Digital Marketing MSc at Northumbria University | A Student’s View

I was working back in India for three
years in digital marketing and I wanted to learn more about how data is used in
digital marketing We learned various facets of digital marketing from content creation to actually looking at the data basically how to make a whole campaign – a
digital campaign from start to the end I think this is the best course that is
provided in the UK. I did a lot of research and I think based on what I
wanted to learn this was the best course Teaching methods vary from lectures, seminars and workshops and in the workshop we learn on hand so we learn
through software or how to conduct certain things I get a lot of support on
the course from my tutors as well as from the university in general the
tutors are willing to help out with any question you have for the assessment
whereas University provides like counselling services, financial help.
The Business Clinic is a unique opportunity for students who are not doing an
internship and they can be a part of the business clinic where you are assigned
in a real-life client and you act as a consultant not just for digital
marketing but the entire business school so whoever opted in for this program
gets to come together and solve a real-life case study.
The DMA competition is a nationwide marketing challenge this year the client
is Instagram and we have to create a marketing campaign for Instagram stories
for B2B.

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This challenge will let me create a good portfolio so I can
essentially go out to employers and tell them I know how to do budgeting, I know
how to do research, I know how to do a campaign Northumbria is very diverse you
get students from all over the world over here I feel at home and it's also
great because I get to mix with other people from around the world and learn
about their culture.

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