How to Get a Job in Crypto? [ Top Crypto Jobs in 2022 ]

2022 is upon us and it seems 
it's getting colder by the day   i hope i'm wrong my friends but looks like we're 
starting to see the first signs of a crypto winter   but while the prices are going down the crypto 
industry is exploding at an unprecedented rate   and with it come all the job opportunities if you 
ever thought of making the move and joining the   blockchain industry beyond just day trading 
and actually wanted to make a bigger impact   this video my friend is for you on today's coin 
market cap episode we'll be looking at the top   jobs in crypto for 2022 and all the salaries that 
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Let's be honest   crypto is quite technical so anyone who wants to 
get a job in the blockchain industry will need to   have basic understanding what the industry is all 
about and at this point i'm gonna assume that you   know how to open a wallet you know how to transfer 
crypto you have a basic understanding of d5   and if you don't make sure to spend as much time 
learning about it because obviously that is going   to be one of the first questions you will be 
asked at the interview how much do you know   about crypto but more importantly immersing 
yourself in this beautiful world of crypto   will give you an opportunity to better understand 
what part of the crypto world you want to be   working in and where we're going to find you 
that dream job now once you've figured out   what is what in crypto let's find you that corner 
office or more precisely how do we get you on the   beach in thailand because most of the crypto jobs 
out there are remote so first of all we're gonna   look at three different crypto organizations 
that you could work for and after that we're   gonna take a closer look at all the different 
crypto jobs you can find yourself working in so first up we have exchanges this is where 
you buy and sell your favorite cryptocurrencies   and they usually come in two different flavors 
you have centralized exchanges such as coinbase   or binance and you have decentralized like 
curve or uniswap centralized exchanges offer   a myriad of different job opportunities even on 
binance if you go on there right now you'll find   over 50 business development jobs but the most 
beautiful part about exchanges is that they have   so many different business units for example 
binance just acquired a stake in forbes so if   you're interested in publishing in copywriting 
in journalism and media maybe you find yourself   working in crypto and media or you have coin bases 
on brian armstrong just announcing a new company   called new limit which is a longevity company so 
if you're passionate about crypto and also biotech   or helping us live longer you may have an 
opportunity there now if you want to work   for crypto exchange but you're not sure where 
to start the easiest way to do it is to go to go to the exchange page scroll 
down and you'll see all the different crypto   exchanges just click on some of them and the 
career pages should give you plenty of opportunity next up we have crypto companies these are all 
the companies that actually build cryptocurrencies   or crypto related services ethereum is 
an obvious example and solana is another   if you want to know which crypto platforms are 
hiring right now it's easy enough as well just   head over to their website and select the 
career page for example let's go down the   list on coin market cap right now click on the 
project you're most interested in let's say luna   scroll down click on careers and there you go or 
let's pick solana right now as you can see solana   has more than 300 jobs and its ecosystem so there 
are plenty of opportunities for you to find your   dream job crypto companies more often than not 
are looking for technical people from engineers   to developers to machine learning experts 
but if you're not a tech expert like myself   there are plenty of opportunities for 
creative people for business related roles   open right now so start looking next up we 
have decentralized platforms and we're not   just talking about individual cryptocurrencies 
we have whole platforms companies and exchanges   run in a completely decentralized way meaning they 
do everything a regular company does but without   the hierarchy for instance uni swap and pancake 
swap are decentralized exchanges which means they   don't have a board of directors like a regular 
corporation but even without an expensive   boardroom they both still need employees 
with many different career paths including   marketing including community managers and of 
course engineers and developers now some of the   crypto platforms looking for staff right now are 
actually run as dows or decentralized autonomous   organizations which run their operations with the 
help of automated smart contracts dows have been   popping up around the world and need plenty 
of developers and content creators to help   them grow their platforms and communities now 
that you better understand the three different   organizations you can be part of let's look at 
the specific job roles you can take on and the   expected salaries first up let's take a look at 
the roles that center around building showcasing   and maintaining crypto platforms themselves the 
developers there are tons of different types of   developers and crypto sites and exchanges need 
all of them they need all of you we've got web   developers software developers from and and 
back-end developers full stack developers and   many many more if you're thinking about applying 
for a developer role but you don't have a degree   don't worry you don't necessarily need a degree to 
land your dream job a lot of crypto sites are more   interested in you having necessary skills for the 
job more that they're interested in you having a   certificate the salary for developer roles varies 
depending on your experience qualifications and   which company of course you work with that said 
software developer salary averages around 100 000   and ui or ux developers earn between 55 to 100k 
a year number two we have engineers if you have   engineering qualifications or experience you are 
in luck my friend because crypto platforms all   around the world need engineers they need you 
crypto needs blockchain engineers who can design   develop and then implement blockchain networks for 
companies wanting to break into the crypto space   and software engineers are needed to create the 
necessary code for decentralized applications such   as the apps now software and blockchain engineers 
are usually required to have at least an undergrad   degree in computer science or engineering in 
a technical field while needing a degree does   make your perfect engineering role harder to get 
glassdoor does report that blockchain and software   engineers on average make over a hundred and ten 
thousand a year so a worthy aspiration and taking   the time to get that degree will go a long way 
number three we have marketing there are loads   of marketing roles available in the crypto space 
right now including copywriting branding seo   experts or public relation coordinators coin 
market cap is also looking for a pr person the requirements for each role varies but 
marketing jobs usually require industry   knowledge and a proven track record of success 
in advertising or marketing giving the range of   marketing jobs in crypto right now it's hard to 
give an average earnings figure that really means   anything but you should know that marketing 
managers are making nearly 150 000 a year   according to us news number four we have design 
and video now what would marketing be without   design blockchain is a complicated subject so we 
need people that can simplify crypto who can draw   it out who can visualize it so if you're an artist 
if you're a designer an illustrator a videographer   a video editor or any creative and you have a 
passion for crypto don't be discouraged there   are plenty of opportunities for you and trust 
me you'll be making much more than you're making   right now here at corey market cap we are building 
our own creative team so make sure to check out   our jobs board and apply right now number five we 
got journalism and writing crypto journalists and   writers research write edit and share crypto 
related news stories and educational content   with the whole wide world and if you want to be 
a crypto writer you're gonna need to get your   head around all things crypto this means reading 
crypto news this means watching crypto videos on   youtube and staying up to date with all things 
crypto and once your brain is filled up with all   the necessary crypto knowledge there are dozens 
of websites and companies and desperate needs   of crypto writers just like you first of all you 
have news site like coin desk or coin telegraph   which share all the latest and greatest in crypto 
news then their educational sites like coin market   caps own alexandria which aims to collect and 
share all the world's crypto knowledge together   as for the average salaries journalists and 
technical writers reportedly make between   45 and 175 000 a year and are short supply right 
now number six we've got business management and   development the crypto space needs just as many 
business management workers as every other sector   starting from graduate intern roles all the 
way up to cfo and ceo rose you can find product   management people management operations and 
production roles all across the crypto space no   matter the type of crypto company you're hoping to 
work for the requirements for business management   roles really depend on the precise job you're 
looking for some roles for example like senior   management will require a master's degree or 
an mba and plenty of experience in the industry   while other roles like junior roles only need 
you to have basic understanding of crypto   as well as can do attitude that you can build up 
from there the average salary for crypto business   management roles will likely the job requirements 
depend on the company and the specific role you're   applying for unsurprisingly there's no shortage of 
crypto companies looking for business managers and   developers right now even your own coin market cap 
is looking for a cmo or chief marketing officer so   if you know anybody make sure to let us know 
number seven on the list we have investing   if you have interest or experience in finance and 
business in economics this career path could be   perfect for you you could partner up with a 
venture capital firm specializing in crypto   and as you know venture capitalists or vcs seek 
out undervalued companies that they can partner   up with to offer guidance seed money in exchange 
for car share of the company so that's it for our   top jobs and crypto for 2022 let us know in the 
comments below what job you are most interested in   and if you're looking for one make sure to 
head out to to see   our jobs board and apply maybe i'll see you 
on the other side in the near future good luck

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