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This video is going to be slightly Different we are now going to talk about YouTube automation we're not going to Talk about personal branding but we're Going to talk about this website that Pays insta commissions to complete Beginners all around the world so it Doesn't matter where you're coming from You can use this website to get paid and I'm going to show you three different Ways you can leverage this platform to Make money even if you don't have any Social media followers and even if you Don't have your own website there's Actually a lot of different ways that You can take advantage of this platform And make money and build an online Business but I'm going to share with you 30 different ways that you can do it Through the best ways to make money with This platform and get instant Commissions if so if that sounds good Enough then make sure to drop a like Down below and the website that we will Be using is called Cloud wave this is Cloudways.com and this is a web hosting Service now if you don't know any Website so whenever there is a website Out there they need hosting so every Single website out there needs a hosting On the back end and there are currently Over 100 million websites out there Meaning that most of them have hosting So if anyone wants to start a website if

Anyone wants to create a website they Will need a hosting service and Cloudways provides them with exactly That with hosting Services now you don't Necessarily need hosting for your Website or anything like that you don't Necessarily need to build your own Website for this strategy but I just Wanted to show you how cloudways work Now we can go through the sales page This is the sales page as you can see People can go live in minutes so it's Pretty fast you can manage like a pro And you can scale to success it's a Great platform it helps people scale Their businesses it helps people grow Their businesses faster and it helps Them host their websites no matter Whether using WordPress or any other Tool now as I said you're not gonna Necessarily have to use this platform Yourself what you want to do is you want To scroll all the way down to the bottom Of the website and then you want to Click on affiliate program right over Here so you're gonna join the affiliate Program that pays instant commissions so If you scroll a little bit down you can See that you can get paid instantly so Get high commission instantly on every Customer you refer the more you refer The more you earn obviously so you can Become an affiliate on here and you can Earn high commissions for every single

Person that you refer on the platform And actually you can earn up to 100 25 Dollars per sale and get paid instantly 125 dollars per person you refer and I'm Gonna show you three different ways that You can drive traffic one of which is an Absolutely free bot that's pretty much Gonna do all of the work for you so Stick with me all the way until the end To see exactly how that works so you can Also calculate your earnings over here So as you can see if you refer one up to Five customers you're gonna be making Fifty dollars per sale so your total Estimated earning are gonna be two Hundred and fifty dollars if you refer Five people but then the more people That you refer the higher your Commission is gonna be so if you refer Six up to 20 customers you're gonna make 75 dollars per sale which is 1.5 000 but then if you refer to anyone to 45 people that's gonna be up to 4.5 000 And if you refer over 80 people you're Gonna be making a lot more than that but As you can see you can also get paid for 46 to 80 customers you're gonna make 125 Dollars per sale which is ten thousand Dollars in earnings for 80 people that You refer under the platform and I'm Gonna show you how you can use some Websites that have millions and millions Of visitors so that you can put that Especially get hundreds of them signing

Up through your link so that you can Earn affiliate commissions on this Website and get paid instantly so what You want to do is you want to sign up as An affiliate on this website by pressing On become an affiliate right over here And then you can enter some basic Details about yourself to sign up as an Affiliate for cloudways so you will need To enter your first name here and figure The last name into their email address Create a password then you can describe Yourself let's say for example you're Having a digital agency you will select Your monthly spending over here and then You will agree to the terms of using Privacy policy and click on Star for Free so you will create an account on Cloudways for free and as you create an Account there's going to be an affiliate Link inside so you can copy that Affiliate link and you can start sharing Your affiliate link with other people Now the very first traffic source that You can use for cloudways is going to be Leveraging this AI bot that's going to Do the work for you and the first Traffic source is to go over to any word This is already anywhere.com you can Just sign up for absolutely free and Then you can sign into your account and Let me show you how you can use this Platform to promote Cloud waste you can Just go to the blog page on the left

Side you can click on new blog post so This is an AI tool that's gonna write Blog posts and articles for you so you Can just select and create a blog post On about let's say how to create a Website or how to build a website or Something like that you can also select The industry and just click on next and Then they will generate a title for your Article and you will select which title You like the best you will just click on It and you will proceed so I'm gonna go The steps you need to take to build a Website from scratch or I'm just gonna Go how to build a website in under an Hour and then develop an outline for our Article once we have the outline we will Proceed so let's say for example I Really like this outline I will just go With the next one that will generate the Infra paragraph for our article and then We will continue to the editor so you Will just have to click on next next Next and you will have a full article Written for you an article that talks About how to build a website in this Case and I'm going to show you exactly How you can use that article to get People to sign up to cloudways so that You can earn 125 dollars per person Literally instantly and get paid Instantly so you want to generate each Section by pressing on the generate Button which is going to be on the right

Hand side so you will just wait until The first one loads and then you Generate the next one and then you Generate the next one and you basically Just click the generate button until you Have a full article written for you and So I'm going to generate the final Section of my article by pressing the Last generate button and then if I Scroll all the way up we can see that my Article is 770 words long it was all Written for me now I can copy this full Blog post this full article by pressing On the copy button over here and this Full article talks about how to build a Website in under an hour now I can go Over to a website called the vocal dot Media this is vocal.media this is a Website where people share articles and Blog posts and this website has about 3 Million visitors every single month so You can get traffic from this plus Articles that you publish on here rank Pretty high on Google so potentially When someone searches on Google for how To build a website they can find your Article which you publish in vocal.media They can start reading that and I'm Going to show you exactly how people are Gonna be signing up a few Cloud ways to Your link so you can just go through Local.media sign up for absolutely free And click on create a story right over Here and then you can paste your article

Right over here where it says start Writing I'm gonna remove the title from Here and I'm gonna paste the title here How to build a website in under an hour And then the most important part before You actually proceed is to include a Call to action between these sections in Between these lines that invites people To sign up to cloudways so I'm just Gonna enter and I'm gonna type in click Here for the best hosting service or Anything like that or get the best Hosting for your website you can create Your own call to action and see what Works the best for you and I'm gonna Highlight this make it bold so it stands Out and insert my cloudways affiliate Link so let's say for example this is my Cloudways affiliate link I'm just gonna Insert that and now I can copy the same Call to action and paste it between Multiple lines to ensure that people are Not missing this and to ensure that People are actually signing up to Cloudways through my link so I'm also Gonna paste it here for example and so While someone is reading this is they Can see that they can get the best Hosting service here they can click on That if they're reading an article about How to build a website you're obviously Interested in building a website and as I said this is only the first traffic Source so once you're done adding your

Call to action with an affiliate link Included you just click on Save changes And then you can publish that on the Vocal dot media and you can get people Reading that and they can click on the Link and sign up to cloudways that's one Of the ways that you can get free Traffic the second traffic source that You can use for cloudways is to go over To YouTube and if you go through YouTube You can see a lot of these people making Simple videos on like the best hosting Services what are the best hosting Platforms that you can use and they get Even if they don't get hundreds of Thousands of views like they get 16 000 Views that may not seem like a lot you Might think like Dave this person got Only 6 000 views like that's not a lot But if you think about it that's 6 000 People that are interested in actual Hosting Services that's what they're Searching for and if they search for a Hosting service at YouTube and your Video pops up and you tell them that They can use cloudways from the link of The description of your video a lot of Them might actually end up signing up Out of 6000 people even if you get 60 of Them to sign up which is like 0.1 Percent or one percent or something like That you're still gonna end up making Thousands of dollars from cloudways Thousands of dollars in instant

Commissions from that one single video And they rank pretty high and they Actually get a lot of passive income Because there's always going to be People searching for that particular Keyword and if you can end up ranking High enough you can actually get a lot Of sign ups and earn passive income Because the videos are gonna stay Forever on YouTube so you can make a Couple of those videos you don't need a Massive channel for this even if you Have zero subscribers you can still get A lot of results because the viewers are Coming from the search results they're Not coming from subscribers or whatever So you don't need subscribers for that So yeah that's one of the ways that you Can do it you can also just make a Faceless video you don't necessarily Have to show your face in that video but Yeah that's one of the ways to do it and The last one the third traffic source That you can use is to search for Tutorials on how to build a website but You're not gonna be posting anything on YouTube you just search for how to build A website you'll learn different tactics On how to build a website you're Watching upload tutorials and then what You can do is you can go over to Udemy.com which is a platform for Selling courses and you can list a Course on udemy even for absolutely free

So you can actually select the price Here on the left side you can select the Free course and you can basically Publish a course on udemy for completely Free that shows people how to build a Website and an in-depth course you tell Them and you show them how to integrate Cloudways with their website to get Hosting for the website so there's going To be a lot of people interested in how To build a website and if you list your Course for free there's a lot of people That are selling their courses there's a Lot of paid courses on how to build a Website but if you can list your own Course for free you can get more sign Ups because it's free but then once Someone signs up for that course you List on udemy.com you just need to tell Them they can sign up to cloudways Through the link I mean either way if You're gonna sign up to some web hosting Service so now you're gonna offer them a Great solution you're gonna give them a Link to cloudway so they just sign up They sign up to their link and you get Paid instantly you get instant Commissions per person that signs up Through a link this is a great way to Actually earn passive income because Once you set it up it's gonna stay there For forever so there's always going to Be people interested in building a Website they're gonna watch your

Tutorial or your video and they're gonna Sign up through cloudways earning you Passive income in instant commissions And again you don't necessarily have to Show your face on the camera you can Just open up a screen recording app like I'm using right now like the OBS project And you can just record your screen show The tutorial and show people how they Can create a website you don't Necessarily have to be in front of the Camera or anything like that because People are not really interested in that They're interested in learning how to Build a website and how to integrate Hosting for their website and that's Exactly what you can show them without Actually exposing your face in the Internet so yeah cloudways is definitely A great platform that you can use to Either host your own website or if you Make money by promoting it as an Affiliate I really hope you got some Value out of this video and if you did Make sure to drop a like down below and I will see you in some of the next ones

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