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In today's episode we're going to show you how to fill your local live event. Hi there, I'm Max Simon, welcome to the Big Vision Show. This is all about how you reach more people and thrive financially. Now, people are always asking me, "how do you fill live events?" In particular local live events and because we just did one here in my little hometown, I figured I would walk you through to the steps today so that you can put those butts in seats and bring the right people to your next local live event.

The first step is to figure out the one big idea for the live event, like just brainstorm what is the most important thing you want people at your local live event to take away and make that the primary theme of your event. Next, set up a web page where people can register for the event online. I suggest you make the intro event free because you'll likely make your money when they sign up for programs or products at the live event so you want the most amount of people there. Third, set up a page that invites people to share it with their friends whether it's through social media or to email them directly. Because once someone's confirmed for your event, they'll be very likely to send it to their friends and invite them to come along. Fourth, think of who's local to you and simply and send them email inviting them to come. You'll be surprised how much people love live event and to get a personal invitation for you it'll make them more likely to show up.

And finally, create some very simple posters that have a good headline and the date of your event and go into your town and put them on wherever there's a local boards so that there is a little bit of buzz in the live community. And if you do all this right, you'll have a great event. People will show up, you will attract the right kind of people and it will be a tremendous growth experience for you. So, that's our show today, I hope you loved it and I have a very important question for you. What kind of event marketing turns you off? Meaning when you have been looking at other people's event, what doesn't work for you? Share a comment, below I would love to hear it and I'm sure everyone in the tribe would be super enlightened to hear that perspective and of course so many people actually have great events, but their marketing is not so good.

So, be an amazing support system and friend and forward them this video. I think live events are one of the greatest ways of really contributing back to your community so share the love and send this to one of your friends. And of course make sure to hit that little subscribe button so that you can get these videos every week when we publish them and head over to BigVisionBusiness.com, get advanced training to help you reach more people and thrive financially.

Hope you enjoyed the show, we'll see you next week. All my love..

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