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You can make 25 to 50 per email that has Been generated for you with one click of A button and I'm gonna show you some Brand new AI Bots which you can leverage To make money online and bid for your Competition that doesn't know about These AI bots so if that sounds exciting Enough then make sure to drop a like Down below and let us begin with a full Step-by-step breakdown so first things First the app that you can use the AI Tool that you can use it's called Yara AI I'm Gonna Leave a link to all of These apps in the description box down Below this is the future of writing Right over here so basically they can Generate social media posts for you they Can write ads they can write articles Blog posts and they can also write Emails for you as well and they can also Do sales copy for your website but most Importantly we're going to be focusing On done for your emails with Yara Because you can use these emails to sell Different products now before we come Back to this AI tool the step number two Is to sign up to this other AI tool Called mixer I'm also going to leave a Link to mixed in the description box Down below but you want to register an Account for free by clicking on get Started for free because this is an AI Tool that will allow you to launch your Startup and build your website with just

One click of a button because AI it will Do pretty much everything for you as you Can see AI powered launcher so you just Want to create an account and once you Create an account you're going to be Able to access your dashboard for the Websites which you build in one click of A button I'm going to show you how to do That but most importantly you can track Your recent subscribers and you can see That when someone enters their email Address on your website you can download Those email subscribers with one click Of a button and you can put them in some Autoresponder but anyways before we Actually set that up you need to find Some offer to promote and one of the Easiest ways to get around this is to go To some affiliate marketing platform Just like Divi or ClickBank You can just register an account and Then you can log in and then you can Select some of these categories from the Left hand side and then you can choose Some offer to promote so for example This one pays me 32.43 per person that buys through my Referral link this is called his secret Obsession so this is just an example Offer that I can promote it's about Dating love and relationships but most Importantly what you want to do is you Want to Trader affiliate support page Because in some cases they will even

Provide you with done for your email Swipes that you can use so you can try To find promotional details and right Over here I can have sample emails all I Gotta do is just enter my email address Right over here and once I enter my Email address and click on get started Now they will provide me with all the Affiliate details with all affiliate Materials so I can go to the email Section I will have these email swipes That I can copy and paste I will also Have the landing pages and articles I Will also have images high converting Images that I can use so I can perhaps Just open up one of these emails and as You can see we will have the subject Line and we are also gonna have a body For the email that we can literally just Copy and paste and replace with our own Affiliate links so the next thing you Want to do is you want to go over to Some email marketing software such as Get response you can sign up for free You can register an account by pressing And signing up for free and then you can Go to the context section right right Over here and you can create your own List for that product that you're Promoting in this case my product is Called his secret Obsession so I'm gonna Have that list created on get response Because most importantly if I go to the Tools section and I go to autoresponders

And can create an autoresponder for that List only so I can just select that list Right over here it's called Hit secret Obsession I can give it a name I can Pretty much just aim for the same thing And I can send an autoresponder whenever Someone sign ups for my email list so we Can pretty much just copy and paste These emails I can copy this first one The subject line goes here then I can Click on design this message go to blank Template select this one then just drag The text block to the timeline just like This and I can go back and I can copy The entire email and I can just Customize it I can of course change the Colors I can change the design I can Change the font and most importantly Just add your affiliate link so make This bull and add your affiliate link From digistore or whatever platform You're using so I'm going to copy this Referral link and I'm just gonna paste It here so that when someone is reading This they can click on this link and They can purchase the product so again You just click on insert link and you Insert the link just like that and you Can also insert your link here as well So you can just paste it right over here And just remove the nodes to the left For you so I'm gonna remove that and I'm Also going to remove the notes here as Well and here we have our first email

Now we can click on next and I will have The autoresponder set up and you can set An autoresponder you can send different Emails every single day or every other Day you can select for example after They signed up to your email list They Will receive an email after two days and Then the next email can be in like five Days and you can have all of those Different email swipes for the product You're promoting or you can also just Generate those emails using Yara with One click of a button you will have Original emails that you can use but Anyways for now you just want to save And publish this and then the next step You gotta complete is you gotta build Your own website your own landing page With mixer with just one click of a Button you just want to click on sites You want to create a brand new site and You want to describe the offer that You're promoting so in this case I'm Going to say my offer is called heat Secret Obsession and it helps women who Want to date men and then I'm going to Click on generate site so it's a really Brief description of the product that I'm promoting and then they're gonna Generate a website that resonates with That offer that is similar to that offer So that we can use that website that is Going to be generated by mixo to collect Those emails that we can then up upload

To get response and have get response Autoresponder send them emails for the Offer that we are promoting so that you Can earn per email that you are copying And pasting and I'm going to show you Exactly how it works and at the end I'm Also going to show you how to generate Free traffic with literally just one Click of a button so our website is now Being made by Ai and once the website is Done you're gonna be able to review it As you can see we have the website name Here capture his heart and original the Spark so it talks about this product it Gives different reasons that people Should sign up for the email list and Here's where they can sign up so I can Click on Save and customize we can of Course change all those colors and Designs and you can you know play around With everything but I'm just gonna Publish it like this because most Importantly we just need a live website Where people can submit the remote Address if they're interested in that Particular Topic in this case dating for Women so now you can copy your link for The website so you can copy the landing Page link and if you want to preview Just click on it and it's going to take You to the website where you can see That people can just submit the remote Address so if you want to enter my email Address over here and click on join the

Wait list you're going to able to see That if I go to back to the dashboard I Will be able to see that email over here And now I can download those all of Those emails and I can put them in the Autoresponder with get response now the Next thing you want to do is you want to Check the affiliate support page and Check if they do have some designs for You that are already pre-made so that You don't have to create them yourself You can go to images and you can see for Example Pinterest images you can Download a full zip file with a lot of Different designs that are already Pre-made for you and you can use them to Promote your affiliate link and I will Have all of these designs downloaded to My computer and I can use them on Different platforms to drive traffic now If you want to stand out a little bit What you can do is you can take a look At what type of designs they made for You and you can just recreate them using A tool like canvas you can just go to which is a free tool and you Can just type in for example Pinterest Images and you can select from one of Their templates then you can just find An image on the left side you can add it To the timeline and you can just add Some text above that and you will Recreate those designs with can while We're literally just a couple of clicks

Of a button and you can download them to Your computer also with just one click Of a button and then what you can do do Next is you can go over to Which is a platform that is being Visited by millions of people every Single month you can click on create a Pin you can create a brand new board Which is only going to be for that Particular offer that you're promoting Then you can upload that design and then For the title what you can do is you can Just insert the headline of your first Email the subject line so I can just go Back I can copy my subject line and I Can paste it right over here and I can Add the destination link which is just Gonna be the mix so link the link of my Landing page which is which is this one Over here so we'll once again copy that Link right over here and I will just Insert it on Pinterest so that when Someone sees this design they're gonna Go to this website they're gonna submit The remote address to learn whatever is A subject line of that email and when You submit their email address I can Obviously put that in the autoresponder And then the autoresponder is going to Be sending them emails so they can also Purchase the product that we are Promoting so now I can publish this to Pinterest I can start collecting those Emails on an autopilot and use those

Emails to build a sustainable affiliate Marketing business without actually Doing much myself because everything was Actually generated for me all of those Emails were either written by the author That we are promoting by the person that Actually owns the offer or by Yara AI That I mentioned in the beginning with This tutorial and you obviously just Want to share as many of these different Designs as you possibly can and if You're able to definitely replicate Those designs with canva so that you can Stand out with unique content and Actually get as many clicks as possible As you can see this is a unique image That I made with canva that I replicated With canva but literally in literally Just less than a minute the more emails You collect the more emails you're gonna Be able to send out and the more Autoresponders you're going to be able To build meaning that more money you Will be able to make with this affiliate Marketing strategy so that's a quick way To start making some money online as a Complete beginner without actually Having to build your own website without Having to build a YouTube channel or Social media following and if you did Get some value out of this tutorial make Sure to drop a like down below and I Will see you in some of the next ones

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