Digital Marketing is Not SEO Dr. Vivek Bindra Ji

Hello friends (dosto) , my name is Sahil Khanna and you are watching Intellectual Indies . And Today's video is very important because People are deceiving the audience via social media The thing is Digital Marketing is being defined as SEO SEO is a small part of Digital Marketing . Here people are trying to fool us on social media that SEO is digital marketing And logically think And not just SEO , He is talking about SEO used in ranking ( in websites ) Think logically whether you like consuming the reading content or video content video right? According to some researches , i've mentioned in my video too That in the coming 4 years, 70% content consumed all over the internet will be in video form.

So Video will be the future. and you are watching me via video too . Everybody wants to be a youtuber . Youtube . Youtube Tv audience is gradually decreasing . Everybody loves consuming content via youtube. Basically running after Videos. Now all the existing Digital Marketing Youtube channels Or Business channels who are promoting their digital marketing companies. They are just telling about SEO( Search Engine Optimisation) And recently a very big Youtuber said the same thing that SEO is digital marketing. They are telling that Digital Marketing is SEO . SEO SEO If you check their alexa alexa is a tool where you can check your website ranking. globally or in a specific country. You can check it's ranking If a company has been established since 2008 Then from 2007 to 2019 , They were able to reach this level only? And it has been said that That it is the best company of this whole world So i see blackholes in this.

How will they improve other's seo when they can not do even their own . href is a paid tool Where we can check their ranked keywords I did a little research on this company. There were limited keywords , one is their own brand keyword and a local keyword that is . Means if someone searches for their own brand name and in a specific region only then you'll able to see their website and now they're declaring it as India's No. 1 SEO website. Now what'll happen , this video came Through this video , their market reach will increase And people will believe that this company is good .

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Now what will happen. The traffic of their website will increase . It'll directly change their ranking . Indirectly . Let's talk about Digital Marketing Course In their website , they provide Digital Marketing Course too. I don't think Digital Marketing Course can be finished this fast. I've my own Institute I know how i finish the batch in 3 months. Visit my institute and ask my students , How do i teach Class duration : 8 hours and lot of homework and still i am unable to finish the batch in 3 months.

I've started a fast track course of 2 months. I want to test my limits that am i able to finish the batch in 2 months. I always clear this point that Fast track course may finish in 2 months. But hardwork will be same The most important topic of Digital Marketing is Social Media Marketing . Like you are watching this video on youtube , facebook All the time spent time on videos , is part of social media marketing. Earlier , aunties used to chat in their kitty parties And when we were young , how we used to make groups to chat . Today we are doing those things socially . That's why Social Media Marketing is the future. Next is Pay Per Click (PPC) Google adwords. Where you can showcase your business in google search./youtube. or on many blogging websites. After that i'll say SEO 2019. Now in SEO , Video SEO is it's part. Appeal to all the bloggers start Vlogging . Start making videos.

Learn editing and camera features and everything. COnvert the written format into video format. Because Video is the future. And video demands increases then it'll affect blogs automatically. Blog demand's will be down. That's why i've saying this that start vlogging. that Digital Marketing is not SEO. We can say that earlier SEO was better Because SEO was free But today competition is so high on seo Where we need to spend money So if we are ready to spend then why not we spend for a specific audience via social media? through google adwords or from anywhere. i won't say more Then people will say that i talk negative But that thing offended me. You know me whether a thing is black or white i.e good or bad. I hope you will agree with me. If you like this video then like , and if didn't you can dislike too ( i won't mind 🙂 ) and do tell me in the comment section below about the video. Bye Goodnight Goodafternoon Goodmorning whenever you are watching this video..

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