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This is a brand new method to make money Online using Google Docs and Google Images using this brand new AI bot that We never talked about before and Everything is pretty much done for you Which actually makes this one of the Easiest ways to start making money Online with Google in 2023 so once again A brand new strategy and I'm going to Share with you everything in this Step-by-step tutorial so if that sounds Good enough then make sure to drop a Like down below and let us begin with a Full breakdown just a quick disclaimer Here if someone replies to your comment Like this claiming they're me just know It's a scam I don't have WhatsApp I Don't have Telegram and I would never Tax you for money you can check their Accounts they don't have a verification Badge they don't have the same Subscribers or videos as me and they Will just scam you my only Instagram Account is at I'm Dave Nick people are Just creating fake accounts reposting my Photos and dming you asking for money You can check their posts the engagement Is fake their new accounts and just know That I would never text you like that so Just stay safe and report them all so Very first AI bot we're gonna be using Combined with Google Docs and Google Images it's called go Charlie so go Charlie is a Content generating app

Basically you can get a lot of different Blog posts on it for you you can get Social media posts content repurposing Images and art and they also have 50 Different use cases with this one single AI tool with this one single cute doggy Right over here now what do you Essentially want to do for the sapner Number one you just want to create an Account by pressing on a sign in or sign Up button and you want to sign up for go Charlie for free now once you sign up For free you will be able to see that You do have different tools at your Disposal right over here but what we're Going to be using it for is the writing Tricks section on the left side and then You want to go over to blog a wizard Which is a section where you can Generate a Blog from scratch now we're Going to come back to this tool but what You want to do next is you want to Install this absolutely free Chrome Extension called a synthesis X synthesis X allows you to turn copyright full Copyright images into copyright free Images so once you find some image on Google 99 of them if you have copyright Rights and you're not allowed to just Scrape them download them and use them For yourself because you will get Incorporated issues but what you can do Is find an image on Google that you like Then turn on sentences and it's going to

Turn it's going to recreate that duel With AI it's going to recreate that Image with AI and it's going to make it Unique so you can actually use it so if You scroll a little bit down in the Description box in the overview they Basically say that you you will own all The copyrights your finished creation so You can confidently share it that's what Synthesis X says you can just add it to Your Chrome by pressing on the add to Chrome button it's going to be right Over here and then it's going to change To remove from chrome because I already Have it and then you can go to Google Images and for whatever you search if You search for example for money or or Any type of image you can just right Click on it if you like it and you can Just click on revisualize this image so It's going to add that to your Google Chrome and now it's going to recreate Two different images from that single One and you can choose which one you Like if you don't like any of these you Can just recreate it again it literally Requires just one click of a button if This doesn't make any sense you just Click on try again and it's hopefully Going to generate a better image maybe Because this is animated it doesn't Generate high quality ones but if you Search for literally anything okay I Actually like this one because it's kind

Of artsy so I'm going to download it to My computer with one click of a button Where I can also download this one as Well and because this is a free tool you Can just recreate it again and again for Unlimited times until you find something That you actually like so now that you Know how that works and you've been Soul Synthesis x what you want to do next is You want to generate a blog post about Literally anything about whether that's Going to be about fishing whether it's Going to be a gaming cooking whether It's going to be about business and Finance and investing in crypto and nfds It doesn't really matter what I'm going To be doing here is I'm going to Generate a blog post about how to make Money online as an example so I'm going To go with five ways to make money Online and I can answer a tone in this Case friendly or it can also be Professional you can just enter Whichever tone you prefer you can enter The target audience in this case my Target audience are going to be Entrepreneurs and the SEO keywords are Going to be make money online and then They can click on fetch block thought Picks and now this doggie is basically Gonna find it from the blog topics for Me and I will choose which ones I like The most I will select which one I think Will perform the best and I will

Continue so here we have the blog topics I'm going to click on fetch the blog Outline so now he's going to generate a Blog outline now that we have the Outline we'll just proceed to the Overview of this entire blog post and Now we can can just fetch the blog with One press of a button or it will have a Full blog post generated with all the Keywords inside unique high quality Content that you can then use along the Way now while that is being generated You just want to download some image From Google Images using synthesis so You will just find something that's Related to your pro to your blog post so In case you created a blog post that Talks about animals you can search for Example for a cat and then you can Recreate that so for example let's say You really like this image you can just Right click on it visualize this image And hopefully they're going to create Something good and then you can use that Image for your blog post so you do need Some images for these blog posts that we Are creating and now you can go back to Go Charlie and then you can have this Full blog post as you can see it does Provide a lot of value we even have the Summary at the bottom and we have the Title here and we have the meta Description as well we're full of Keywords and now we can use this so what

You want to do is you want to copy this Entire blog post with one press of a Button and you want to open up Google Docs at and you want to Paste that blog post here so I'm just Going to remove the meta description and I'm only going to have the title so I'm Going to title the document 5 ways to Make money online and then most Importantly what you want to do is you Want to find some affiliate offers to Promote whether it's going to be on ClickBank or digistore or Warrior plus It doesn't matter I'm going to be using Warrior Plus for this example because on Warrior plus we can find a lot of Different make money online we can sign Up to Warrior plus go to the affiliate Offers and then I can have all these Different affiliate offers to promote so For example this one pays me around 43 Dollars with an average sale the Conversion rate is 20 which is extremely High so I can just grab my affiliate Link right away and I can add a call to Action for it because this offer is About making money online and this is How your affiliate link is going to look Like so you can just copy your affiliate Link from Warrior Plus or ClickBank or Digistore and you can go back to Google Docs and you can create a call to action And you can perhaps say click here to See the best way to make money online in

This case because that's what my blog Post is about and then I can highlight This make it bold make this a little bit Bigger and then insert my affiliate link So to insert my affiliate link all I Gotta do is press here click apply and Here I have this blue call to action Which I'm going to add between all of These lines to ensure that when someone Is reading this blog posts they will Eventually click on the link and sign up For that offer so I can make money and Earn an affiliate Commission Now once You're done you just want to download This as a PDF document to your computer With that affiliate link included and What you can also do to make this look a Little bit more engaging is you can also Insert that image what you got generated For you so in order to insert that image You're going to click on insert and you Want to click on insert and upload from Your computer and you just want to paste It over there you can perhaps make it a Little bit smaller and this is how I'm Personally going to use it and then I'm Gonna download this as a PDF document to My computer so now once you have this PDF to your computer what you want to do Next is you want to share this PDF Document with as many people as possible And the easiest way to do this if you Don't have any social media followers is To go over to or another

Platform which I'm going to share with You later but PDF Drive is being visited By millions of people every single month It's a platform where people come to Share PDF files and millions of people Come to read those PDF documents because They might be valuable and we are Actually sharing a valuable post it Talks about a certain topic and it was All generated for you so for example This PDF document was downloaded a Million times so a million people Downloaded this PDF document in a single Week you can just imagine how many People out of those million can Potentially click the link which is Inside of that post that talks about a Topic that they're already interested in So you have a potential to get a lot of Traffic from PDF drive so you got to Sign in for free and you want to share That PDF document with that image and The second platform which you can use is Called which is being Visited by tens of millions of people so It's even bigger and you just want to Click on upload after signing up you Don't want to upload that PDF document From Google Docs you want to select the Category in this case the category is Going to be about internet or economy And finances and you can also upload an Image as well and you can write a brief Description of what this document is all

About so I'm just gonna go back and I'm Gonna copy the introduction so I'm gonna Copy this because it's full of keywords And I'm gonna paste it here and I can Also answer the tags so I'm going to Answer for example make money online an Online business and I can share this Publicly to and Potentially be seen by millions of People and all of those people that are Reading our PDF documents can Potentially click on the affiliate link Inside and sign up for one of those Offers making your affiliate commissions And earning you passive income so that's How you can use these brand new AI tools With Google Docs and Google Images to Make money online I really hope you got Some value out of this video if you did Make sure to drop a like and I will see You next time

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