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You can just copy and paste to make Hundreds of dollars every single day Using some of the tools that no one is Talking about and a brand new method That has never been revealed on YouTube Before and I'm going to show you exactly How it works exactly how you can use it To make money without actually spending A single dollar without actually having Any social media followers and without Building your own website so if that Sounds good enough then make sure to Drop a like down below and let us begin With a full step-by-step breakdown just A quick disclaimer here if someone Replies to your comment like this Claiming they're me just know it's a Scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and I would never tax you for Money you can check their accounts they Don't have a verification badge they Don't have the same subscribers or Videos as me and they will just scam you My only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick people are just creating fake Accounts reposting my photos and dming You asking for money you can check their Posts the engagement is fake their new Accounts and just know that I would Never text you like that so just stay Safe and report them all so first things First what you want to do is you want to Go over to become dot b y so this is this is a tool that will allow

You to create your own magnets with just A couple of clicks of a button now You're going to see exactly what that Means and exactly how to use that to Make money online well first of all you Just want to register an account click And create a free account then enter a Company name over here and then enter Your email address and enter your Password accept the terms of use in Privacy policy and clicking create an Account and then you can log into your Account with one press of a button so You pretty much just enter your email Address enter your password and then Click login and that will allow you to Log into in order to create Different products which you can use to Make money so what you want to do is you Want to go to League magnets on the left Hand side and there you can create a Brand new lead magnet so you can click On create a new lead lead magnet right Over here and then select it you want to Create an ebook then you're going to Import the blog content but for now you Just want to skip it and then you can Select some of these templates you can Select which one you like the most so Perhaps I like this one then you can Enter the title of your blog the title Of the ebook that you're creating but Before you do that I do want to show you Which products we are going to be

Promoting in order to actually make Money online so what I want to do next Is you want to go over to online Business Academy which is a platform Where you can find it from digital Products and services related to online Business in all the different categories As you can see Industries and niches or YouTube automation drop servicing Digital products personal branding and Much much more so everything related to Online business you can find product Services and you don't necessarily have To spend any money on them what you want To do is you just want to register as an Affiliate for the online business Academy so you can go to the bottom of The website click on affiliate program Or just go to Affiliate and then open up this page Where you can enter your name enter your Email address and click on let's go in Order to sign up and then you're going To receive an email in a matter of Couple of minutes you're going to Receive an email from the online Business Academy which is going to say You've been added as an affiliate and Make sure to check the spam folder as Well and check the promotions folder Because sometimes it can end up there But you most importantly just want to Click on get started this green button Over here and then that's going to take

You over to teachable where you can Check your affiliate dashboard you can Track your earnings you can track your Clicks and you can track your Commissions now the standard commission Is 20 but if you're a student of the Online business Academy you will have a Double affiliate commission which is 40 But even with 20 you're still earning Decent commissions because these Products and services are extremely high Quality so they are costing 100 trades Of dollars and in some cases thousands Of dollars and you're making twenty Percent off of that which is pretty high So you want to click on links and Resources and there you can find your Affiliate links and you can also Generate either affiliate links so this One called online business Academy takes People to online business But if you want to take someone directly To one of those specific products let's Say for example you want to promote a Product that talks about how to make Money with YouTube automation by Alex Kramer you click on learn more then that Takes you to that specific sales page And then you copy the link for that Sales page you go back to teachable you Paste that sales page link here click on Enter and then you have that specific Affiliate link that takes them to that Specific sales page and then you can of

Course shorten your links using bitly to Make it look a little bit better so just Click on create new link and just paste Your link over there and create a custom Link so it's going to look a little bit Less spammy so now because the product That you're promoting is related to Online business your book should also Talk about that specific online business In this case I'm going to talk about YouTube automation so I'm going to type In you YouTube automation you can of Course promote any other product from The online business Academy or any other Service you want to click on create lead Magnet you can of course customize the Headline this is going to be the design This is going to be the cover image for Our ebook so I'm going to call it a YouTube automation blueprint we can of Course change the fonts and we can Customize literally everything you can Play around and create something that Might look even better than this and Then you can also enter a brief summary Of what they're going to learn in this Ebook now you know necessarily how to Actually write this ebook yourself but What you can do for these chapters is You can just go over to go Which is an AI tool they will write Copyright free text for you so you can Just go to you can sign up For completely free and then you can log

Into your account after signing up for Free and then you can go to writing Tricks on the left side and you can go To blog wizard so you basically want to Generate a blog post in this case I'm Going to type in a YouTube automation For beginners the tone is going to be Informative the target audience are Going to be entrepreneurs and the SEO Keywords are going to be YouTube Automation and maybe something similar To that at and then click on flash fetch Block topics and they're going to Generate blog topics for you you're just Going to select which one you like the Most and then based on that they're Going to write a full blog post and once The entire blog post has been generated For you it's going to look something Like this so you will have the intro Paragraph first so you can copy the Intro and you can paste it in your book As the introduction so I'm basically Going to go back and we have the Abode Order section which you can change into The introduction or just have this one And basically paste the introduction Over there I'm going to remove this one Because I don't necessarily needed and What I also recommend you do is I copy The entire blog post with one press of a Button over here and if you want to Check if it's 100 original you can go Over to this plagiarism Checker over the

Pre-post plagiarism Checker and There you can upload that entire blog Post and click on check plagiarism and What that will do is it will show you The percentage of this content and how Much it was actually generated by AI It's going to show you if it's something Was stolen from other websites and other Blog posts or whether this is unique Content and if there is a lot of Plagiaries content then you obviously Don't want to use it you don't want to Get in trouble but on the right side We're going to be able to see if this is Actually unique content or not once it Loads the reloads the percentage and as You can see now it shows that only one Percent of this was taken from someone Else's website and 99 of this is unique Content which is a really really good Score so it means we can actually use This because it's Unique content Generated by this AI tool so you can of Course paste it in your book and most Importantly what you can do with this Book is you can add a button between These lines or on every single page you Can add a button so you can basically Just drag and drop this you can paste it Somewhere around here you can customize That button you can customize the tag so You can customize colors and everything So perhaps I can say click here and this Button is going to take them to the

Affiliate link which I have generated Previously so once again I'm going to go Back to bitly copy my affiliate link go Back here and then paste it and so you Can have this button inside of the book When someone is reading this book that Talks about in this case YouTube Automation they're going to see a call To action and a button that they can Click which is going to take into your Affiliate link so you can earn affiliate Commissions so now you can save this you Can pretty much just click save and you Can publish this book and you can Download it to your computer someone Gonna download it as a PDF file ready to Be uploaded on a different platform so What you want to do next is you simply Want to go over to which Is a platform that's being visited by Millions of people from around the world And you can go to create An account click on upload and upload That document that PDF file that ebook Which you created with a peak on the dot By enter the title right over here enter A brief description of what your book Will appears the person that takes it For free then select the category in This case the category can be economy And finance it can also be business or Internet and you can enter some tags Related to that so I'm gonna go with YouTube I'm also gonna go with YouTube

Automation and then I can publish this To where once again it Can be seen by millions of people from Around the world and what they see it's A free book that talks about a certain Online business they're most likely Going to check it out they're going to Start reading that book and on every Single page they're gonna have a button To buy a step-by-step training program That is related to that same topic and If they're reading a book about YouTube Automation or any other online business Then most likely going to check out the Step-by-step training program which can Help them actually make money with that Specific online business there's Obviously a lot of different ways that You can promote online business Academy As an affiliate and earn commissions for Lifetime and actually generate passive Income from the comfort of your home

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