I’m gonna TURN $0.01 into $10,000 with Affiliate Marketing [Challenge!]

I'm going to start FROM SCRATCH and generate over $10,000 with Affiliate Marketing in 90 days or less! And I will be documenting the whole process! The challenge starts TODAY!

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I'm going to start from a complete Scratch and transform this one cent into Ten thousand dollars running a brand new Affiliate marketing business and to make It fair I won't use my social media my Email list any money that I made before In my business and I won't even show my Face and the most importantly I can be Working just 90 minutes per day on this Project so starting from a complete Scratch imagine that I would go bankrupt And I have to build everything from a Zero and that's exactly what I'm going To do right now so let's set it up and Let's find out how much money we are Going to make on a day number one Thank you So as you probably already know from the Video headline I'm going to run Affiliate marketing business because That's something what I built to over 60 000 per month so I'm pretty confident That I can do it once again even from Scratch affiliate marketing is a Business model where you are Recommending already existing products That someone else created some vendor or Creator and you are just sharing the Profit with him or something what is Called affiliate commission so affiliate Marketer is not creating any product we Are just as a bridge between the company Or the creator of the product and a Customer and we are just recommending

The products and making part of The Profit just for recommending it the Easiest online business model out there And as well the process how I want to Make ten thousand dollars in just 90 Days or less so this is our game plan in The beginning we will need something to Sell and to make a profit so we will Look for good paying online product then We need to create a simple page with Automation so we have this will process A little bit easier and automated and Then to actually make profits I need to Figure out a way how I'm going to get Future customers or people into this Page so they can purchase the product And we can start making the profits out Of it and doing this over and over again Making money so we are going to hit ten Thousand dollars hopefully in 90 days or Less but now enough talking again let's Get to work [Music] So this is Step number one we will need A product so we just need to find Something that we can sell to make a Profit as affiliate marketers and if Possible make ten thousand dollars with This the advantage of affiliate Marketing is that we don't have to Create a product we can just go to Website like his clickbank.com Digistore24.com and we can very simply Just take it and start promoting it so

Now I'm inside ClickBank affiliate Marketplace and you can see this is the Place where I can find all the products From all of the different categories From all different price points and I Just need to decide which product is Going to be the best for this challenge Starting from scratch to make ten Thousand dollars in the 90 days or less So I need to do a quick research to Figure out what product I want to Promote because the product is something Around what I'm going to build the wall Business and I'm thinking about Something in weightless Niche but let's See what I'm going to find out Foreign 15 minutes I was able to find the Product and I can tell you that this is Probably something that could be the Right product especially for us let me Show you why so the name of this product Is metaboflex we can see that for Average conversion we can make 144 Dollars so this is what we can make on Average and the gravity score is showing Us how quality this product actually is And how many people are making money Using this is 298 what is not the Highest that I ever saw because for Example if you check alpilene we can see This one has over 1 500 gravity score But I already checked this with the Software that is called CB snooper and

We can see that this product was Consistently increasing over the last Month so this is a great sign that this Product didn't hit the peak yet and if You are going to pick it right now we Can be using it for a few months till it Eventually will hit the peak and then Start slowly decreasing but I believe That hopefully at that time we will Already make ten thousand dollars from This project so we know what product we Want and now the last step is we just Need to take affiliate link so we can Start promoting it so I'll just click Promote add my ID and click on the Create a hub Link in a voila this is our Affiliate link Foreign This link by itself is not going to work If it would be 2015 then yes this would Work but unfortunately I need to build Some marketing around this product so we Can little bit enhance the performance Of this product so we can be selling it More easily and for this as a second Step we need to create a two-click page That is going to help us collect the Emails and start off our automation but The question is how to do this Completely for free because all the Softwares out there that we can use to Build this page are scarily expensive But thankfully I know about one that is Completely for free and it's going to be

Enough for our automation so this is Called system.io and we can use this to Create our first page and that's exactly What I'm going to do right now [Music] All right so this is what I have created A simple and a clear website that is Going to help me capture the emails and Most importantly start off my automation There is just one easy sentence and the Goal is to get people to click on this Video because if they will do so they Will show up this pop-up and they need To add their first name email because Now they can go through but when they Are going to add their name their email I will get their email and that is when Automation is going to store them emails From me day by day and that's something What I need to set up right now but also I need to find a domain and I found this One that is called a secret fatburn.com What I believe is a hidden game that no One's taken before me so this is a Perfect domain where I can start hosting My websites and as well my automation And now when I have the product I have The page the next logical step is to Build the automation or the email Automation that I need to put together The advantage of affiliate products is That I don't have to be creating all the Emails manually by myself but I can just Go into the affiliate resources on a

ClickBank and I can just take email Start copying them into the Automation And everything is going to start working However this product that I have picked For this specific challenge don't have Easily accessible emails because what I Need to do I need to send the email to Marketing manager to actually get these Emails and then I can actually set up The wall automation so I'm going to send The email but we won't be waiting for an Answer and we'll skip straight into the Next step what is traffic and conversion So see you then Thank you Now when we are all set we need to Figure out the most important thing and That is how to get traffic for customers To our website and to our product The Logical process would be to just run Paid ads into our page and make money Out of that but we can forget that our Budget at the moment is just one cent so The best decision will be to use Platforms that every existing online Business is using to start to grow and To make money and that is social media And especially Instagram and a tick tock And hopefully Tick Tock won't get banned Before we get to ten thousand dollars I Experienced a massive growth with these Two platforms basically growing tens of Thousands followers in a few days and That's what I'm expecting here as well

But even before that I would like to Present you dedicated smartphone for This project and that is smartphone Albert iPhone 8 who got a rough part Yesterday and just can't turn on but This is going to be the power of the World project So it's a day number two because Yesterday I had to wrap it up because as Rue says I can be working only 90 Minutes on this project every single day But the day number two is here we are Going to finish the setup create some Content and let's see if you are going To make some money so first I need to Create social media accounts for both of These platforms so I'm starting with a Tick tock it's super easy I'll just Create my account and I'm good to go but With Instagram it gets a little bit Sketchy because I already exceeded the Maximum number of accounts that I can Create so I had to ask my really good Friend Trent so Trent thank you so much For creating it for me and now we can Continue with both of the accounts Foreign Boat ready Tech talk and Instagram but Both of them are super blank there is no Content on them there is just a name so Let's add some extra twists to it and Make it compatible for our product and Promotion and to actually making money Out of it

And this is how it looks like so what I Did I just added some fancy name to it I Added some nice bio some informations on Description then I added few highlights So it looks something like this but I Would say it's pretty cool but we have No content we have no link link I'm Going to add right now and as well we Have the tick tock that is named fat Burn coach and we have a description we Have no link because we can add their Links sooner than 1000 followers but Still I found a way how to go around it Because I just entered the description And that is all what we need looks Pretty nice right however this is just The beginning because now comes the Hardest part that is actually going to Decide if this project is going to be Successful or not and that is content Creation or free ads How to stand out in thousands and Thousands of short videos so actually People will see our video click to our Profile and click to our link and make a Purchase well that's something that no One knows from the beginning but I Managed to grow all of my social media Accounts to over 50 to 60 000 followers In a short period of time so I will Figure it out Thank you After scrolling few minutes in specific Categories and specific profiles I may

Have an idea what content and what free Ads should be working the best those are Workout videos just like this as you can See right here you can see they are Getting some amazing amount of views and As well to this I would like to put Inside some of these nutritional videos And I think this may be received how to Get to ten thousand dollars in 90 days Or less So the plan is to batch create Two to three videos like this and let's See if this is going to work out so Let's test it out And voila after 15 minutes I have three Videos edited they look basically all The same they're just some girl working Out and I'll just adders on caption and Let's see how this is going to perform So I'm going to upload it so the first Video is ready to upload we have the Cover photo we have a description we Have everything what we need we have a Cool music and now I can just post it And let's see what is going to happen I just need to re-upload it to The Tick Tock and now this is going to be the Hustle for the next I believe 90 days so The first video from many many videos is Out I'm so so excited about this project Where this will go but of course I know After this first video nothing is going To happen because affiliate marketing is Not a gambling machine or push button Strategy how to make fast money it

Requires time and consistently to make It work but when it will start working All the hard work is going to pay off so Now the plan is to start posting one Maybe two videos on Instagram and a tick Tock every single day consistently I Could be maybe posting a little bit more But I still have my own business that I Need to be working at and that is still Number one priority so let's just keep It simple when this project will start Making some money then I will Outsource Most of the tasks and I'll just be Running it as a manager and making the Money out of it but now let's check how These first three videos are going to Perform but even before the ending I Would like to personally invite you for My five day online profits virtual event Where I'm going to coach you live for Five days in the group settings and I'm Going to help you to launch your widely Profitable online business and get your First paycheck in less than 48 hours if You are interested in this then you can Find all the info with the link under This video so hopefully see you there or In the update Foreign foreign

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