Social Media Marketing for Introverts

– Do you know deep down inside that you have an
important message to share but the thought of
putting yourself out there on social media is holding you back? You may be surprised to know that despite having a top YouTube channel in my niche and being a professional
speaker, I'm just like you and I'm an introvert too. In this video, we're going to talk about social media marketing for introverts. I want to empower you to step
out from behind the curtain and into the spotlight
with ease and confidence. ♪ Your business is about to be richer ♪ (cash register dinging) Hi, I'm Jen and this channel
is all about helping you learn how to market yourself
so that you can build a business you love off of your expertise and truly make an impact on the people that you are called to serve. My first social media
marketing tip for introverts is to tap into your bigger reason why. When you tap into a purpose
that is bigger than yourself, it will give you the
motivation to start spreading your message and start making
an impact on the people who need to hear from you.

A purpose will drive you forward. My purpose or big why
is that I truly believe that entrepreneurs will change the world if only they have the right information to help them grow their business. Just thinking about you right now, the person who's watching this video, and knowing that I'm going to inspire you to spread your wings, share your message, and grow your business is
really what gets me out of bed in the morning and onto video. My question of the week on this video is what is your big reason why? Go ahead and leave it in
the comments down below. We wanna cheer you on. Also, while you're here, make
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Be sure to hit the
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that's going to help you learn marketing and grow your business. So my second tip for social
media marketing for introverts is to not think about the
entire audience of people that you want to impact. Instead, I want you to reframe your brain with something very
tactical and practical. I wanna encourage you to
take a picture of one person in your audience who
you know you can impact. Perhaps this person is a former
client or a former person who you've helped just
with social media advice.

pexels photo 6483622

I want you to take a
picture of that person, cut it out, and tape
it to your camera lens or tape it to your
computer when you sit down to write social media content. I want you to think about one
person only in your audience and really focus on them. So if you're talking to the camera or if you're talking on the microphone, just speak to one person at a time and not a larger group of people. This will help you feel
focused and less intimidated by putting yourself out there. The third social media
marketing tip for introverts that I have for you is to pick a platform that matches your
personality and your style. So for me, I like to
create YouTube videos. YouTube videos in this format,
the way that I do them, are super-practical. They answer how-to questions. People are on YouTube
right now searching for how to get over being an
introvert on social media. And I hope that this video has found you and impacted your life.

I love YouTube because it's
super-practical and actionable. I don't have to put myself out there with a lot of
behind-the-scenes information about my personal life. So that's why I choose
not to be on platforms like Snapchat or TikTok,
which tend to be more entertainment-based or behind the scenes, personal peeks into one's life. That doesn't really fit with
my introverted personality so I choose to stick with YouTube.

Remember your why, speak
directly to one person, and pick a platform that
fits your personality. These are three practical
tips on social media marketing for introverts that I
hope you have enjoyed. Remember, if you learn marketing, you can grow your business. So for that reason, I'll
see you on the next video..

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