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tonight a gunman opens fire in an elementary school in texas and most of the dead are children reaction from a devastated community amid fury over this happening again nowhere else do little kids go to school thinking that they might be shot that day in the wake of ontario's powerful storm this is like living in a horror movie the enormous effort to get power restored and lives put back together sharing it with neighbors and doing the best we can plus social media and self-image taking everyone's faces and so they don't have double chin the concerning demand for plastic surgery among teens they're wanting to look like images they see on the internet this is the national [Music] good evening i'm andrew chang adrian is away tonight in texas there is deep sorrow and anguish over the killing of at least 19 children as young as grade 2 shot and killed by a gunman himself just 18 years old two adults were also killed and the u.s is once again forced to confront hard and haunting questions this story is still developing in the small city of uvalde texas about 150 kilometers west of san antonio susan normiston shows us that and the wrenching reaction horrifying pattern once again school children gunned down by one man firing a handgun possibly a long gun murdering kids in grades two three and four at school this time in yuvaldi texas a small city parents scrambling to get information to find their young sons and daughters in the chaos or trying to absorb the shock that their kids may be gone forever my heart was broken today we're a small community and we need your prayers to get us through this rob elementary was surrounded by investigators the suspected shooter is dead possibly killed by police he lived in uvalde says the texas governor the shooter was salvador romas an 18 year old male who resided in uvalde it's believed that he abandoned his vehicle and entered into the rob elementary school in new valley with a handgun and he may have also had a rifle but that is not yet confirmed multiple reports say ramos shot his grandmother before driving towards the school a state senator says he legally bought two assault rifles on his 18th birthday but still unknown what triggered a young man to murder kids in class and why does it keep happening this only happens in this country and nowhere else nowhere else do little kids go to school thinking that they might be shot that day nowhere else do parents have to talk to their kids as i have had to do about why they got locked into a bathroom and told to be quiet for five minutes just in case a bad man entered that building nowhere else does that happen except here in the united states of america and it is a choice it is our choice to let it continue flags in washington were lowered again for the second time in two weeks president biden condemned a mass shooting as a nation we have to ask when in god's name are we going to stand up to the gun lobby when in god's name we do we all know in our gut needs to be done but america seems powerless to curtail gun violence at least 30 shootings in u.s schools so far this year now susan this is a developing story what more have you managed to find out well we now know that that gunman crashed his truck into a ditch or a gully near the school and got out of the vehicle wearing body armor carrying an assault rifle and a backpack and there was some shooting before he headed towards the school which raises a question about whether that elementary school was his intended target we also know of course most of the victims are children grades two three and four but among those victims was their fourth grade teacher susan ormiston thank you very much and now the inevitable comparisons to other school shootings and the same political standoffs this was the deadliest shooting at a u.s school since the notorious incident at sandy hook elementary in 2012.

Chris reyes has more and now we have children murdered at school when are we gonna do something the outrage widespread columbine parkland sandy hook mass shootings are so common in american life they're referred to just by where it happened and those are just the schools lockdown drills now a regular part of student life i'll be honest with you i um i'm i'm emotional so it's hard to articulate thoughts right now this mother lost her daughter in the 2012 sandy hook shooting unfortunately there have been a lot of of of terrible tragedies like this since hours in sandy hook and um you know each time as you might imagine we are taken back and it is literally like going back in time 26 people died at sandy hook nearly 10 years ago it was seen as a possible turning point a horror many hoped would spur action but american gun laws have barely changed since then if there's even one life that can be saved then we've got an obligation to try president obama tried in 2013 but failed to pass a ban on military-style assault weapons with high capacity as a 20-year law enforcement officer with the federal bureau of investigation i know that words are just words and until the action begins to occur we can't do anything about it the only difference between the united states and every other developed nation are our gun laws uh people's ability to easily get firearms and virtually anyone anyone's ability to get a firearm that is the difference you know americans are not uniquely evil people with every shooting another debate rages in the country about how to prevent them the question always is will the latest tragedy finally lead to an effective solution chris reyes cbc news new york prime minister justin trudeau also spoke about the shooting today from british columbia my heart breaks for those impacted by the horrific school shootings in texas because the students the parents the teachers the entire community have had their lives changed forever all of canada he said is grieving with our american friends meantime we are learning the brutal storm that hit ontario and quebec on saturday may have been stronger than originally thought take a look this is some of the damage it left behind in uxbridge northeast of toronto tonight researchers with western university now say a tornado went through there up to ef2 in intensity that means winds well in excess of 150 kilometers an hour trees snapped power lines down all over including in ottawa and as olivia stefanovic shows us so many still don't have power so this would be my floor and it's very dark residents of this ottawa community housing complex have had to feel their way to their apartments in pitch black since saturday's storm i hate it i hate it because i i get i get scared so i light a candle i sit on the couch and they have another problem this is all full of food hundreds of dollars worth wasted kelly donaldson ended up with burns and a torn shoulder after she fell trying to yank open the front door which is usually automated so i tried to open it with my coffee which is building which is great right across here somewhere tore my whole arm apart that's not acceptable if they haven't been helped by the city at this point the city says a generator is now being installed there electricity is expected to be restored to most of those still in the dark across the nation's capital within the next three days this is like living in a horror movie but the cleanup will take longer because we have sub pumps here when you don't have electricity you don't have water so you don't usually give up electricity and water and your foam and your heat all in one fell swoop the wind was so strong it ripped off this school's roof snapped light poles just outside the international airport this is what happened back here and toppled this tree house we made it like by ourselves and we attached a zip line to it that goes onto the trampoline it was kind of like part of it so that's kind of sad it's been like scary i'm waiting for the energy to turn back on they spend their time checking on others cleanup has been amazing neighbors have been helping each other out a ton fixing their neighborhood little by little we've got our generators so we picked one up on the way into ottawa and we're sharing it with neighbors and doing the best we can so it's been a tough couple of days for residents in ottawa this is one of the hardest hit areas of the city near the airport many utility poles are still down and at the height of the outage hydro ottawa says half of its customers were without power andrew wow and olivia ottawa you know they've been through a couple of major storms in recent years how does the damage this time compare well hydro ottawa says it lost 80 hydro poles during the 2018 tornadoes that ripped through the nation's capital by comparison after saturday's storm it says it needs to replace three times that amount that work usually takes around six months but andrew hydro ottawa says it wants to finish the job within a number of days okay olivia stevanovich thank you very much you're welcome work is underway in uxbridge ontario as well to deal with that major blow to the power grid and as thomas daggle explains the storm does have some looking to the future asking the question how can we make this whole system more resilient with some utility poles having to be removed with great caution others are still dangling precariously in the breeze oxbridge ontario looks ripped apart four days after that sudden storm tore through this town we'll get power soon but they have to do what they have to do the devastation across central canada compounded by all the power infrastructure that will need rebuilding in ontario alone almost 1600 hydro poles were snapped 300 cross arms broken and nearly 200 transformers damaged the devastation we've seen this week is the worst we've ever seen in recent history the worst for now that is as experts warn climate change will deliver destructive ingredients more often this is the kind of storm that we could expect to see more of in the future in that scenario utilities around the world are scrambling to upgrade infrastructure this energy provider in new zealand explaining with the video why there's no easy fix underground lines are more resilient to tree damage but can still be damaged by storms if trees are uprooted in the u.s the industry is rethinking those lines that tumble like dominoes and testing designs that are supposed to prove sturdier we're designing structures that when they fail they fail gracefully the speed to recovery is much faster canadians stuck without power are getting creative despite destruction all around on this farm near ottawa that tractor is powering a generator providing much needed electricity while in uxbridge some can only watch and wait it's tough without power i mean we live in a powered world getting power running remains the immediate concern but addressing future vulnerabilities is growing increasingly urgent thomas dagg cbc news toronto that storm blew in fast and at canada's wonderland that's an amusement park near toronto a group of people found themselves riding it out on a roller coaster oh my god oh my god oh my god they're just stuck on it so this video was taken by another park visitor who says she watched as the group got slammed by the storm it was insane like you could see that they you could see that they were screaming like you could see it but you couldn't hear it because the wind and the rain was so strong and like you could see the leaves coming off the trees and everything canada's wonderland says the park was shutting down rides when the power cut out leaving some people stuck on board they were finally rescued from the roller coaster about 30 minutes later the park says there were no injuries well cancer screenings dipped significantly during the pandemic as clinics were shuttered and people were afraid to visit hospitals doctors say the result is that more and more people are finding out they have late stage cancer in the er as lauren pelley reports it is traumatic for patients and its effect on the health care system could last for years even in the rain it's nice cheryl and labrador summers moved to this lakeside town during the pandemic hoping it would give her family a chance to relax but as the months passed in 2020 the 48 year old started to worry about strange and concerning stomach cramps i looked about nine months pregnant and i thought something's not right here cheryl ann's family doctor's office was closed because of covit and another clinic would only talk to her by phone in january 2021 she finally saw a physician at her local emergency department he said it's caused by cancer and then left walked out of the room the mother of three ended up needing emergency surgery the team removed a nine centimeter tumor leaving cheryl ann with 55 staples along her torso had i maybe been able to see the doctors earlier i would not be in a stage a stage three i might have been a stage two hold your breath don't breathe medical experts expect more canadians will be diagnosed with late-stage cancer some physicians are already starting to see them in the er previously it may have been localized or something small but now we're actually seeing metastatic cancer that we're diagnosing the emergency department shuttered clinics and a pause on many in-person appointments contributed to delays one review of ontario's breast lung colon and cervical cancer screening programs also showed that in 2020 there were nearly a million fewer screening tests than the year before and when people are waiting for a diagnosis or for treatment this has been associated with increased risk of advanced stage and worse survival for cheryl ann there are still challenges ahead a screening after her surgery and chemotherapy found more cancer you know i think i have it together most days and then this happens and maybe it's not so together lauren pelly cpc news toronto well quebec's national assembly adopted controversial legislation aimed at protecting the french language this afternoon among other things the law limits the use of english in the courts and public services it also imposes tougher language requirements on small businesses and municipalities critics say that will hurt the rights of anglophones and indigenous communities in quebec well prominent canadian musician jacob hogar took the stand in his sexual assault trial today he denied rape allegations made by two women one of whom was just 16 at the time but as eli glasner reports he did acknowledge behavior that many would find disturbing and a warning some of the details are graphic today jacob hogart started speaking for himself for weeks the jury has listened to testimony from the two complainants women who both accused the former leader of the rock band headley of raping them on the stand today hogart began by describing how his life changed as headley grew more popular he talked about a life he'd only dreamt of how easily it was to meet women sexually romances one night stands he said that was the lifestyle the defense also dug into the details of what happened in two toronto hotel rooms and the sexual practices that hogart enjoyed the former singer talked about spitting and slapping or what he described as tapping their faces also calling women [ __ ] and [ __ ] but when the defense lawyer read the complainant number one's claims to him he insisted it was consensual she says she tried to stop the sex by saying no stop i don't want this did she say those things she did not say those things did she tell you you're hurting me no she says she was crying during sex did that happen absolutely not well hogart has pled not guilty and insists the accusers consented in both encounters this defense attorney says he doesn't have to convince the jury but even if they don't believe him his evidence may leave them in a state of i just don't know what happened and that's what we call a reasonable doubt and that's all he has to raise as the focus shifted the crown asked hogard about establishing contact with one of the accusers before she was 16.

In one of the more contentious moments the crown asked how hogart could be sure the accuser who was 16 at the time and just a casual acquaintance was consenting hogart replied our conversation was as non-verbal as it was verbal the cross-examination of jacob hogart continues tomorrow when the limousine driver who brought the young woman to the hotel is also expected to testify eli glaster cbc news toronto canada is sending almost 100 million dollars in military aid to ukraine putin's full-scale illegal and unconscionable invasion of ukraine cannot be allowed to succeed and it will not the donation will include 20 000 artillery rounds compatible with the guns provided to ukraine by canada and allies the donation is part of 500 million dollars in military aid to ukraine announced in this year's budget now western leaders have accused russia of weaponizing energy and now food and they say its effects go far beyond ukraine as briar stewart reports from leviev there are growing fears of a potential food crisis that could affect some of the world's most vulnerable populations this granary north of kiev reopened last month after russian troops pulled out of this area but plenty has been left behind drastically affecting production some fields can't be used until they're cleared and in mind further south ukrainian officials say this grain depot came under direct attack by russian forces european officials believe it's part of a strategy to weaponize the food supply the kremlin's army is confiscating grain stocks and machinery for some this brought back memories from a dark past the times of the soviets crop seizures and the devastating famine of the 1930s the satellite images which were taken last week over crimea purport to show russian ships being loaded with grain ukraine accuses russia of stealing it from the regions it's invaded the country's black sea ports have been blockaded for three months creating a food crisis for some of the world's most vulnerable countries in africa and the middle east the world food program gets 50 percent of its grain from ukraine and the country is also a major exporter of sunflower oil to keep the porch closed as the harvest season is now coming in in ukraine in july and august it means a declaration of war on global food security european officials say they want to talk to russia about opening up the ports but there are few fruitful negotiations these days russia's military is trying to encircle ukrainian troops in the eastern part of the country a bombardment ukraine's president has described as a bloodbath today marks three months since russia launched its invasion while the war grinds on the repercussions of it are being felt around the world briar stewart cbc news laveef new concern tonight over plans for canada to host iran in soccer next month and the price tag in my view they should cancel it next why the iranian team could make hundreds of thousands of dollars off the controversial match plus the plot to kill a former u.s president how the fbi says it foiled the plan and why you should check more than the price tag next time you're shopping chips snacks cookies all those things have been downsized multiple times over the years are you getting less bang for your buck we're back in two cbc news the national name canada's best national newscast at the canadian screen awards an iraqi citizen living in ohio was arrested by the fbi today he's accused of plotting to assassinate george w bush investigators say the man planned to smuggle four nationals into the country to kill the former president the suspect allegedly told an informant he wished to kill bush because of his decision to invade iraq in 2003 authorities say the case began as a possible immigration fraud case before they uncovered the alleged plot well there's a new twist in the controversy over an upcoming canadian men's soccer game against iran in vancouver with growing calls to cancel the game at issue the team's potential ties to the islamic revolutionary guard corps and the iranian team told iranian state-affiliated media that canada soccer is paying it hundreds of thousands of dollars to play here's ashley burke canada isn't just hosting iran for men's soccer game the head of the iranian team says canada soccer is paying them four hundred thousand dollars and for the first time in two decades iran will make a profit off a friendly match they should cancel it i don't believe that soccer canada should be inviting the islamic republic of iran to our country to have a soccer match when we don't have diplomatic relations with that country [Applause] adding to the controversy these photos the head of iran's team hamid astili photographed last month at a party with an alleged iranian intelligence informant with ties to iran's revolutionary guard corps ma'moon haseen is wanted by the fbi for charges related to a plot to kidnap international targets including three people in canada a victim at the center of the case says the fbi is now looking into it if you think this is just a football team and sports should be separated from politics you're wrong because all the sports federations are being controlled by the member of revolution regards the federal government says it wasn't consulted about the game it did provide more than 3 million in funding to canada soccer this fiscal year but says none of that went to the men's team i can assure you that sport canada has not delivered any funding for this game this is pretty standard throughout the world this long time soccer journalist says canada soccer likely didn't consider the public relations fallout when it booked the game iran is also one of the top teams in asia this is kind of a bit of a get for canada canada soccer wouldn't confirm or deny the amount that iran's team said is being paid for this game but said that in international soccer that it's standard for appearance fees to be paid to visiting teams to cover travel expenses but the head of iran's team says that they're also taking home a 200 thousand dollar profit ashley burke cbc news ottawa well up next how social media platforms are driving unrealistic standards of beauty for teens somewhere along the lines i lost the confidence that i like originally had coming up the real toll it's taking on their mental health plus the end of an era in new york city why this public pay phone is now a piece of history welcome back with platforms like tik tok instagram and snapchat social media is everywhere in the lives of teenagers and it's all having a major impact on so many teens every day who are striving to reach impossible beauty standards and expectations as david common reports it's even prompting some to get plastic surgery while others push back [Music] madison odell is your typical teen full of life and a dose of self-doubt somewhere along the lines i lost the confidence that i like originally had and i feel like social media is one of those factors okay well you take them first it's scary how good you are with her pals along the rocky shores of newfoundland caitlin brooke and lauren spend hours together and hours on social media sean are you editing oh that doesn't look good gotta go back out taking everyone's faces in so they don't have double chin with photo editing apps anything can be changed skin cleared eyes widened noses slimmed caitlyn's particularly good at it resize everyone's eyes of acne time but the constant pressure to look a certain way always critiquing pictures of herself was not good for madison's mental health i think it's just like comparing yourself to others constantly i'm like i wish i looked like that it's just every little detail you're trying to like you know try to be like them what have you felt you should do or how you should feel i felt like i should i don't know not eat as much as i did like not enjoy the foods that i've always have enjoyed it all creates the illusion of one beauty standard a category where many simply do not fit thinking that i need to be short to be cute and have like a cute nose that word cute is so it sort of comes up so much hi holly hi let's just have a quick look i'm just gonna sort of feel a few things here in vancouver 16 year old holly bradley is doing something some might find drastic she was bullied growing up so last february holly with her mother debbie's support got rhinoplasty a nose job the hump is completely gone it was really standing out before it was very broad holly always hated her nose says it didn't fit her face and she saw models and influencers do the same thing there's so many people out there that are getting these like things enhanced bella hadid got her nose done which i look up to her nose so much it's gorgeous their noses were so small and dainty and i always had that big hump sort of and the tip was pointed down more hawley says the pressure to look a certain way is real but that social media was also an inspiration i feel like it shows people my age that you know it's it's okay to change the way you look sometimes to make yourself view yourself better did you have a lot of bruising after the surgery no i had maybe a bruise here okay hawley's surgeon dr tom buenaci has been a facial plastic surgeon for over 20 years and says he turns away half of the patients who want to see him so it's been about six weeks now since your surgery okay and how have you been feeling i don't think social media has much of an influence on the laws of physics i can do what i can do but what worries me is just that kids are seeing images or they're they're wanting to look like uh images they see on the internet or in social media that just isn't realistic i think that my job is to communicate to patients just explain to them you know why it's not possible to look like that and also to to be the the voice of reason holly you you were always pretty easy that way i think you had a good sense for what you thought was reasonable you also took my advice dr buenas sisi worked with holly and debbie for six months slowing the process to ensure certainty and helping design a nose that would work with holly's face of course i i go in with that you know vision of that swoop and that emphasized tip but then you saw i saw it on the computer and it was just it was a it was a better look for me yeah i thought so too yeah she's basically like you know trudging the way forward for other girls who maybe feel like they can't bring this up to their parents or they think it's it's a negative thing asking for a surgery to improve their beauty or to improve just their sense of self going out into the world every day right holly says she feels more like herself but is still waiting to debut her new nose on social media i haven't posted anything yet but it's going to be coming soon because i'm just waiting for the swirling to go down just a bit it's a question of expectations are they realistic some influencers have started challenging the beauty standard that makes people feel inadequate in the first place we live in an age where almost all of the media that we consume is altered cara roselle smith is an afro-indigenous influencer in brooklyn when i was younger i don't think i've ever talked about this before i used to take this fridge magnetic clip and put it on my nose for like 10 to 15 minutes a day in hopes that it would get more narrow she posts about beauty culture and often responds to comments from people who feel they don't fit in so as a black indigenous woman getting this comment is a big reason why i do what i do and why i say what i say honoring your ancestors on your face and the beauty aspect that's something that i've really tried to get across last year she had a video about plastic surgery go viral gorgeous gorgeous girls love their wide nose and they don't need a nose job because they're already beautiful i was just at home kind of minding my own business and logged onto tiktok i actually logged on and saw that bella hadid had liked my video when you look at everything that you're putting out there in the world what do you want people to take away from it realizing there's not like one a one fix we really have to go within and realize like the standards of beauty that we've been fed and the things that we've been fed over time have contributed to what we think is beautiful and why we need to change anything in the first place and if we can kind of deconstruct and unlearn that then maybe the surgery or things like that aren't needed social media could be a tool for change as much as it may also contribute to the problem and i think that that's true here with specifically young women young girls teens um like using these apps it's kind of like integral into our lives now but it's still a business and people are still kind of behind this and we are the product madison made a big decision a few months ago she does not post any edited photos anymore she wants to be a different kind of influencer wrote an article for cdc about it she hit a nerve in her small community what's what's the response been to it it's been really good i've got a lot of messages like from parents from like teens like me young girls it's like i'm glad like i'm not the only one like struggling with social media and what the expectations are and all this all part of the ever more complicated process of growing up being sure of your place in the world and how you appear to it david coleman cbc news st john's newfoundland coming up next after nearly 70 years in the cockpit an elite canadian pilot is saying goodbye to the skies one last flight and a gift for aviation history on the other side of the break back tonight a bittersweet journey across canada by a man who got to live out his dream george miller was a pilot for nearly 70 years and the last flying member of the golden hawks canada's first acrobatics team now on his final flight he delivers his vintage plane to a very special hangar take a look well you see i'm 87 years old and i felt that i had to pick my time carefully as to when i wanted to hang up my spurs i will be holding short of the active for amendment board in 1935 and uh grew up in newfoundland but decided uh after seeing a folk plane one day when i was probably about six or seven years old that i got attracted to it so at 18 as soon as i hit my 18th birthday i was gone to join the air force chatham new brunswick population 3000 in summer it's famous for its salmon run it's also the home base of the golden hawks as the good lord would have it i made it and became a pilot flight lieutenant george miller 27 solo pilot from ottawa ontario his first year with the golden hawks and had the opportunity to be selected to to try out for the golden hawks aerobatic you'll be carrying out your eight point role yes in that case then i'll put the circle well in to win so by the time you get there it'll be in front of the crowd later to be a team leader of the snowbirds our national team now and then when i retired and was managing night in the airport i formed the team called the fraser blues what am i waiting for this was probably the best time kevin from this museum who i know so well called me and said george is there any way that we can get your aircraft and i said well what do you want for it he said well you know you've flown the the f-86 with the the golden hawks you've flown with the snowbirds we got your stuff here i didn't go any further and i said kevin you've got it i'm going to donate it to you and that's what i did and it didn't take a lot of arm twisting to uh to convince them that it was a great idea [Music] it's sort of sad and and i know because particularly for this aircraft because i've loved this aircraft so much you know it's been such a joy to fly and i can see coming down to newfoundland dropping by here and they come in here and see an aircraft that is a true legacy of of the fraser blues i want the family to be able to see that [Music] so well i gotta admit i get a little pinch in the gut when i look at it because we have this special relationship and i i just love that airplane i'm gonna give you these keys this is a pressing handle it's a it's a it's a real gun gut venture to give it up brilliant just brilliant okay almost everything we buy uh these days getting more expensive right but it's not just about rising prices the old size was 32 ounces the new one which is over here is 28.

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coming up how in some cases you might actually be getting less of what you're paying for well after yesterday's tense reception in kamloops the prime minister found a warmer audience in vancouver today to announce major funding for the upcoming invictus games to support this uniquely canadian event our government is providing 15 million dollars so we can celebrate and witness incredible competitors from all around the world ottawa and bc will each donate 15 million dollars towards the 2025 invictus games taking place in vancouver and whistler for the first time including winter sports founded by prince harry in 2014 the invictus games are an international sporting event for wounded injured and sick service members and veterans well there's no doubt canadians are feeling the pain of the rising cost of living and it's not just prices going up in some cases consumers are getting less nisha patel shows us the subtle yet significant impacts of what's known as shrink flation cassidy pays more attention to products and prices than the average shopper we're not seeing our money stretch as far as it used to we have a lot of cleaners soaps she's an extreme couponer her storage room is packed with deals she's found which help her cope with soaring bills lately she's noticed the price of some items are unchanged but she's getting less i used to get 40 of this now i only get 38.

it is kind of difficult for the consumer it's known as shrink-flation when manufacturers make products smaller but charge the same price the old size was 32 ounces the new one which is over here is 28. so you lost over 12 percent what did they do they gave the bottle a little bit of a waistline consumer watchdog edgar dworsky has found examples like this sports drink sold in the u.s other products he's found on american shelves include sun-made raisins dove body wash and cheerios cereal paper products candy chips snacks cookies all those things have been downsized multiple times over the years and i don't think it's going to stop the reason some manufacturers would rather shrink the package than raise their prices their costs are increasing therefore the profits are going to decrease if they don't make any modifications to counter stringflation shoppers should keep an eye out for changes to the size and shape of packaging and consider switching to cheaper generic brands that don't change as often and instead of looking at the price of the whole item focus on the price per milliliter or gram which gives a more accurate cost the best thing we have is looking at the per unit price 314 plus thousand followers cassidy is already sharing her money saving tips on tick tock through clearance prices getting physical coupons using loyalty points helping people cope even as prices rise and packages shrink nisha patel cbc news toronto next a nod to nostalgia and the end of an era in new york city to celebrate the end of what used to be the primary lifeline service for many new yorkers the big apple officially hangs up in tonight's moment well out with the old in with the new yesterday new yorkers said goodbye the city's last public pay phone was officially disconnected it's now officially the end of an era of coin-operated communication in nyc that farewell moment is our moment a piece of telecommunications history and an iconic symbol of another era yanked from the ground and hoisted onto a flatbed truck this was the final remaining public pay phone in new york city and its disconnection was bittersweet and what a beautiful day to be here to celebrate the end of what used to be the primary lifeline service for many new yorkers the city once had more than 6 thousand pay phones it began disconnecting them in 2015.

replacing those analog relics with new high-speed wi-fi kiosks providing charging stations and free domestic calls we used to press zero and then call the operator and say we lost a quarter and then got them to call our parents everybody's on their cell phones and we hear their whole personal life but this piece of history will not end up in a landfill it's going to a museum to be part of an exhibit about life in the city before computers now i know what you're thinking what about superman what happens to him like where does he change now right i was actually quite pleased to find out that there are apparently still several like full superman sized phone booths in existence in new york city permanent don't think there's a working phone inside but hey you can't win them all that's the national for this may 24th have a great night [Music] you .

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