Robert Kiyosaki 2019 – The Speech That Broke The Internet!!! KEEP THEM POOR!

Do rich people tell you not to tell them? Yes, yes, do not tell them. Keep them poor. My father was ahead of those around him and educated with a doctorate and from these things I go home and ask him, why don't we learn about money in school He looked at me and said because the government does not allow us to teach about this subject The government tells us about what we can teach and what we can not That's strange, and I said, but don't we go to school to learn about money? He says no your job is to get a job and you said get a job to earn money? He says no, you're just supposed to get a job, so I said no, no, no, is n't the purpose of the job to make money? He says right, I said why don’t we learn about money only I can skip the job part and get confused and he said if you want to learn about money why don’t you ask your best friend’s father about money? And I said why? It's Mike, why ask him? He said because Mike's father is an entrepreneur and I said what about you?? He said, I am a government employee, so I was surprised, saying, What is the difference? He said the difference is that the entrepreneur should know about the money or they will not be entrepreneurs and the employee says he doesn't have to know anything about the money the government will take care of him or the company will take care of him as a little kid I was very confused but I took my father's advice and went to Mike's father's office I knocked on his door and told him I'm here.

I was 9 years old, he taught me about money and he tells me to go from here, child, but from here I started a story about the rich father and the poor father, and finally, through my perseverance and insistence, my rich father began to teach me about money on one condition. The condition was that he would never pay me and tell me that he is from The moment I pay you, you will start thinking like an employee and tell me this is the trap. Entrepreneur works for free. I was 9 years old and my head would explode and tell me you never wanted a salary Do you understand that? I told him, OK, I understand.

I told him how do I make money? And he tells me this is what the entrepreneur discovers. I told him, OK, how do you learn about money? And if he would play the Monopoly game and I was working for free, I would pick him up, punish cigarettes, and he had hotels and restaurants, and I was cleaning and doing meal errands. And the older I started, the more I started to do writing, marketing and accounting tasks, and I was a trainee, but I always worked for free, and in return he taught me about money, but the way to teach him about money is by playing Monopoly . And he was telling me what do you think we do? I told him we are playing Monopoly and he says no no no what do you think we do? We play Monopoly and he tells me what do you think we do? I told him I don't know. He said I will teach you about money. Then you have one green house. He says there are many ways to become financially successful.

There are thousands of ways, but one of the best ways is the Monopoly game. To this day, four green houses and one red hotel. I told him What? He told me one of the greatest ways to make a fortune is to play Monopoly in real life. Four green houses and one red hotel, is that all? Yes and tell me what do you think I do? I told him I don't know. Then he took me and showed me his green houses 10 years ago when I was 19 I was in school in New York and then back to Hawaii and my rich dad had bought the biggest piece of land in the middle of Waikiki Beach and when you go to Waikiki Beach today you'll see the Hight Regency Hotel that was just a hotel like a toy Monopoly (Monopoly).

He acquired small assets and it became big. He just, as they say, rides them together, because this land was not large in size at the time, so he had to buy small land because Waikiki was a small city, so he bought from the owner of this shop and that shop took a long time, but in the end he collected A large piece of land and then he Hayat they built this huge hotel, it was sold a while ago for 800 million dollars!! This is how I learned about money.

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I have gone through financial crises, people have betrayed me, but all of this is good because I developed from it for people who are afraid of making mistakes as they know in school, they never develop because this spirituality in it is wrong and right, good and bad may rise to the top or Bottom most people always want to be right. This can't happen because it's not the reality. I wasn't poor by most people's standards, but I came from a poor family, so you know what I mean, because the poor, the rich, the middle class, poverty starts from a poor mentality, poverty is inherited and educated in Families and the middle class learn in families so because the people sitting at home are struggling financially or worried about money or unhappy they may make a lot of money but they are not happy with what they are doing maybe they were taught this is how you were taught get a job work hard or you won't get rich or get rich Evil or whatever the school system will never teach you about money The school system is designed to teach you to be an employee which is an important thing or a doctor or a specialized lawyer but it never teaches you about money and what people lose is the real science of trade like accounting, debt Taxes, you have to know these are for things but they don't teach them in school to anyone so when people ask me how did your rich dad teach these things and your poor dad who holds a PhD didn't know about them? And for a simple answer, my rich father and my best friend’s father, my rich father’s father died when he was 13 years old so my rich father had a family business at 13 years old to run so he had to drop out of school and it was a blessing for him learning there is a blessing sometimes because the blessing doesn’t look like a blessing but it is a blessing and After that, they became a teacher of records, an accountant, a lawyer, a banker, a real estate broker, so he got what I call real teachers, not like the fake teachers in the school.

Most of the teachers in the school do not have professional ethics. They study subjects that they themselves do not apply. I asked my teachers when I was in my third year in differentiation and Integration was called the power of materials. I told him if I would use these things in real life, and he said no. I said to him, “Why did you teach us, then?” He says, “He pays me to teach it.” I told him, “Are you going to use it?” He says no, and that's why in life one of the things that I suggest to people, you should be a real teacher instead of a false teacher The false teacher does not apply what he teaches and the real teacher applies what he teaches every day so my accountants, my lawyers apply it every day This is how I learned because every day I solve problems related to Business So I have my lawyers, bankers, accountants and all these people are on my speed dial list because I solve problems with my team I see you spread all this knowledge Do the rich get angry and tell you don't tell them, Robert? Yes, yes, do not tell people what you know, keep them poor.

I am not very religious, but unfortunately the poor, as it was said in the Bible, the poor will always remain among us because it starts from here. Yes, it is fear and mentality, it is in their words. And the words come true. I'm not very religious. I failed in Christian school, but when they say they can't afford something or I can't do that, they fall. They become what they say Dad, who holds a Ph.D., used to say, What do you think I'm made of money? I can't afford it. My rich dad used to say that's why he's poor. Poor people say I can't afford it or I can't do that. I do n't have time because this is a getaway for them because it's a getaway. It's easy for them to say they can't and your rich dad used to say what? Instead of I can't stand it, how can I stand it? How do I do this who will require it or why do I do this thing? He says that the question opens the mind and the statement closes the mind, so you say I can't bear it, the mind shuts itself in and becomes what you were saying American football is a sport that needs team cooperation and also football the laws are different and there are other people who like golf playing by themselves without a team everyone is different so my game Financially, it is the number 1 business.

Secondly, real estate, so what I tell young people is, look for your game (yours)..

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