I'll show You what they are but there is a trick That I've been using that's working Really really well so once you type in YouTube what you want to do is you want To scroll down you want to click onto Groups Once you click onto groups you're going To find all these different communities Like YouTube subscribers exchange Worldwide permanently there's another One over here YouTube monetization get Subscribers watch hours and these are Communities where people are helping Each other grow each other's YouTube Channels they're sharing videos they're Sharing ideas Etc anything that can help these people Grow their YouTube channels which is Perfect and I mean take a look at this 55 000 members 56 000 members 29 000 85 000 members there are hundreds of Thousands of members in these groups but What you want to do is you want to start Targeting new members people that are Fresh to these groups and I'll show you How to do that in a second so what you Want to do you can see that I'm already A member of all these groups so if I

Scroll down I just want to show you so For example let's say this one's got ten Thousand members what you will do is You'd quite simply come over here and Just click on to join and what you want To do you want to join as many of these Groups as a possible okay so you want to Join as many of these groups once you've Joined all these groups what you want to Do let's just click onto this one over Here as an example you can see that if You go to people once you click onto People and you scroll down you're going To have different categories that are Going to pop up for example you're going To have the admins and moderators then What you're going to do is you Potentially have friends Etc then you Can have members with things in common Members near you and then when you Scroll down what you're actually looking For is you're looking for this members That are new to the group okay so these Are people that have just recently Joined these groups potentially looking To grow their YouTube channels okay so You also want to be part of these groups As well and when you scroll down look Take a look at how many people are new To these groups remember these groups Have tens of thousands of members so Your potential in this is absolutely Endless okay so what you want to do is You now you want to scroll up to the top

Again so if we come over here you can Say new to the group and let's say this Person joined 12 seconds ago she's in Hong Kong sometimes they'll tell you Where they are sometimes they won't this Person's in Dubai Etc and what you want To do is you want to start messaging These people so let's say that we wanted To message this person called Victoria Sally so quite simply you would click Onto her and you're going to see that You've got obviously message over here So you're going to click onto message Now I'm going to show you what you are Going to send her so I'm actually going To if you want me to pin this script in The top comment all you need to do is Comment right now and say Alan please Share this script and I will pin it to The pinned comment if enough people want It or you can quite simply just copy it From here so this is the first thing That you want to send them so you can See I've got outline send and here I've Got outlined reply you do not want to Send them the link within the first Message quite simply the link will be in The second message but the first message All you need to do is write something Like this hi I notice you just joined The group so quite simply their name so Victoria and you saw the group that they Joined so you need to enter that in There so hi I just noticed you just

Joined this group I'm a member of this Group and a few others as well I'm also Looking for the best methods on starting And growing a YouTube channel I would Love to exchange and share any ideas That may be working for you and if you Want to hear what I have recently Discovered that could help you take your Channel to another level let me know and I will be happy to share that with you All the best on YouTube something nice And simple so she's going to say oh this Person is already a member of this group It's nice of them to reach out and Potentially share ideas this is the sole Reason that they are joining these Groups then what you do is you wait for Your reply now once you get reply one of Two things might happen they may come Back and say Yes here are some tips that I've discovered or this is what I've Done and then you want to thank him for That so you want to thank him for Sending you that if they don't and they Just want to hear back then you need to Tailor your answer to what they have Sent you so for example here's my reply Review quite simply all I said was thank You so much for getting back to me and Thank you for those tips that you have Provided then you want to go into what You've potentially discovered so Recently I heard about a training Program that provides you with ongoing

Coaching and support similar to our Mentoring by two successful YouTubers That have over 380 000 and 480 and 400 000 subscribers so 380k and 400k Okay and then from there you say not Only do they have a really simple course That anyone can follow it's 10 modules To help you get started as a beginner But like I mentioned they have a Facebook group where they provide Ongoing support and then you write Something like this you say something Like look I could talk about it all day But the best thing to do is to click Here to watch the quick video on the Next page where they explain everything This is where you enter your link and Then all you need to say watch the video And let me know what you think would Love to hear your thoughts also the Price for the for the price for this you Can write for this course or for this is Insane it's nowhere near what other People charge it's a fraction of the Price for the quality that you get so What you're actually doing is you're Introducing this course to them you are An affiliate of this course they are Already looking to grow their YouTube Channel they're already looking to Potentially start a YouTube channel on Top of that they're going to get Coaching and mentoring so quite simply All you need to do is copy this copy

That make the changes that you need to Then once I reply copy this it's as Simple as this come straight back over To Facebook over here guys and just Paste that in there and as you can see All you need to do is make sure you Change the parts okay where it says name Group link Etc and add that in there and Then all you need to do is hit the send Button what this is going to do is it's Going to personally message this Particular person okay and once this Person receives that message all you Need to do then is move on to the next Person now I wouldn't recommend Messaging too many people a day between Five and ten a day don't go messaging Too too many people again I mean once You start getting people replying back To you and you start sending out that Link you will start to see commissions Coming in like I said you could Potentially hit anything up to a Thousand to three thousand dollars every Single month so it's a really simple and Effective way that you can do this now The next step if you want to take this To the next level what you could quite Simply do is create your own YouTube Group okay very similar to what these People have done give it a fancy name Like this and inside your pinned comment You could potentially have that course That you're promoting tips and tricks

Etc that are going to help people make Money with affiliate marketing but Before you do that you can see the world Is your oyster with all these different Types of groups now like I said if you Don't want to promote my YouTube course And you want to do another affiliate Marketing course or program Etc you can Very easily do that as well go to ClickBank find a particular course that You want to promote come over to Facebook look for that Niche on Facebook Go over to groups and do the same thing Or you can do both at the same time and See which one works the best for you if You want more tips and and tricks on how To make money with affiliate marketing If you go down the bottom in the first Link in my description guys all you need To do is Click onto that link and what I Will do is I will send you this guide to Your email address absolutely for free It's my Ultimate Guide to affiliate Marketing that helps me make anything From 100 to 500 a day this is not the Content is not outdated but this is Outdated this is currently between 500 And a thousand dollars a day because When it comes to affiliate marketing Once you learn what you're doing Everything grows so if you want this Ebook click onto the link in my Description and I'll send that your way Straight away so if you enjoyed this

Video guys all I ask that you do is that You smash that like button in Appreciation and that you're subscribed To the channel now don't go anyway if You want another amazing way that you Can make money on YouTube using other People's virals videos it's an amazing Secret that not a lot of people are Teaching you click onto this video over Here right now for a fully detailed Tutorial that I created the other day Highly recommend that you watch right Now I'll see you on this video until Next time take care of yourselves and Goodbye

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