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Look if you want to make money online Then just copy this Google method in Order to do that without actually having To sell anything without having to build Your own website and without having to Spend thousands of dollars and ads or Billing anything I'm going to show you Exactly how to do this without investing A single dollar for completely free and From anywhere in the world I'm going to Show you exactly why this is actually One of the easiest Google methods out There and I'm going to walk you through The entire process step by step in this Tutorial so pay close attention to every Single second of this video and stick With me all the way until the end so With all that being said and done let's Begin with a full step-by-step process Just a quick disclaimer here if someone Replies to your comment like this Claiming they're me just know it's a Scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and I would never tax you for Money you can check their accounts they Don't have a verification badge they Don't have the same subscribers or Videos as me and they will just scam you My only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick people are just creating fake Accounts reposting my photos and dming You asking for money you can check their Posts the engagement is fake their new Accounts and just know that I would

Never text you like that so just stay Safe and Report for them all so first Things first what you want to do is you Want to go over to Google and you want To search for Google translate so Google Translate app will allow you to Translate any language so for example You can translate English to French or Vice versa or English to Italian to Spanish to whatever language you want to Go with I'm going to go with French for This example so if I type in for example Hello in English it's gonna tell me how I'm able to say that in French so Whatever you type in here is going to be Translated into French in this case so Once you open up Google translate you Want to proceed to step number two we're Gonna come back to Google Translate in a Second but you want to go to step number Two which is to go over to YouTube and Find videos in that language in this Case that will be French so what I did Over here is I basically just translated It cost on camera because I know that Those videos on YouTube don't forget a Lot of views now don't worry you don't Have to post any videos on YouTube and I'm not gonna tell you to do YouTube Automation or record any videos this has Nothing to do what are you posting YouTube videos so what I did is I just Searched for a card on camera or just Type that into Google translate and they

Told me that this is how you say say That in French so basically just copied That and then went over to YouTube and Search for that because I know that Those videos have a chance to get a lot Of views for example this video right Over here got a 149 000 views and it's Basically like 10 dinosaurs caught on Camera or something like that but it's In France I don't understand it I'll Just use Google Translate so what I want To do is you want to find one of those Viral videos in that language you want To copy the link address for that video And then you want to go over to YouTube And go to Google and search for YouTube Thumbnail downloader so you want to Download a thumbnail for that viral Video in whatever language in French and Spanish in Italian it doesn't matter and Then you're going to go to YouTube Thumbnail Grabber you paste that link Here click on get the thumbnail image And then right click on the image Because as you can see it's really Catchy like it's a dinosaur and it's a Circle so it really grabs attention and That's why people are clicking on it so You want to save image as and once you Save the thumbnail to your computer you Want to proceed to The Next Step which Is to go over to CPA grip which is a Network with thousands of different Offers for you to promote and CPA stands

For cost per action which means that Most of these offers will pay you when Someone completely certain action which In most of the cases is just them Entering the remote address now a lot of People only focus on English speaking Offers on English speaking audience and Like the offers in the US but what you Can do is you can Target different Countries like for example you can Select France right over here or Spain Or Italy or Egypt or any other language I'm gonna go with French and you can see That you're gonna find different Giveaways here as well if I open up this Offer I don't know what this says but I'm gonna translate it I'm gonna copy That I'm gonna go back to Google Translate and I'm gonna see what this Offer is all about as long as it's some Giveaway it's good so it's get one Thousand dollars to spend at your Favorite store so it's basically a Thousand dollars giveaway gift card so I'm gonna copy that and I'm gonna Promote this offer because it pays me 39 Cents per email that I collect so each Time someone enters their email address For a chance to win a thousand Euros Which is around a thousand dollars I'm Gonna make it 39 cents per email Collected so you just want to grab your Referral Link in my case this is gonna Be the referral link and it can also be

Any these other offers maybe you can try This one as well let's see what this one Is all about this is probably under 250 Euros gift card giveaway or something Like that so let's see yeah it's a 250 Euros grocery voucher that pays you 71 Cents per email collected so it doesn't Matter as long as it's some giveaway as Long as someone has a chance to win Something if they enter the email Address because now you're incentivizing Them to do so so then you just want to Grab your link and then you want to go Over to the rightly so and then You want to create an absolutely free Account you want to start a free trial And rightly now this is a tool that will Allow you if you add your own call to Action to literally almost any website Out there and in that case this in this Case that's going to be the YouTube Video in French and the destination URL Is going to be the URL that you're Promoting but first things first you Want to create a new ad so click on Create a new ad I'm going to give it a Name here and click on ADD now we're Just gonna leave it like this so leave The top and then instead of get in touch You just want to type in click here to Enter the giveaway and you're gonna copy That you're gonna go back to Google Translate and you you're going to Translate that to your desired language

In this case that's going to be French So I'm going to copy that French call to Action I'm going to paste it now and It's going to show up right over here as You can see now it's in French and I'm Gonna set the button text to be win 1000 Euros but I'm obviously going to Translate win into French so I'm going To say that in French as well so this is How you say that in French and I'm just Gonna go back and I'm gonna paste that Here and now the button link is Obviously just gonna be your link from CPA grip so you want to go back to CPA Grip copy your link and then paste it in The button link box you want to copy That and paste it here so as you can see Here we have a full call to action at The top of the website so it says like Click here to enter a giveaway and it Says win 1000 euros and if they click This they're going to be taken to the Giveaway which is in French so I'm going To scroll down and I'm going to click on Done so you just made your ad this is Perfect now you want to enter the Destination URL and the destination URL Is going to be the YouTube video which You found a viral YouTube video also in French you want to copy the link address And and you want to paste that here and Then you want to select the ad in my Case this is how it's called and click On create the link with ad so now I can

Copy this rightly link and as you can See if someone goes to this link they Can watch this viral video and while They're watching this viral video They're gonna see the call to action in The language in this case in French they Can win a thousand Euros gift card and They can just submit their email address And I'm going to be paid per email so Now what you want to do is you just want To start signing traffic to this rightly Link so you want to get as many French People to watch this video to watch this Viral video because if they watch this Video they're most likely going to see This click this enter the email address And make you money on an autopilot so What you can do right now is now you can Just go to Facebook and you can join Different French groups about literally Anything because you can Target this is Mass Appeal type of video so you're Targeting literally everyone they don't Need to be interested in a specific Topic you can just share your viral Image which you downloaded so the Thumbnail you can download the thumbnail For completely free like this one and Then you can share it in those French Groups and you can say Hey you can watch This full video here and just just leave Your right little link there so they can Actually watch the video and while They're watching the video they will

Click and actually enter the email Address you're not selling anything You're not spamming anything you're just Sharing that viral video with them so a Lot of people are actually going to Click on it because you're not spamming To sell any products or services or Whatsoever you're just sharing a viral Video that you like and you can just use Google Translate to find different Keywords like for example here I entered Entertainment so basically just Translated entertainment into French and Then I copied that and then I searched For it and I can join these groups and Have thousands of members now they can Literally be group about anything can Also be about Travelers so I can just Type in here traveler and then I can Just copy that and paste it here and Then find different groups with with Travelers and there's like thousands of Members in those groups and those Thousands of people can just submit the Remote address making me money on an Autopilot because it's easy you're not Selling anything and people have a Chance to win something for completely Free so I really hope you've learned a New way to use Google and Google Translate way to make money online and If you got some value out of this video Make sure to drop a like down below and I will see you in some of the next ones

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