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hey there in today's video I want to share a 
simple yet very profitable strategy video guys   do not underestimate this strategy because of 
its Simplicity by mastering this strategy you've   only the other ones anymore I will go through 
everything step by step and try to teach you each   and every detail so be sure to watch the whole 
video first of all open to website   and then select the beatcoin usdt currency per 
next for now I'll set my time to the five minute   time frame for the strategy but keep in mind that 
you can use this method on all time frames and   this strategy can be profitable on all of them now 
it's time to add the indicators to our chart in   total three free indicators are going to be used 
in this strategy let's get to applying the first   one open the indicators tab from the top of the 
page in trading View then on the top of the tab   in the search bar we type our first indicator's 
name which is Trader XO we add this Trader XL   micro Trend scanner made by BTC trolley indicator 
Trend charts now as you can see Trader XO micro   Trend scanner is an indicator of its simple and 
clear buy and sell signals that we're going to use   them to trade this indicator contains two moving 
average graphs these two lines here this one below   is the fast moving average graph and the one on 
the top is the slow graph the trading signals   given by the indicator are based on the crossing 
of these two lines if the crossing is upwards then   it will give us a bullish or Buy Signal or for 
example like here if the crossing is downward   it will show a bearish or sell signal now how do 
we trade using this indicator as I said this is   a simple trading indicator which is very easy 
to use and if you consider only two conditions   you can trade with this indicator alone the two 
conditions are the appearance of a bullish or long   signal and a candlesticks form simultaneously with 
the signal being above the two lines so whenever   these conditions are met you can enter the trade 
where the trigger Candlestick is closed and make   profit you could have had an astounding profit 
from this trade also for the cell signals the   conditions are exactly the opposite if a bearish 
signal appears alongside a Candlestick which is   closed under both of the moving average lines 
all conditions are fulfilled and we can enter   the trade where the trigger Candlestick has been 
closed and gain profit without any problem let me   show you some more examples on different time 
frames to prove that this indicator is really   precise and effective let's check out the 15 
minute time frame see here even in this time   frame the indicator has given us a Buy Signal 
at the best point possible if we had entered the   trade using the signal as you can see we could 
have caught a very big movement of the market   this big movement of the market could have been 
snatched by using the Spy signal and we could have   gained a lot of profit and had an amazing trade 
here we got a sell signal and the Candlestick has   been closed under the moving average lines so we 
can enter the trade here and open a short selling   position where the candlesticks has been closed 
again the trade could have made a lot of profit   for us just with the help of this indicator alone 
but if they use this indicator alone we could face   some problems same as the other indicator is that 
when the market enters the rain Zone like here in   this situation we will get some fake signals 
for instance the signal here is fake or this   one over here and also this one is fake as well 
we can eliminate all of these fake signals using   the methods that I'm going to introduce later in 
this video but before moving on to that if you're   enjoyed this video make sure to leave a like And 
subscribe and help the Channel with the algorithm   okay now let me teach you how to filter these fake 
signals we need to add another indicator to our   charts on top of the page click on the indicators 
option and open the tab and the search bar type   macd and apply the moving average convergence 
Divergence indicator to your charts by clicking   on it now this is how the indicator looks and it 
contains some histograms and a signal line and a   macd line to make to most of the syndicator 
we must open the settings of this indicator   and change some things up so that the indicator 
can become more optimized and efficient for our   strategy first in the stanza we disable the macd 
and the signal options because we won't be needing   these two in this strategy next we move to the 
input section and from there we change the fast   length option to 25 and the slow length to 100 
that's it now we can click on the OK and close   the tab let me explain how we will be using 
the macd in our strategy the way we use it is   that whenever the macdis histogram is above 
the zero line it means that we're currently   it's an uptrend movement and we're allowed to 
enter only by trades and if the histogram is   under the zero line it tells us that we are as 
a downtrend movement and we should enter only   short or sell trades let's see the indicator has 
worked with the first one here we got a bearish or   cell signal and if I draw a line exactly on this 
Candlestick we can see that the macd's histogram   is under the zero line so we're currently at 
a descending Trend and and we are allowed to   enter only cell traits so this signal is valid 
and we could have entered the trade using it if   we were to do that and set our stop loss to 
here we would have made a lot of profit now   let's move on to the next trade see here we got 
a Buy Signal let's check it up using the macd   indicator and see if it is valid or not here the 
macdis histogram is completely under the zero line   so that means we are at downtrend movement and 
we are not allowed to enter a Buy trade so the   signal here is fake and we should ignore it and 
don't enter a trade now the next signal is sell   or bearish that has been given by the first 
indicator I will draw a line here see down   here in the marketing indicator the histogram is 
still under the zero line so if you're still at   a downtrend movement and we are allowed to 
open Short Selling positions we could have   gained profit from this street as well now let 
me show you some more examples using this method since it is always the best to trade according to 
the Market's true momentum I go to the indicators   Tab and search EMA and add the moving average 
exponential indicator to my chart by clicking   on it we've got to change some things in this 
indicator in order to do that I will open EMA   settings tab by clicking on this gear icon 
in the settings I will change the length to   200 from 9.


Next in the style section change the 
moving average lines color to white and make it a   little Bolder so it can be seen better this moving 
average line actually shows us the direction of   the Market's Trend and if the price is higher than 
the moving average line it means that the trend of   the market is upwards and if the price is lower 
than the moving average graph it says that the   trend of the market is downwards we can enter a 
Buy trade whenever a Buy Signal has been given   by the first indicator which is trade EXO here we 
got a buy signal and the second condition is the   magnets histogram being above the zero line but 
now we've got a third condition as well that is   the price being higher than the moving average 
200 line here our trigger Candlestick has been   closed exactly above the moving average 200 
graph so we are allowed to enter a Buy trade   now let's test a short trade and check out its 
conditions to enter a cell trade we have to get a   short or buried signal from the tradexo indicator 
that we have got it here next the macd's histogram   has got to be under the zero line and in this 
position the histogram is under the zero line so   the second condition is met as well and for the 
third condition our trigger Candlestick should   close under the moving average line and this is 
true here so we can enter a short selling trade foreign ly learned this strategy I want to test 
it on the ethereum chart with the 15 minute   time frame and I want to see so how much profit we 
could have made in this trades using this strategy foreign in only 10 trades in the ethereum chart 
we achieved nearly 300 profit and this   much profit in such food trades is 
truly amazing and extraordinary but   if you want to know about another great 
strategy that is as good as this one make   sure to watch this next video shown 
on the screen take care and goodbye foreign

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