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AI is rapidly making massive progress Day by day and so today I want to show You a brand new AI Bots which you can Use combined with chess GPT to generate Unlimited YouTube shorts to make money Online without showing your face and Since these are some of the AI Bots that We never talked about previously I do Recommend you watch this video all the Way until the end pay close attention to Every single second of this video so you Don't miss some of the important parts So you will actually be able to make This work and turn this into a Profitable YouTube business without Having to show your face or record Anything with a camera so first thing First before we go back to chatterjbt What you're probably already familiar With and you know how it works I do want To show you some of the example channels That are already doing a similar thing So the very first Channel that I want to Show you is according to socialblade Getting around a hundred thousand Dollars a month just for my Revenue Alone now considering the fact that These are all YouTube shorts it's Probably not a hundred thousand dollars But even if it's on a low end and They're making like ten thousand dollars A month it's great because the person is Completely Anonymous and they are not Recording anything with a camera and and

This is the actual channel it's called Ask D and it's basically asked to Reddit And all they're doing is essentially Just supposing faceless videos of an AI Bot reading facts and reading different Reddit posts so if you open up any of These so let's open up this one it's an Example as you can see there is a Background voiceover and then I also Have the background video as well and They essentially just list the text Above the video and they just read Whatever was in the post so it's already Just the captions above the faceless Video and that's pretty much it and this Is the channel That is making tens of Thousands of dollars a month and they Literally just started out so it's Pretty much a brand new YouTube channel Now before we continue with the tutorial I do want to let you know that it just Launched a brand new step-by-step YouTube shorts training program where I'm going to show you exactly how to Actually do the research how to actually Create these YouTube shorts how to Actually make those YouTube shorts go Viral and how to monetize them in seven Different ways so I'm gonna show you Exactly how to grow those faceless YouTube shorts channels and how to Monetize them in the first link in the Description box and down below for Instance this is the very first launch

Wake there is going to be a 50 discount For anyone who enrolls over the next Seven days so once again that's gonna be The first link in the description box Down below anyways what you can do is You can actually create a similar Channel like this one but even better Content because the reason people are Watching these videos is because those Reddit posts are interesting or they're Sharing an interesting story so what you Can do is you can make a little twist Because there are like a lot of these Reddit channels popping up and they Aren't successful but if you want to Stand out from the competition what you Can simply do is you can create a YouTube shorts Channel where you're Either posting interesting stories or Funny stories or sad stories you can Basically post a really short stories on Your YouTube shorts Channel and what you Can do is you can just go over to chat To GPT and you can just ask him to write For example write a 300 words story About let's say a brave girl or a brave Medieval girl who saved the Village from The monster or let's say something like That so he's gonna write in original Little story and as you can see it Starts right away so you can essentially Just use this story I'm going to show You exactly how to turn it into a YouTube short and you can generate

Unlimited of these YouTube shorts using The Bots which I'm about to share with You and as I said those are brand new Bots they will literally never talked About before and this is an optional Step but unless you want to use chat jpg To generate those store is what you can Also do is you can use Tails Factory and These are specifically like these AI bot Is specifically made to write Original Stories so as you can see you can create A storybook in seconds personal stories Fully Illustrated as well so you can Just sign up for free and you can just Enter a prompt right here so let's say I'm going to type in A Brave medieval Man saved the castle from the dragon Let's say and then I'm gonna click on Create and they're gonna load they're Gonna construct a story they're gonna Write original content and they're also Gonna illustrate this story that have Entered against you're basically just Give it a prompt and it's gonna generate A full story for you so while this is Being narrated and while this is being Written down for me I can just use a Chat LGBT as an alternative so I can Just copy this first story and we're Gonna come back to see how this Tales Factory story turned down and we're Going to see the illustrations and all Of that but also another optional step Is if you generate a story using chat

GPT in some cases it might be full of Copyrighted words or sentences because It was taken from someone else's website Where some parts were taken so you want To check if there is some plagiarism in The text and you can also rewrite that Using quill bot which is an absolutely Free bot where you can just space your Attacks here click on paraphrase it's Going to rewrite the entire story or It's going to use like a little bit Different words so then it's going to Become original content and you don't Have to worry about any copyright issues Or whatsoever now the most important Part of these stories is that you Actually have some illustrations to show What a story is about it's going to make The story a thousand times more Interesting so what you can do is you Can open up a mid Journey over the you can sign up for free And that's basically going to take you Over to Discord where you get to join Their Discord group and then basically On the left side you just want to select Some of the newbies groups you want to Click on newbies and then you just want To through a prompt which is basically a Forward slash and then go imagine and Then you're gonna write the prompt so in This case I'm gonna write for example Let's say I need an illustration of a Girl a medieval girl saving the Village

From the monster then I'm gonna press Enter and now mid Journey AI bot will Start generating that illustration for Me so you just don't want to lose your Prompt it's gonna be somewhere around Here as you can see it's still loading My command is still being sent and while That is being sent let's go back and Let's check the Tails Factory so here it Is a brave medieval man saving the the Castle from a dragon so here's the first Illustration we have a dragon over here We have a castle and as you can see and Once upon a time a brave medieval man Stepped up to save a castle from a Terrible Dragon the villagers had been So it's basically original content it Was also narrated so we can even believe Medieval man who saved the castle we can Even listen to someone reading this and You can download the audio file to your Computer with one press of a button you Just click on download and you have it Under your computer you can also Download this image to your computer and You can also download this here's that Brave man that we were talking about and Here's that castle that he saved so I'm Gonna download this as well and what you Can do is you can use this stack so you Can basically just copy this and you can Download all of these audio files Basically just pressing the download Button and download all of these three

Different audio files so you basically Have the narration and here are our Images so we can basically preview them Over here and whatever of these you like It will upscale the one that you like The most so I personally like the number Two so I will upscale the image number Two and it's gonna create a higher Quality of that image of that Illustration so now I will just need to Wait for them to actually generate that Bigger picture and that higher quality Image so we need to scroll down to find It after a couple of minutes and I will Have my first image or first Illustration this is only if you're not Using Taylor's Factory if you're just Relying on chat GPT because chat GPT Can't really generate those Illustrations like Tails Factory can now In case you don't want to use the Voiceover or from Tails Factory what you Can do is you can use this tool which Will generate highest quality voiceovers For you literally the highest quality AI Voiceovers that I've ever heard if you Actually listen to this it does sound Extremely natural Success isn't about how much money you Make It's it's about it actually Human being even Generated from tax so you can just click On create a free voiceover and then you

Can just click on create over realistic Voiceover from one of these voices and Then you can just paste your script Right over here so basically I can go Back and I can grab my script so let's Say I want him to read this one I will Just copy this and I will paste the First part and I will just generate a Preview of this to see how it's gonna Sound so my voiceover is being generated But while my voiceover is being Generated I'm gonna go back to me Journey to check on that image that I Generated for me the first illustration So I'm gonna try to find the upscaled Image of that girl that is saving the Village so here it is this is the first Illustration and by the way this is a Fully AI generated this is original Content that I can now use here is a Girl here's a monster and here's a Village now you just click on right Click and save image as now the next Thing you want to do is you want to edit That into a YouTube short you want to Generate the actual YouTube short and For this you can just go over to Clipchamp already you can Click on try for free it's absolutely Free and it doesn't even have a Watermark as well so you can just log in You can create a new video from scratch And then you can see like a different Size so in this case we were interested

In YouTube shorts you can upload your Media so I can upload all of those AI Voiceovers and I can begin with a Voiceover number one and I can even Start uploading these images these Illustrations that were created for me So here is the first illustration this Is how it's going to show up but I Obviously wanted to be all over the Screen and I can even animate this as Well so I can add different animations For this and most importantly I can also Generate captions for this entire video Because that's what actually makes these YouTube shorts engaging and makes them Go viral so what you want to do is you Want to click on captions over here you Just want to click on turn order Captions and turn the auto captions for Your YouTube video and now they will Generate the auto captions from that Audio file which you've uploaded and you Will have captions all over the video You can also add some copyright free Background music as well to make it even More engaging but here's the text I Personally like to put it in the center So basically you can just drag that and You can put it somewhere around here and Now if you actually watch the video so Let's actually watch the first part of Our YouTube short Brave medieval man who Saved the castle once upon a time a Brave medieval man stepped up to save a

Castle from a terrible dragon as you can See it stars the story and it can Actually be very engaging because you Have all of these different Illustrations which are once again 100 Original and you have a story and you Can maybe add some background music do You like suspense macro music which is Going to make make it look even better And then once you're done designing your Entire YouTube short you just click on Export and you can download it to your Computer in the full quality without Even a watermark and it was completely Free and you have the captions as you Can see auto captions were added for you As well so it was fully edited and you Can just go out there and you can upload It to your YouTube channel and obviously The more of these YouTube shorts that You upload the higher chances of going Viral and higher chances of making a lot Of money you will have and you don't Necessarily have to record anything with A camera and everything was pretty much Generated by AI but if you want to learn More about deep algorithm Secrets when It comes to YouTube shorts and once Again make sure to check out the full Step-by-step training Linked In the Description box down below

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