Become A Social Media Manager For 2020 (TOP SMM SKILLS!!!)

– Do you know what skills
people are looking for in social-media managers these days? This is not your 2018
social-media manager. It's a whole new world
out there these days and this episode of Free Mama TV has all the details you need to know. Plus, make sure you watch
to the end of this video because I'm gonna tell you how to get your hot little hands
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each and every Tuesday. Back in the olden days
of 2018 and earlier, if you knew how to log into Instagram you could call yourself
a social-media manager. But these days, savvy business owners are looking for people with
more specialized skills, and that is great news for you. Two big changes are at play here. One, is that social media's
growing and evolving. And more and more businesses
are coming online. And the other is that we have
people have grown and evolved and business owners have figured out that they don't just want
to plaster themselves all over social-media platforms. Instead, they wanna show up
in exactly the right places with exactly the right content. In just a moment we'll talk a closer look at what kind of opportunity
this presents for you, but first, I've got a question for you. What's the social media channel you personally love and use the most? Now I'ma Facebook girl and the best way to connect with me is inside
of our Facebook group.

I wanna know where to find you, let me know down in the comments
down beneath this video. A few years ago, social-media management was about coming up
with a bunch of content and spreading it across a
whole lot of online channels. You'd take a video and
transcribe it for an email then repurpose it and do a couple of posts for Instagram and Facebook
and maybe pull out a couple of tweets too. Easy peasy and you could
charge a pretty penny for it because clients approached
social media as a volume game. Get a lot of content
out and a lot of places so a lot of people will see it. Now fortunately, times are changing. Think about the way you
use social media yourself. Once upon a time you probably
tried out everything. Maybe you had a Twitter account and you used Snapchat
for a bit, but over time you found yourself gravitating
to one or two platforms and sticking with those.

Well, it turns out that a lot
of people did the same thing. We all find the spaces where
we feel most comfortable and we hang out there. Now for business owners this
means that a lot of their users are hanging out on very specific platforms and looking for a very
specific experience. For example, let's take a
look at Facebook groups. Loads of businesses now
create Facebook groups as a critical point in
their business strategy.

And as groups grow,
people come to view them as a true community. And guess what? A community without any kind of management quickly turns into an anarchy with people posting all
kinds of random links, clogging up the feed with
inappropriate content and generally trashing the place. Community managers have stepped in to help keep Facebook groups fun, safe, useful and welcoming. A good community manager makes
sure that posts are relevant, that new members are
welcomed, that everyone is following the rules
and that the content is exactly what you want
to see when you click over. And no matter what your teenager says, Facebook groups aren't going anywhere, especially after Facebook
just paid a fortune to advertise groups at the Super Bowl. You can specialize as a
Facebook community manager serving smart business owners
who desperately need your help so that they can focus on
the work they need to do. And while we're on the topic of Facebook, did you know that many business owners are running launches through
Facebook direct messages? That means that you can build your career around managing Facebook DMs, for real.

pexels photo 4467857

You can get paid a pretty penny if you've mastered this strategy and wanna manage it for clients. They're way too busy to
do this thing on their own and they're actively looking for people like you to help them. And of course Facebook isn't
the only platform out there. You can specialize in
something like Pinterest or YouTube or Instagram. You can narrow as much as you want. Pinterest management for nail salons, Instagram strategy for cake makers, YouTube SEO for online course creators. Yeah, all of those are real jobs that you can make over six figures a year if you know how to do them right. And that's what it really comes down to. As business owners get savvier they've figured out that
they don't just want to toss content out and see what sticks. So fewer and fewer people will be looking for someone to just post
this content on Instagram and then copy it over onto Facebook. They wanna dominate one platform at a time which means they're
seeking out specialists. And if you take the
time to get really good at one thing, either by
learning it on your own or taking a course that will
give you the skills you need, you're going to be able
to raise your rates.

Work with better clients
and deliver amazing results which will help you to get known as the person for what you do which will make it even
easier for you to get clients and earn more money and so on. When you are a specialist like that you're not targeting the
newbie online business owners who are outsourcing for the first time who aren't clear on what they want and who are afraid to signing on to a retainer-based contract. Instead, you'll be working with people who know what they want and need and have clear and realistic expectations who give you the freedom to do your job and who appreciate the value you bring. These are the people who are
making strategic decisions and it's a joy and
delight to work with them. Social-media management in 2020 is not about knowing a little
bit about everything. It's about being an
expert in a single area so that you can help your clients dominate their field and
grow their businesses. If you're ready to be the
hero your clients need they will happily pay you for it.

Now if you're still working on getting your business set up and
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