“The O’Reilly Factor” Gets Racist in Chinatown: The Daily Show

All right, let's move on
to the world of news media. We're now joined
by senior media correspondent -Ronny Chieng, everybody!
-(cheers and applause) Thank you. Thank you. Hey, Trevor, I'm not sure
if you're familiar with the internet or TV,
but if you are, you've probably seen
this (bleep) that happened a few days ago
on Fox News.

In the first
presidential debate, China was mentioned 12 times. So we sent Watters down
to New York's Chinatown to sample political opinion. Okay, first of all,
let me get this straight. They say "China" in the debate
so you go to Chinatown? -(laughter)
-In New York? So when they mention Mexico, do
you send someone to Taco Bell? (laughter) Chinatown is nothing like China! They got nothing
to do with each other. That's like if they brought up
women's rights, so I decide to go over to
Fox News to get some opinions. (laughter) Now, as dumb as that premise is, it is nothing compared
to the idiocy that followed. And by the way, we haven't added
anything to this. This is the original footage
from Fox News. (Asian-style music plays) (loud boom) (dance beat playing) Am I supposed to bow
to say hello? (speaks Chinese) I like these watches.
Are they hot? JCPenney. $3.98. (laughing) Who are you gonna vote for? Clinton's wife has a name.
What is it? Uh…

Oh, man. I forget it. Well, snap out of it. -Do you know karate?
-Yeah, I know. Hit my hand. (martial arts grunting) Ah… that's the spot. Is it the Year of the Dragon? Rabbit? No, it's actually
the Year of Go (bleep) Yourself! (laughter, applause, whooping) What the hell was that? How was that on the news? In fact,
how was that even on TV? Where the (bleep)
did this come from? I mean, everyone's been
wondering who'll be the target of 2016's worst racism. I didn't even know Asians
were in the running. Oh, and by the way,
if you're gonna be racist, at least get
your stereotypes right, you ignorant sack of (bleep).

Karate isn't Chinese,
it's Japanese! And you're doing it
in a taekwondo studio, which is Korean,
you (bleep) jack-off! Jack on! Jack off!
Jack on! Jack off! (cheering, applause) (bleep) this guy! And seriously! Mr. Miyagi? Update your reference material. That's like me
making fun of Americans for Saturday Night Fever
and Mr. T. Yeah, real topical stuff, buddy. If you want to come
at Chinese people, make fun
of China's high pollution, or the fact that they censor
most of the Internet. Which in this case
may actually be a good thing, since no person in China
will ever have to watch your garbage attempt at comedy! Donald Trump beating up on China
at the debate.

pexels photo 262508

(chuckles) (crickets chirping) Trump has been beating up
on China. How does that make you feel? Speak! Speak!
Why don't you speak? Hey, asshole,
they don't speak English. That's why they're silent. It's easy to make fun of someone
when they can't respond. Here, I'll show you.
Hey, douchebag, why do you look like a guy who
carries around a pack of roofies -just in case?
-(laughter, groaning) And why do you look like
you have hookers on speed-dial? Oh, and follow-up question: Is it hard to fit
Bill O'Reilly's entire scrotum in your mouth? -(crickets chirping)
-(laughter, groaning) This might come as a surprise,
but Chinese Americans do actually have genuine thoughts
on this year's election. That's why I went to Chinatown
to speak to people in a language
they understood– human.

♪ ♪ Wait. You understand
American politics enough to lodge a protest vote? Definitely. I'm from Queens. What are your thoughts on the
Jesse Watters video on Fox News? The chicken(bleep) reporter
who came down here and thought he was big (bleep)
because he talked to people who couldn't speak English? Yeah, that douche bag
piece of (bleep). The one who was sent here
by the larger chicken (bleep) who wouldn't come to Chinatown
because he was afraid -to do it himself, you mean
that one? -Yeah, that guy.

The one with no testicles,
the one who came down here who said,
"Let me talk to some old people -Totally.
-"and let me put them on camera "without asking them, "and sort of put them
on national television and made fun of them
in the worst possible way," -that asshole?
-Okay, I think we're talking -about the same guy.
-Right, right. What was the question again? I can't remember. (applause, cheering) Thank you very much, Ronny.
Ronny Chieng, everyone..

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