I Found The REAL Way To Make Money From A.I. in 2023 (Use Responsibly)

This is the REAL Way how to make money with A.I. online in 2023!

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Since the last month everyone is talking About the chat GPT and AI this insane Artificial intelligence took the Internet by a storm and when most people Are skeptical about what does this mean For the future of the human race for a Relationship jobs maybe nature of Life The question that I'm asking is how can I benefit from this huge opportunity and How can I make money out of this so in This video I'm going to show you the Best way how to make money from AI in 2023 the real and only way what I'm Going to show you in this video is more Valuable than any tutorial that you have Seen so far about jet GPT and AI if you Will use this process that I'm going to Show you in this video then you can Easily end up making over ten thousand Dollars per month this year only YouTube Right now you can find countless of Tutorials on how to make money with the Chat GPT or AI but I'm pretty sure that You have already figured out that going To the Fiverr and creating articles is Not the way how you can make money with The chat GPT because at the moment check GPT and all the AR softwares are pretty Cool but it's not better than human Expert in some certain industries for Example like his copywriting yet so yes I mean it you can use AI or check GPT to Outperform humans yet but of course if You are a good marketer you can find

People or companies with the lower Expertise and maybe you can make money From this even just by using jgpt or AI But even in that case is not worth it Because there is much bigger opportunity For you to do that can really make you Money let's just think about it for a Moment what are all of these people are Trying to do they want to use the AI to Make the money online but if everyone is Doing this and using all of these AI Softwares and the chat GPT most probably It won't be working as predicted because If there is too much fishes in the path Most Republic there won't be enough food For all of them so what if you would Actually make money online not by using The AI but recommending the best AI Software to the people and getting paid For this let me explain already in the 2020 there is multiple different AI Softwares AI companies about anything That you can think of copywriting Graphic design video editing Ai chatbots And many many more and all of these Software companies are basically Fighting for the paid customers because Paid customers is equal to revenue and If you recommend someone you can get Rewarded for this for example in Affiliate program and affiliate Marketing is a business model where for Example companies like this AI softwares Companies want to get more paid

Customers so what they are going to Create is referral or affiliate program This is a program that if you will get Some specific link that is called Affiliate link or referral link and if Someone will use this link for a sign up In their AI software you'll get rewarded For this and you can make for example One-time fee of 100 or you can make Recurring monthly revenue of 20 to 30 of The full price so I think you already Got my point because let's be real all The people companies and the businesses In the upcoming 3 5 10 years are going To use AI softwares basically on Everything what they will be doing in Their life or in their business and if You become one of the go-to guys about Recommendation about the best AI Softwares that can be in a huge Opportunity for you to take at the Moment and I know maybe you are Completely confused and you don't know What steps to take in order to start Making money just by promoting and Recommending all of these AI softwares So I will show you what AI softwares you Should start promoting and as well I Will show you how you can automate it How you can put together the worst Structure so you can actually make the Profits out of it and then at the last Place I'm going to show you how you can Get traffic and the customers so you can

Recommend this product and start making The money and rewards from this so now Let's check it out practically very Simply we can just go into the Google And we can look for a i for example I Don't know copywriter you if you will Hit enter this will show us all of the Results of a different AI copywriting Softwares that are out there on the Market you can see copy shark Jasper Creator.ai will bought many many orders If you just think about it if someone is Going to look for AI copywriter he will Get 10 different results 10 different AI Softwares that he can basically sign up For and start trying what would be all Of these people doing basically that They will be looking for recommendation Which one of these is actually the best Which one of these is going to give them The best results for the best price Possible because that's something what Everyone is looking for and you can Become actually the one who will be Giving this recommendation and as well Making the profits out of it because if You just open one of these for example This rita.me so I'll just scroll all the Way down and you can find their Affiliate program and here you can find All the info about the affiliate program That you can join on a retro you can Start providing your affiliate links you Can start recommending it and make the

Profits out of it what could be more Survived with 28 to 30 of the pricing That if you just check it out on their Page what is the pricing you can see the Free plan as well that you will be using When you have your affiliate link but There is as well saver plan that is from Nine dollars per month and as well Unlimited plan for 30 dollars per month But as well companies will be adding Their their team members so you can be Making money even more more for each of These plans and for example if you want To access their affiliate program you Just create their account on a return You just go into the account you will Find their affiliate and what you can do You can just join the program and you Can start getting 30 recurring Commission for a lifetime for each Referred customer so if we would just Put this together and we will take for Example this unlimited plan that means That from one single referral you can Make ten dollars per month so now let's Just think about it that you will get Inside for example 100 people who Doesn't need to be so hard you can start Making recurring basically passive Income of one thousand dollars to your Account every single month and it's not So hard to get 100 users into something Like this AI copywriting tool you can Get 100 200 500 even 1000 or even more

And you can build out of this your Passive income and this is just one Single AI software that you can be using Then as well you can go under another Keyword so for example AI video Generator so AI software is going to Generate the video from some text so This could be as you can see multiple Multiple different options as well right Here the one that I recommend you to go With is this one that is called a pick 3. AI because this is the one that I'm Using as well for my business and if I Just scroll down as well mostly probably There will be yes there is affiliate Partner program so what they are paying They are paying 50 of recurring Commission and as well they will give You free lifetime Victory premium Account plus and one thousand dollars Cash bonus just for recommending a Paying customers and if you just go Through this you can see so let's say That this will be a 50 commission if you Go into the pricing and we will go not In the manual we will go into the Monthly plan just for a standard you can Be making ten dollars per one single Referral and for example in a premium You can be making even 23 dollars per Every single referral so let's just Think about is that if you just combine One two four five ten different AI Software that you are going to be

Recommending that you are going to be Promoting this can easily put together Two three five even ten thousand dollars Per month of a recurring commissions to Your account every single month so now Let's just think about it in the next One year two three maybe five years Every business every company every Basically person will be using some AI Softwares in some part of their life at The moment it's not as much used overall But in the five years you can sell by Yourself that everyone will be using This so this is the best time actually For you to prepare for this boom when This will come and you can become the Go-to guy and you can become the one who Is going to start recommending all of These softwares not in the five years When already will be the boom but you Can become the guy right now and you can Start making money right now and Basically through this boom you can be Riding this wave and making the money Out of this not by using the AI but by Recommending the AI but I don't want to Leave you just with this so let me show You what I would do step by step if I Would like to ride this wave in a 2023 And I'm going to show it to you on this Structure so at the very beginning I Will just look for five maybe 10 Different affiliate programs for a Different AI softwares if I would have

All of the links if I would have all of The softwares then what I want to do I Want to get all of this softwares to the Customers to the Future customers that Are going to take the subscription so we Can make the profits out of it the most Effective way to do so is and it was Even 20 years ago email marketing and Why because if you hold an email you can Be promoting not just one single AI Software you can be promoting multiple AI softwares over and over again as you Can see right here so let's just imagine You have a customer who wants not just One AI software but he wants every AI Software because he's in some industry That he can use all of them what can Happen that you are not going to make From one single customer just ten Dollars per month but you can make from One single customer 100 maybe 200 per Month that's a completely different Story of how you can be scaling the Business so what is the number one step Is to actually get the affiliate Programs and then as a step number two You need to get these people your email List you need to ask for their email and They need to give it to you so you need To create landing page number one what Is this about squeeze page or opt-in Page that I'm going to show you how you Can create it in this video and as well From there you'll be sending them to the

Second page where you will have all of These as softwares but this is not it Because you want to be sending them Automated messages is what is called Autoresponder sequence from your email List to all of these people so you can Be making money basically on the Autopilot and you'll be as well Increasing the value of the customer That you have so let's go step by step And let me show you at first how you can Start creating these pages but even Before that I would like to notify you That I will be hosting a five-day online Profits virtual event in which I'm going To show you how to launch and use 500 Per day system that me and my clients Are using to generate over 500 per day Just by working from home from the Laptop so if you are going to join me in This online profits event then we are Going to spend together five days one Hour each and in these five days I'm Going to help you to set up and launch Your wildly profitable online business So you can start earning your very first Paycheck in just a 48 hours and this is Something that anyone can do even if You're a complete beginner without any Experiences any skills and even if you Don't know at the moment where to start So if you would like to spend with me Five days in this online profits virtual Event and you just need to click to the

First link Down Below in the description And then you get redirected into the Application page for this virtual event And all that you need to do you just Need to take one of your spots I just Need to notify you and tell you that Hurry up because there will be just 100 Limited spots for this online profits Even and when these 100 spots will be Full then the enrollment is closing and No one else is going to get access into This online profits event and as well The full price of this even is going to Be 97 but if you are watching this video Right now it means that you will get it With a massive discount of 50 to 75 so If you want to take it before the price Increases and before all of these spots Are full then I highly advise you to Take action right now you can do so if You just go to the first link Down Below In the description click on this link Take your ticket and hopefully I will See you live in this five day online Profits event and we are starting on a 13 February so hopefully see you there So for this I will be using this Software that is called a system.io if You want to get a software free trial Forever then just go to the first link Down Below in the description if you Click on this link and you will sign up You have your free trial with assistant The layout that you can be using that is

Kind of a limited but still you can use It completely for free and if you need Something more you can just very simply Upgrade it when you'll be here you just Create your account and sign in then Inside you just go into the funnels you Just go into the create and we just want To create the funnel so I'll just name It AI pages and I want to build an Audience so I'll just click on Save then I would just pick one of the templates So for example I will pick this one I'll Click on select and then I just want to Edit it with this magic wand so what is Cool about system.io that is very simple To use you just drag and drop all of the Stuff that you need from the left side Or from this interface or all of these Elements in the blocks and you're just Putting it inside and just editing it Very simply and now when we are creating This opt-in page or a squeeze page what Is our goal is to actually give Something for free and give them some Information for free in exchange for the Email address so you can start emailing Them and start putting them into this Automation what I'm looking for is some Headline that will get these people Basically motivated enough to give me The email in exchange for this Information so most probably I would Just rather something like this cover How to Triple your product activity and

Decrease by a half for example your time That you are spending on a business Using AI software or something like this But I'm just going to create this off The camera and you just see what is the Final results out of this [Music] So after 10 minutes I have this opt-in Page done and this is how this will look Like discover how to Triple your Productivity and revenue while this Could resync your work time by half Using powerful AI softwares which are Easy to use and affordable even for Small businesses very very important Sentence now what do people do they will Just go right here get instant access Now they will just add their first name Their email they will click on get Instant access now will get their email Into our email list and we can actually Start sending these emails over and over Again but even before this we actually Need to set up some page and on this Page we want to get all of this AI Softwares all of these recommendations That we want to get to these customers To these companies and to these Businesses so how to do this we just Want to save this in an editor you just Go back and then you want to edit Second Step website or a page on which we are Actually going to get all of these Softwares that we want to start

Promoting then I would just say one of These templates and once you start Editing it once again and want to create A website or a page on which people can Get the recommendation for all of these AI softwares Now what I forgot to tell you that for All of this you can be actually using a Chat GPT software because this is the Software that you can use for example to Generate this headline for this opt-in Page that we were creating and as well At the moment I'm going to create some Description for this AI copywriter Reader that me and I can use basically Chat GPT for this so I will just go here I would rather could you create a brief Description of a i copywriting tool and This is going to give me the description That we can use on our website right Here I wasn't satisfied with the results So I just need to add that create as Four sentence long sales description for AI copywriting tool it's called Ritter That me because at the moment this chat GPT is just a tool it's like a caulk if You're going to give it a call a wrong Numbers with the wrong commands you're Going to get a wrong result as well this Is the same with the chat GPT if you Will get their wrong command wrong Question you get a wrong answer out of This so when I will have this ready I Just copy this I will go back into the

System.io and very simply I can just Basically place it here and this is to At the top so what I will do I just want To go into the margin top margin I'll Just increase it to 100 maybe less 75 And now we have this in the middle and What I want to do I just want to do the Same exact thing now over and over again With all of these places right on this Page and I just want to add their Reader.me and I just want to add all of These AI softers on this page because All of these people will go to this Squeeze page then they will continue to The second page and on this one they Will be able to find all of these Different AI copywriting tools and then We'll create a simple page like is this One inside of the system.io the last Thing that we need to do we actually Need to add all of these affiliate Programs under these buttons so we can Actually get the referral tracking Working and we can actually make the Profits out of this so for example in a Return I already signed up for affiliate Program how you can get this you just Very simply copy the link here the World Sign up is very very simple I got it Done in a minute and if you just go back We just go right here into the button we Don't want to send the form we'll go to Open URL right here and add the URL Right here so if I just go into the save

Changes and we'll open this on the new Tab and it will be on this page and it Will be on this page and somehow we want To go for example try this AI copywriter Ritter you just go here click on this One they will get redirected and you can See right here at the top this is my Referral affiliate link so this is the Way how we will be making your affiliate Referral commissions for every basically Plan that all of these people are going To take so this is the second step to Actually create a page like this one This is what I show you this is just for A demonstration this look very Unprofessional very amateur but this is Just something that took me like five Minutes to create it if you'll be Creating this you can create it longer You can as well create this blog you can Create a wall website about this and That is the way how you can actually Make money out of this to make it as Good as possible and as professional as Possible and now as I was showing you Inside of this structure what do we need To do now when we have basically created This option page and as well the second Page what we need to start creating is The email list and basically start Getting all of these emails so how we Are going to create the emails is very Very simple we can just go into the chat Open AI chat GPT and this is going to

Create all of the emails for us so what We will just write there is create a Sales email for AI copywriting tool Called reader.me with a hook and call to Action at the end hit OK and what we get Out of this is an insane email that was Generated basically in a 20 seconds if I'll be creating it by myself it would Save you like 15-20 minutes so now what I will do I'll just go back into the System.io and we want to create this Campaign so under the emails under the Campaign side we just go into the create We just want to name the the campaign so For example as softwares we just click On Save and what we want to do we just Want to start adding all of these emails Inside for every AI software that you Are going to take that you are going to Start promoting then inside I will just Click on add an email in the sender name I'll just add my name so then course b In a subject we just go back to the chat GPT I'm going to copy this subject and I'll just change it revolutionize your Reading content with this AI or with This insane AI now what I want to use I Can use visual editor but I can go with A classic editor I'll just go into Create and now the last step I'm just Going to copy this wall email that was Generated by a chat GPT now just go back And I'll just basically paste it in here Into the body and this is everything

What I need to do then I'll just change Basically the name like here and then as Well I can forget to add the affiliate Links and under the sign up now at our Website and get a free trial I'll just Go here go into this link and paste it Here as a URL hit OK then just change The name and basically all the info Right here that you need to change but This is what we got out of this is the Email that we can use if you want to Make it kind of a longer you can just go Here into the chat GPT you just rather Make take it longer and add some bullet Points about its benefits and if I just Hit OK it will create longer email that You can use inside but when you will Have this ready you just go to save and Publish and what you want to do you just Want to start sending it on a day number One second email you just go into the Days you can set it on a day number two Then another email day number three Another email day number four and just Like this day by day is I was showing You inside of this structure and then Basically this is the worst step-by-step Process how you can take all of the Affiliate programs about AI softwares And a jet GPT and all of this cool stuff That is coming up every single week Every single month and in a 2023 there Will be a huge storm of all of these AIS I predict and when you do so you create

This automation with a squeeze page with A page on which you'll be actually Giving all of these AI softwares and as Well you connect this this email Sequence and you'll be sending emails on A daily daily basis as you can see right Here this can be a way how you can start Making five to ten thousand dollars per Month in a 2023 and so you don't have to Create everything by yourself I'm going To give you this exact funnel that Upgraded in this video and you'll be Able to cop it into your new system.io Account but what do you need to do at The moment you just need to kind of Optimize it and you need to add at least 5-10 emails into your autoresponder Sequence inside of the system.io and Then the last question the last step That we need to figure out is how we Will get future customers to these Opt-in pages to these pages to these Emails so we can actually start Benefiting and making the money out of It one of the options is that we can Just ask just GPT what to do so I'll Just asking how can I promote as an Affiliate marketer AI softwares programs I've just hit OK and let's see what is Going to be the answer [Music] And what are the answers create valuable Contents with develop a website blog Social media channels to share the

Information and benefits of the AI Second one is video marketing so create Some video tutorials product demos Webinars showcase the features on Capabilities of all of this AI leverage Email marketing what I was telling you Use customers testimonials is not for You attend online events webinars not as Well or optimize SEO but what I would Recommend is this create valuable Content developer website blog and a Social media use video marketing or Leverage email marketing so how to do Each one of these so let's say that you Want to start promoting this AI software Is called the Victory and this is video Creation software so what very simply You can do you can just go into the Google you can create your Google Google Channel your Google account and you can Start creating Victory tutorials under This specific keywords if you can see This guy two months ago 20 000 views one Year ago 10 000 views that this guy two Months ago 6.7 K views if you open one Of these videos and we'll stop this and We'll go into the description what we Can find there get a victory AI here so He is basically sharing this affiliate Program and as well use a code some code To get 50 off that most Republic you can Get inside of your affiliate program as Well you can do this for example with a Return there me and you'll find for

Tutorials as well you can find one year Ago this is from Rita 214k views but This guy digital Creator AV 24 000 views In just a single year so what can you Start doing you can just start looking For all of these AI softwares and start Creating simple tutorials if you just Open this guy's video you can see webcam From the laptop just talking maybe not Even with some quality microphone but as Well this is like low quality video low Effort video and you can start creating Videos like this every single day and as Well if you go into the description you Can find try reader AI for free right Here is affiliate link so this is Something where all of these Affiliates Are doing they are creating different Tutorials about all of these AI Softwares because let's imagine if you Get accessed for example to something Like his reader and he wants to find out How to start working with it even before You are going to purchase it what you Will do you go into the Google we will Go into the YouTube and you will look For the name of the AI software tutorial Step-by-step guide how you can start Actually using it and how does it work What is it all about etc etc I'm doing It as well and most probably you are Doing it as well if you are buying Something new for yourself then as a Second option you can use for example a

Google because what is what will be most People doing when they want to find out For example the best AI software about Some specific keywords so for example Video editing copywriting etc etc they Will just go into the Google and they Will look for what is the best AI video Editing software they will just ask it And if you just scroll down you will be Able to find that multiple different Blocks about what is the best AI video Editor tools if you just scroll down on This one what you can find create a free AI video with Synthesia what I can guess That this is definitely affiliate link To the Synthesia of course this is Affiliate link so as well you can see What are all of these Affiliates are Doing those are the people that are Already doing it but you can basically Start doing it at the moment as well and You can start getting same profits like They are doing too so if you just grow Through this there is multiple different Affiliate links on one single page there Is around eight of them so you can see How much money this guy can make just From single post like is this one and if You just go into every AI tool possible Out there you can start doing this with Everything so as you can see there is Many different blocks and you can be one Of them you can be one of them who is Going to actually rank at the top of the

Google and all of the traffic from this Simple keyword will be going into your Own blog and the third option that you Can use is a social media for example Like his Instagram Tick Tock Facebook Pinterest etc etc because for example if You just go to see this guy what is this Guy creating top three AI tools you can Use for free 2022 Edition you can create A 2023 Edition what you can create is a Basically simple page like is this one AI explains AI 600 000 followers if You'll be giving affiliate links into Your bio and you will start creating Simple videos like are these ones he is Showing his face but you don't have to Be showing your face you can just show What is this basically tool doing for Example I saw a video here from Andy you Can see this AI software can write an Entire YouTube video for you so you can Start creating content just like this About the AI and start getting people Into your affiliate links into your Automation and making the profits out of It and in the end if you want to get More content just like this and don't Forget to hit that subscription button And hit that notification Bell so you Can get notified every time when I'm Going to create a brand new money making Video like is this one and as well if You enjoyed this video don't forget to Leave a like and if you want to get a

More in-depth training on how to do Affiliate marketing how to make money With affiliate marketing in a 2023 and How to do it the right way even if you Don't know where to start you have no Experiences no skills then check out the Link in the bio where you can find links To the master class and in this master Class I'm going to show you top five Steps how you can start affiliate Marketing business in the 2023 if you Want to make 100 000 in just a single Year so check it out and for this one This is everything from me and hopefully See you in the next one [Music]

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