What is JTBD in Marketing? Jobs To Be Done

[Music] hi everyone i'm julia ceogrefocus philippines and i'm happy to welcome you on your focus youtube channel big digital marketer gives you a lot of challenges and one of them is the ability to produce a lot of creative content by the way did you check our previous video about high quality creative content if not you can do it here but if yes you know that one main component of the high quality creatives are jtbc method and today we will learn what this four letter means and how to use it in your practice let's go so jtbd means job to be done so simple so thank you for watching this video okay okay just joking we'll explain you better how to do it and what the method about so jcbd means job to be done job here is a job uh which can be done by your product for a customer if customer will hire it for it so basically it's answer the questions why why clients will hire your product and the answer should include three segments verb action and context so for example i start the digital marketing industry focus to increase my check for promotional services basically there are three types of job functional emotional and social so let's check what all of them mean number one is functional job it covers tasks and needs of the client so for example job is i would like to change my career here to be able to work from home how you can use this job and your creatives you should start with the question where a client can recognize himself are you tried from the loan computer to the office became a digital marketing professional and earn up to 40 000 pesos working from home on the refocus check our link in description number two emotional job it helps your client to feel some emotion for example job is i would like to feel like an expert in digital marketing so in this case your creative can start like this stop being average in your profession close your knowledge gap and boost your career in the marketing check our link in the description number three social job it gives you higher credibility in eyes of others for example japanese i would like to study digital marketing because it's trendy technological field and cool crowd of specialists in this case your creatives can start like this would you like to run exciting promos and campaigns for famous brands and join the cool crowd of the specialist in digital marketing then start divisory focus check our link and view and yes it's still there in description don't forget to check it so it looks like we learned everything for today it's right time to like this video subscribe our channel and if you are still here you are worthy of a reward so and your word for today is a story about online store with premium german cosmetics before proper target audience research all their creatives were concentrated on the texture of the cream and their effect of the skin so basically it's answer functional job after interview with the client it's find out that packaging the shiny beautiful jar in the bathroom is very important for the client guest com they see these beautiful jars which seems to be very expensive and they think in a certain way about matter of the house so social job became more important than functional one as a result they changed creatives and increased their conversion by four times not bad right so don't think for your client you will never guess what inside their head even if you think that you know everything about or your client needs just ask them cheers really hot

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