Crime Patrol Satark Season 2 – Ep 374 – Full Episode – 20th March, 2021

– Hello, Mr. Sharma. I am Rajni Dhore from
Amarjayanti old age home. Ma'am, just one second.
Let me pull over the car. Yes, tell me, Ma'am. The wardrobe
on the easysell app. I want to buy it. But I want the delivery today. You can take it after 5 o'clock.
Actually, there's nobody home. All right then. I will tell
my account department to process your payment. I hope you have paymobile app
on your phone. Yes, I have. Very nice.
Now our guy from accounts will send you a QR code.
Please scan it. Then enter your PIN.
You will receive the payment. Yes, I got it. Now please scan it
and enter your PIN. It's done.
– Now wait for a minute. The money has been transferred
from our end, okay? Okay, ma'am.

Our men will arrive at 5:00 p.m.
to receive the delivery. Mr. Tilak, how much did you rob? One lakh. My goodness! Ms. Rajni, why the stole? Just to feel it. 'The number you have called
is currently switched off.' Cheers!
Let's celebrate. 'Anonymous' In the world of people
running behind fame there are few people
who have evil motives. They are ready to live
an anonymous life. Anonymity is invisible
and intangible. It's unreachable. But how long? Hello!
I am Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya.

I welcome you all
to this episode of 'Crime Patrol Satark'. Amla, what are you doing? Doctor has forbade you
to work, right? Give me that. The ground is wet.
What if you were slipped? Then I would have fallen.
Does it matter to you? Don't act like you are concern
about me. Amla, I have promised
that I won't go there.

Come on.
Stop all this. Come with me.
Careful.. Comfortable?
Okay. Eat these fruits. I want you and my daughter
to be healthy. I have to pick up someone
at 9 o'clock. I should leave now. Take care. Listen, I will bring 'Kachori'
on the way back. You wanted it, right?
So don't cook. Okay. Rs. 470. Thank you, sir. Yes, tell me, sir. There's a long trip tomorrow.
You have to go to Delhi. The return is after two days.
Can you do it? Of course, sir. Just send me the details.
I will be there. Are you sure, Ajit?
You have been continuously driving.
Are you sure you can do it? He's my regular customer.

The customer is safe with me. Just send me the details.
I will be there. What is it? What took you
so long to answer the door? Surbhi, stop living in fear. Vishnu cannot harm you. Does Amla know you are here? No. She is pregnant. I do not wish to see her
in pain at this time. So I cannot tell her. I understand. – I got
some 'Kachoris' for you. You loved them back
in college. I was buying some for Amla
so I got some for you. Why did you not sign
this yet? Surbhi, why do you wait?
This bond has caged you.

After great adversities,
did you manage to get out. Surbhi, forgive me!
– Let us go already. Ajit! – Vishnu!
– How dare you? Vishnu!
– She is my wife! For or the last time,
stay away from Surbhi. Come. Do not think much
and sign it. I'll have these submitted
in two days. I'll be leaving.
Amla must be waiting for me. Will you not eat with me? No, I must leave
for Delhi tomorrow. Rao, who left this car on
in the middle of the street? Sir, I checked backroads.
No shop and ATM over here.

I do not think we'll get
a cctv footage.. Push the car back. No kid marks, simple
tire tracks. It seems the car
was stopped all of a sudden. From the area it does not
seem like a crime or accident. sir, these registration
papers were in the car. It is registered
to a guy named Ajit Sharma. Registered with Loca Cabs. Where does Ajit live? Mom, his phone is still
turned off. I do not understand.
I do not know what to do. It seems Ajit is home.
I will call you later. Is this Ajit Sharma's house? Yes sir.
I am his wife, Amla Sharma.

What happened? Where is he right now? I don't know. His phone has been
switched off since last night. Is this his car? We found it
on the back road. It's his car. But is my husband safe?
Did anything happen to him? We haven't find anything
that indicates any crime yet. His car was parked
in the middle of the road. Phone your relatives or friends. He might have gone there. Even then if you feel
that something is wrong here is my number. You can call me. Hello. Amla, what happened?
Why did you phone so early? Ajit is there, isn't he?
Tell me the truth, Surbhi. He came here last night at 9:30. He gave me some 'Kachori'
and left. He stayed here
for only ten minutes. Why do you meet my husband? He helped you, didn't he? Why can't you leave him
alone now? Amla, I know that you.. Hello..
Hello. Amla.. Sir. She has been waiting here since
nine o'clock in the morning.

She wants to speak with you. Did you check Ajit Sharma's car? Yes sir.
But we found nothing in it. Neither any blood traces,
nor any indication of struggle. All right.
– Sir.. Did you find anything
about my husband? I think that he willingly
went somewhere. No, sir. That's not the case.
I know. Sir, you must find Ajit. You can officially file
a missing complaint. If he doesn't come back
after 24 hours we will start the investigation. Twenty-four hours?
– It's the protocol. You will have to wait today. Let's see if he comes back home. Thank you so much. We have collected
3.5 lakh rupees. Now let's stop
and take a break. Are you stupid? I want a car. How much will I get
from 3.5 lakh rupees? How many accounts are left? Around four or five. Bring the list.
I will fool them. – Done. Here. Did you bring it already?
– Yes. Wait for Dia. It's almost nine o'clock.
She must be coming. You can start eating. It will get cold
if you wait for her. No problem.
Let her come.

I think she is here. Let me check.
You can have your food. Hurry up.
Open the door. Dia! Dia! What happened to her? Dia!
– Dia.. Dia, what happened?
– What happened, Dia? Shanti, call the ambulance.
– Okay. Dia..
She took the medicine
and went to bed. Shanti.. Are we making a mistake by not informing the police? Let's think about it once again.

Let's speak to Dia
in the morning and then decide. Oh God. Hey.. Stop, you..
Stop there! Ajit..
Ajit, let it go. It was my week's earning. I saved it by working
double shifts. Ajit, it's just money.
You can make it again. Please don't go.
Promise me. Sir, I am investigating
Ajit Sharma's case. Is it 24 hours already?
– Yes, sir. At nine o'clock
the night before yesterday Ajit had phoned his wife Amla. We checked his CDR
of the past one year too. Everything seems normal. Where does he work? Luca cab company. I spoke to all of their
customers as well. Everything is clean
on that side as well. These are the only four numbers which are either unreachable
or switched off. Keep trying. Tell me if they answer. Sir, there is one more thing.

Ajit's usual route
to his house is GVP road. On night of 22nd January
during nine to twelve o'clock there was a heavy traffic jam. Maybe he chose
the back road to go home. Are you saying that
it was not his usual route? It was not, sir. Mehta, he bought 'Kachori' from the Station Road
for his wife. If he had to run why did he
put in the effort? Sir, it could
be a robbery case. In the last six months it has happened
to a few cab and auto drivers. But Ajit's wallet
was in his car. In fact, it contained
money too. Why would the thief
leave the money behind? Sir, something might have
gone wrong during the scuffle and the thief escaped
without the money. Even if I accept
that explanation why would the thief
take Ajit along? Sir, it doesn't seem
like a kidnapping.

His financial condition
was not great. We have to talk
to Ms. Amla. When can she come
to the police station? Sir, her neighbor
had called. Yesterday,
she fell ill suddenly. She had
to be hospitalised. We can't talk to her now. I am telling you
for the last time. Stay away from Surbhi. Dia, come and have food. Come on. Dear, talk to me. Who did this? If you want,
we can go to the police too. What would that accomplish? Instead, she will be hurt. She will have to relive
that incident repeatedly. Even if someone is caught the case will
go on for years. But our Dia.. It has been
a couple of days and we would have to prove
to the police that something had happened.

We will be defamed
if we go to the police. Dia.. 'We will be defamed
if we go to the police.' Sir, this
is Ajit Sharma's body. Sir, it seems he was
hit with this stone. Mehta, it seems that he was killed
a few days ago. Send the body
for post-mortem. And when will
the forensic team arrive? It is on the way, sir. Sir! I found a knife here. It looks
like a kitchen knife. Send it
for forensic analysis. Yes sir. Sir, I will call Mrs.

for body identification. What happened
to Ajit Sharma? Why did someone
kill him so brutally? On the other hand,
Dia Nayak was brutally made the victim
of a despicable crime. And then,
even her spirit was crushed. Was there a connection
between these two cases? Would the future
solve this case? Or was the future
going to make it complicated? Congratulations, sir.
Your debit card has collected reward points
worth Rs. 45,000. Would you like them
to be converted to cash? You will receive
a PIN on your phone. Will you confirm it
for your identification? It is done, sir.
You will receive a message. Thank you so much
for your time. Have a great day.
Bye.. Such people
are educated fools. Their greed makes them
agree to anything. Hey, what is this?
You stole Rs. 2.5 lakh. Don't be so eager. You wanted a car,
didn't you? Have fun. Why are you worried? I am here, right? No one will be able
to trace you. It's my challenge. Is that so?
What if they trace me? I will change my name.

Cut! Cut it! What the heck, Shivani! What are you doing? Shivani.. Shivani, what are you doing? Veer..
Veer, I was truly scared. I can't do this scene. Sweetheart, we are shooting. This isn't the reality. I know. But I can't do this. Try to understand, Shivani. You know I have invested
money on this series. I have come to Aligarh
with the entire unit. I can't compromise
with the series. Okay, cool. No problem.
We will pack up today. We will shoot the scene tomorrow
with a fresh mood, okay? Pack up! Sir. Here is Ajit's
post-mortem report. He was killed one week ago,
the day he had disappeared. This means, on 22nd January. His upper body portion was
stabbed 9 times with a knife. There were 52 lacerations.

It doesn't appear
to be random killing. The murder was committed
due to personal angle. Perhaps the killer was furious
with the victim. Mehta, this knife
is very common. It will be found
in every house. It will be difficult
to nab the killer through this. Sir, strangulation marks
were found on Ajit's neck. The stone which was
found near Ajit's corpse.. Were fingerprints found
on that stone? No fingerprints
and DNA were found in the crime spot
and on the corpse. What about Ajit's phone?
– It's switched off. We have put his phone
on tracking. His phone was switched off
on 22nd January at 10.45 pm. And the last location
was the murder spot. Has Amla said anything? She was at home on the day
Ajit got murdered. And Ajit left home
at 8.30 am as usual. He called her couple of times
on that day. We have around 150
registered drivers.

But they have nothing
to do with each other. Ajit was very professional. We never received any complaint
against him. One more thing, sir. I don't know
whether it will help you or not. Go ahead. The police came here
around 10 to 11 months back. They were asking
about a customer. Who was the customer?
– An actress, Shivani Raghavan. She was our regular customer. Cut!
What are you doing, Shivani? I don't have the whole day
to waste on you. Veer, I am not well today. What's this new drama?
What do you mean? If you have a problem
to enact such scenes stay at home. Actually, it's my fault. I shouldn't have given
you a chance who is unprofessional
and new to this field. You are crossing your lines.
– Oh please! I am crossing my lines? Everyone knows this
that you got lucky that I gave you this chance.

Or else no one would have paid
attention to an artist like you. Shivani.. What's this drama, Shivani? Tell me the truth. You will return to Mumbai after
shooting the series, right? I will have to. Editing and other works
need to be done. What about us? What do you mean? What about our relationship? Have you ever
thought about this? Shivani, you know everything. Our relationship
is not permanent. Yes, but I thought..
– You were wrong. It's just a feeling. I am already engaged. I am going to marry Rupali
after 3 months. You can't do this to me. I'll go to Mumbai
and tell Rupali everything if it is required. Shivani Raghavan went missing
in February, 2019. She was a small time actress
of Aligarh. Why did you go
to the cab company? Ma'am, shall I come
to pick you up? No, I will go on my own. I don't know
how long I will be here. Ma'am, you won't get a cab here
so late in the night.

Do one thing.
Call me up when you need a cab. I will come. I will be accept bookings
for this area. But don't hire a cab from here
so late in the night. This area is not safe. Ajit Sharma. Yes, I am Ajit Sharma. Did you picked Shivani up
and dropped last night? I pick her up
after her shooting. Where did you drop her
and when? At the joggers' area
near Shivaji Park. Around 9 pm. She visits there
very frequently. If she contacts you,
contact me immediately. She is the prime suspect
in a murder. Murder! You found Veer's corpse.
And what about Shivani? And she has been missing
since then. We got to know
that they had an affair. However, Veer's fiancee
came from Mumbai to identify the corpse. But she didn't know much
about Shivani. She just knew that
Shivani was working as a heroine
in Veer's web series. Inspector Khan,
Veer's corpse was found. And Shivani has been missing
since then. And Shivani's regular cab driver Ajit's corpse was
found after 11 months. Do you think
these incidents are connected? It's a lead.
We should follow up.

How long will we make
small deals, Tilak? Let's plan something big. I have a brilliant plan. What's the plan? Phishing an all..
These are small deals. Just think if we are traced we will go behind bars
for a long time. Let's loot a bank.
We will get huge money. We will take that money
and leave this city. You are talking with
a lot of confidence. Already done with the planning? Do you want to know? Dear, I was thinking
of leaving this town and starting a new life
in some other town.

pexels photo 9786304

Where no one knows
a thing about us. And get you married to a nice guy. It would have been better
if we had gone to the police. But after looking at you both,
I feel as if it was my mistake. No, dear.. We can never feel that way. I was in pain, Mom. I was scared. Then why did you both
not take any action? Sir, we are not able to find
the whereabouts of Shivani. No movements at all. I checked Shivani's details
with the bank data and found out that
it's a case of fraud. Shivani had filed a complaint
in January 2019.

Amla had also mentioned that Ajit's wallet was
stolen a month ago. That too right
outside his house. Shivani's financial fraud and
Ajit's wallet getting stolen can both these incidences
be connected to each other? I'll follow with the cyber cell the complaint that
Shivani had filed in. Maybe we'll find
some connection. 'Okay, I'll tell you.' 'I took it from a friend.' 'I had told you that I will
take a loan to buy the car.' 'Ajit, listen..' 'You were going to
start a new job.' 'Would you worry about paying
EMIs or running this house?' 'That's why, I took it.' 'And she's my good friend.' 'She won't ask us to return
the money for two years.' 'After that, we can slowly
return her the money.' 'Well, you ruined the wall too.' Amla..

Have your meal. I don't feel like eating. It's not for you. Here, have it. Piyush, Ajit's car is
in the police station. As soon as I get the car I'll sell it and return
the money that I owe you. All right. I'm not going anywhere. Eat your meal. Ajit's neighbors
told us that he never make unnecessary
talks with anyone.

So, it's very likely that
he did not have a fight with anyone for which
he would be killed. But I found out something
from Ajit's bank details. He used to transfer money to
some Surbhi Singh every month. Who is this Surbhi? Did Amla say anything? Did you get her address? Her address is in
the bank details. The account was opened
a few months ago.

Ajit helped me a lot, sir. My husband, Vishnu,
used to beat me up a lot. This house was given
to me by Ajit too. He was helping me
financially too. Ajit is my childhood friend.. He was. I want Vishnu's number. Okay. Sir, I agree that Vishnu
is not a good person. He used to beat me up. But he can't kill anyone, sir. In fact, in the last
one and half months he didn't even
try to contact me. How was the relation
between Amla and Ajit? It was good. You are hiding something. Actually, Amla didn't like
Ajit helping me. Amla always felt that
there's something more than friendship
between me and Ajit. Did Amla have any
suspicious about the relationship
between you both? Yes. But it has no relation
to Ajit's murder. Sir, on the day of murder Amla was not in her house
for two hours. And I found
a career criminal's number in Amla's call records. Piyush Purohit. Both his location and
Amla's location were the same when Amla was away from
the house for two hours. 'What was the hurry?' 'You could have
returned it later.' Mehta, is it possible
that Amla had a suspicion about Ajit and
Surbhi's relationship and that's why, she hired this
career criminal, Piyush Purohit? Track this career criminal.

Don't discuss this with Amla. Keep an eye on Amla
and her house. Sir, I asked for details
on financial fraud. A girl calls up customers
to ask for the PIN to transfer money. After that, the account
which is credited it gets closed and also
the phone. No track of it. Find out how many
fraud victims were there. Maybe Shivani
was involved in this fraud and this fraud victims
will track us down to Shivani. Ajit's murder was becoming
a big mystery for the police. Even after so many days
of investigation the police did not get
any concrete proof. The murder of producer
and director Veer Sahni and the disappearance
of actor Shivani..

It was a baffling issue
for the police. Where was Shivani?
Can the police ever find her? How can I help you?
Hey! One doesn't call
a hired killer home. Do you think that I hired
him to kill my husband? He might be a criminal
but he's my younger brother. Brother? – Yes, sir.
I'm here younger brother. Why did you secretly meet him
on the day of the murder? Ajit didn't know about this. Sir, my parents cut off
all ties with him. Father couldn't bear
the insult when Piyush was continuously
getting arrested. He had a heart attack
and.. A year back we got in touch. Piyush financially helped me,
so that, Ajit buys a car.

Sir, I stopped my illegal
business a long time back. But your old case is still
pending. Come! Hey.. Sir! Sir, I tried
but Piyush isnt talking. Ajit's murder doesn't have
a personal angle. He must've been stuck
in a major issue. This is the list
of financial fraud victims. One thing is common in this,
Mehta. 99 percent of the victims
are girls. Two or three victims
are males. And all of them are account
holders of LNP Bank. Maybe Shivani
was also one of them. This fraud is going on
for the last three years. In the last couple of months they targeted through
online selling app. Tell me, ma'am. – You'd put
your article for sale. I want to buy it. And now, old ladies
are targeted on the pretext
of vaccination. Sir, Aligarh doesn't have
old people who got themselves

Mehta, I'd say contact the head office.
Try to find the people who have registered
for the vaccination put their phones
on live tracking. They might not fall in the trap.
But we can try. Any news on Vishnu? Sir, last time he was seen
at the Aligarh bus stand. He had mailed Surbhi,
the signed divorce papers. Mehta, if he has signed
the divorce papers that shows, he had moved
on in life. Why would he kill Ajit? Sir, I've alerted
all the interstate. Sir, the lead which
you told me to check one of them committed
suicide last year. What is the name of the victim?
– Dia Nayak. She used to say in Zafrabad. They're here for the fraud
which happened with Dia. Tell me, sir. Sir, Rs. 15000 was taken out
from Dia's account. Suicide for only Rs. 15000? That kind of an amount
isnt less for us. What did they talk in that
fraud call? – Not much, sir.

They said, she'll win a car through a lottery. They wanted to scan
a password but they phished out money
from the account. – Okay. Call us if you recollect
any incident. You could've told the police. Maybe our daughter could've got
justice ever after her death. Justice can't bring back
our daughter. Hello. – Hello, ma'am.
I'm Rajni Dhaure. From the central vaccination
agency. Am I speaking to Meeta Ganguly?
– That would be me. Ma'am, you've been registered
for the vaccination but you'll get a PIN
for your KYC. You need to tell us the PIN
for verification purpose. Sir, the registered people
for vaccination their calls were been traced.
One is Meeta Ganguly. She received a fraud call. Constable Supriya
is going to talk her. Supriya..
– Yes, sir. Keep him engaged.
– Okay, sir. You must talk to
him for at least a minute. – Okay, sir. Patch it. Yes ma'am, tell me. What do I need to do?
I'll do that. Who are you? Meeta Ganguly is my grandma.

I have come here
for summer vacation. She doesn't understand all this. We need to verify her details. Sure, ma'am. Tell me Date of birth? 12th January, 1952. You will receive a PIN. Tell me that number. Then you
will be registered. Okay? Ma'am, after getting
the registration number what should I do? Go to your nearest center
and show them the message. You will get your vaccine. Okay.. Tomorrow, we are planning
to go to the market. How long will it take? It will take
around 15 to 20 minutes. Did you receive the PIN? 'I, 7.. 2..' Wait.. Please repeat. '1, 7, 2, 3. Thank you for your time. Have a good day. B-12, Gomti Nagar. Sir, the
phone is already switched off. I got 40 thousand. I'll go and withdraw the money.
– Listen.. Let's have a party tonight. There's nothing to celebrate
for such petty amount.

Let us get a handsome amount.
Then we will party. At least bring some 'Samosa'. Sir, Ajit's phone was switched
on just a few minutes ago. Very good. Check it. Maybe you will get
a break point. Okay, sir.
– Listen.. Did Deepak and Tilak
confess anything? Not yet. We will get
their details. Model 'SX 4'. It was switched on at this place
half an hour ago. Yes sir. I repaired it today.
Wait a minute. Here it is.

Do you know who gave
this phone to repair? Sir, so many people visit us. We can't remember
everyone's face, sir. Rao.. – Sir.
– Check the CCTVs around here. Where is Shivani Raghavan? Who are you talking about, sir? Shivani, the actor who killed
director Veer and she's been missing
ever since. So, think and answer me.
Where is Shivani? We don't know about anyone
with that name. W-We do scams.
Maybe she's also a victim.

But we don't remember, sir. We have no idea
about any murder. Yes sir. You rob innocent people
for your enjoyment. Do you ever think what
they must have gone through? You withdraw 15 thousand rupees
from Dia's account on January, 2019. She committed
suicide after that. You will go to jail
for abetment of suicide and fraud for a long period
of time. It will be hard for you
to come out. Sir..
– Sir.. Sir, I had sent the details
of Deepak and Tilak to every police station. We are informed
by Masood Nagar police station that Deepak has a land there
registered in his name.

And there's some issues
with that land for more than a year.
– Do you have the exact address? Yes sir. Stop.. Hold on. This is a skeleton. Mehta, send this skeleton
to the forensic team. Yes sir. Whose dead body did you bury? Sir, which dead body
are you talking about? Sir, we have no idea
about all this. Why are you dragging
us into this? You have a land in Masood Nagar. We found a dead body there.
That's Shivani's body, right? Sir, we don't have any land. Which land are you
talking about? Beat them till then confess.
– Sir.. – Sir.. Yes sir. That's the man. He was wearing a similar watch. I'm 100 percent sure, sir. This man gave me the mobile
to repair. Sir, the watch doesn't look
too expensive. Find out who bought it
and from where. Can you describe his face
to make a sketch? I remember, more or less. Sir, We got the forensic
report of the skeleton. It's Shivani's skeleton. It even matches her
father's DNA. According to the report
her pelvic bone is injured.

So, was she raped? Brutal rape. For whom are you ironing it? It's her clothes.
But she is not alive anymore. I was thinking that we must
move back to village. Why? We have Dia's
memories here! I am not leaving. You may leave if you so wish. Sir, Dipak was confident and hence I got the registration
papers for the plot. It is registered to Dipak's name
but not owned by him. What? – The picture
is of someone else. How do you both know Ajit? Ajit Sharma is our friend
from college. Why do you ask? We found his body. Sir, we did not kill anyone.
We are scam artists. Where are all these
bodies coming from? Tell me, how did Ajit
know Shivani? That man told us that
there is an actor. And Ajit did speak
of an actress. That she was beautiful
and Ajit liked her. That is what he said. If we were to believe that
Ajit raped and killed Shivani then who killed Ajit? It could be Dipak and Tilak. They could have found out
what Ajit had done and they killed Ajit
to stay safe. No, they are con artists.

They cannot someone
in such a brutal manner. And there is no point
in killing Ajit. My car broke down. Will you
please help me take it aside? Come. Sir, we found the details
from that watch. 18 people were sold
that type of watch. Any familiar name
in this customer list? Yes sir. Password. Now. Amla. Alma123. You shot a video
of my daughter.

What else should I have done?
Filed a complaint? What would that do?
Even if someone was caught I'd have to fight
a case for years. Where was the justice in that? What justice did you seek? 'Mom, Dad. Ajit had raped me.' 'He drives a Loca cab.' 'He shot videos
and pictures of mine.' 'He would tell everyone.' 'I do not wish to live.
Please forgive me.' 'Your Dia.' I do not repent killing him. For what he did to my daughter.. He deserved the same! I admit what happened to Dia
was very wrong. Ajit had wronged her. And yet you had no right
to violate the law. Sir, when I will meet
my daughter I will be able to look her
in the eyes. I regret not doing much for her
while she was live.

But I did get her justice. Mehta, take him. Why did you do such a thing? Criminals who hurt others
from shadows, often forget that be it late but the truth
does come to light. And the same happened
to Ajit Sharma. Be it late but he was
exposed to everyone! Had Ved and Shanti spoken up
when Dia was raped and filed a complaint
to the police then Ajit, Dipak and Tilak
would have been caught sooner. And Dia would not have
suffered like this. And Dia would have been
alive. To take the law in our own hands
and to kill someone can never be right.

No matter the reason.
Ved was wrong. Since law and order is here
to maintain peace. So I will take
your leave now. We shall meet again with
another true stories. Stay safe and take care
of yourselves. 'Jai Hind.'.

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