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Look I know this sounds pretty crazy but It actually works you can literally copy And paste Google Images so images that You can find in and you can Make money using a platform that we Never talked about before so this is a Brand new fresh method it obviously Works worldwide because Google is a Platform that works anywhere in the World so it doesn't matter where you're Coming from you don't need a website you Don't need any social media followers And you don't need to invest a single Dollar so if that sounds good enough Then drop a like down below and let us Begin with a full step-by-step breakdown Just a quick disclaimer here if someone Replies to your comment like this Claiming they're me just know it's a Scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and I would never attack you For money you can check their accounts They don't have a verification badge They don't have the same subscribers or Videos as me and they will just scam you My only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick people are just creating fake Accounts reposting my photos and dming You asking for money you can check their Posts the engagement is fake their new Accounts and just know that I would Never text you like that so just stay Safe and report them all so first of all What you want to do is you want to go

Through Google and the images that You're specifically searching for are Weight loss and fitness a transformation Images so you can go to the search bar On Google and you can search for those Images for example I've searched for Weight loss transformation if we go Through images in Google you can find All of these different people that are Sharing their incredible transformation For example this guy over here you can See on the left side he was really obese And then on the right side he looks kind Of dragged he looks really really cool On the left side here you have this Person as well that was a little bit More obese on the left side and on the Right side he looks a little bit better Here's another transformation over here Here's another transformation over here All of these different images can make You money and if you're wondering how Let me show you exactly how it works so Basically what you can do is you can Basically download one of these images Just click on save image as and you can Download this to your computer where any Of these it doesn't necessarily have to Be this one right so if you want to for Example use this one this is an Incredible transformation then you can Just right click on the image and then You can just save it up to your computer Now once you've downloaded one of those

Google images that shows some weight Loss transformation what you simply want To do is you want to go over to and this is an affiliate Marketplace with thousands of different Offers that you can promote in all Different categories and niches so this Means that you don't necessarily have to Create your own website you don't need To create your own product or whatsoever All you got to do is grab an affiliate Link and when someone buys something Through your link you're gonna earn a Commission as an affiliate so you simply Want to create an account in digit store By pressing on the register button over Here then you will just enter some basic Demographic details about yourself like Where you're coming from and stuff like That and then once you create an account Which literally takes less than two Minutes and it's absolutely free you Will be able to log in by pressing on The login button over here and then you Can access the marketplace by pressing On the marketplace button and what You're specifically interested in is Going through all offers in the Affiliate Marketplace and then on the Left side you can find fitness and Health offers and then you can scroll a Little bit down you can find some offers That help people lose weight and that Help people with with just getting

Overall lean for example this is a lean Belly 3x offer that helps people get Three times leaner so it helps them lose Weight fast and stuff like that it's Like a peel that people can take to lose Weight fast and you're gonna be paid Around 51 dollars per sale that has been Generated through your link which is a 66 percent commission so you can all Copy your link this is going to be your Link as well so you can basically just Copy that link with literally one click Of a button you can share it with other People and when someone actually signs Up through the link for that offer they Buy those pills you're gonna earn a Commission for that so you simply want To copy a referral link and then you Want to proceed On To The Next Step Which is to go over to udemy now udemy Is a platform where people are buying And selling courses in different Categories everything related for Marketing all the way down to fitness And health so you're not really Interested in creating a course or Selling a course in udemy because it's Not the best platform for doing that but What you can do is you can find a free Udemy courses on a platform like this Cudemy disk udemy is a platform where You can find discounted products and Discounted courses from udemy that are Absolutely free and you can basically

Just find some Fitness and weight loss Uh courses on here for example this is a Booty Camp weight loss and fitness boot Camp for women it costs zero dollars you Can open it up you can get the coupon Code you can look and take course and Then you can get that course for Completely free so you can basically Just copy this button the copy this link And if you even if you click on it right Away you're gonna see that it's gonna Fake you to udemy where you can fake the Scores for free as you can see you can Enroll now for free now you don't Necessarily have to go through the Course yourself and learn how to lose Weight or whatever but what I want to do Is you want to copy that coupon code That takes people with a free course and Then you want to go over to your Gmail Accounts if you don't have one go Through Gmail and create a Gmail account Now once you create a Gmail account you Want to click on the toggle button right Over here to the settings and then you Want to go to see all settings and then You scroll all the way down to the Bottom and there you will be able to Find this vacation responder you want to Set that to on so you want to set the Vacation responder to on and then you Want to enter the subject line which is Going to be congrats your free course is Here and what this will do is once you

Have the vacation responder on whenever Someone emails you they will receive an Automatic respond from your Gmail Account which is going to be this email In this case if this if someone sends me An email right now they're gonna get an Email back which says congrats your free Course is here and then in the Description I can just tell them I can Just talk about the product first about The digital store product and I can say If you're really interested in actually Losing weight I recommend you to test This feels or try these peels or these Pills have helped people lose weight Faster or whatever just create your own Call to reaction and then below that you Can just add click here to claim your Free course and then you can just of Course highlight the text and then you Can insert your udemy link where people Can get that course for free but make Sure that above that you actually have Your data store links so I can say for Example if you are really interested if You are really interested in losing Weight fast without like much F Worth or Whatever you can test you can test these Pills that helped over a hundred Thousand uh people lose transform their Body or then already helped me or Whatever like create your own call to Action and then of course you can Highlight the text bold it and then

Insert your affiliate link from digit Store so once again go back and copy Your affiliate link and then insert that Inside of this box click ok so that when Someone is reading this email they can First click on the digital store Products so they can buy those pills Because their older interested in losing Weight and then below that they can of Course access the free course that we Promised them now you can just click on Save changes once is writing a Professional email and once you have That email written and you save the Changes now you just need to have people Sending an email to you first because Without that there's going to be no one Reading this so you need people emailing Your email address this Gmail this Gmail Account and when they email you they're Gonna receive this autoresponder back so They can click on the affiliate link so What you want to do is you want to go Over to a platform called me V and mivi Is a social media platform just like Facebook but it's way less competitive And it actually has 90 million visits Per month so there's already 90 million Active users on the platform and it's as I said way better than Facebook and There's a lot of groups that you can Join so you can go to the search bar and You can search for fitness and weight Loss groups you can find people that are

Interested in losing weight that are Just genuinely talking about losing Weight so for example I can join this Group with 600 members I can click on Join right over here and I can go Through the group and I can post inside Of the group so I I can post inside of The group something along the lines of Ladies I took this free course and it Helped me transform my body I can't Share it here so if someone wants free Access just email me at and that email Address and then you can just add the Transformation image that we found from Google this will obviously grab their Attention they will see this and be like Wow this is a really good transformation And then you tell them that you're gonna Give them a free course like you're not Even selling anything you're just giving A free course but you can't share it Here so they better email you and you Really can't if you do share your course Here you're most likely gonna get banned Off of this group so it doesn't work Like that you can just tell them email Me if you're interested in this and when They email you they're going to receive An automatic responder which is going to Send them to the digital store link as Well and of course they're going to get Access to the free course that you Promised and then you can just publish This into the group just make sure to

Replace this with your actual Gmail with Your actual email address that they will Need to email where you have the Autoresponder on and you can basically Leverage all of these different images That are available on Google for Complete literally free so I really hope You got some value out of this video if You did make sure to drop a like down Below and if you want to see more of These make money online tutorials make Sure that you are subscribed to this Channel with notifications on thank you So much for watching and I will see you In some of the next ones

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