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For some reason nobody talks about this AI bot but you can actually use it to Make hundreds of dollars every single Day on a complete autopilot without Actually doing the work herself because This free AI bot will do everything for You and I will walk you through the Entire process step by step and show you Exactly how to make money line with this AI bot without even selling anything so If that sounds good enough then drop a Like down below and let us begin with a Full breakdown just a quick disclaimer Here if someone replies to your comment Like this claiming they're me just know It's a scam I don't have WhatsApp I Don't have Telegram and I would never Attack you for money you can check their Accounts they don't have a verification Badge they don't have the same Subscribers or videos as me and they Will just scam you my only Instagram Account is at I'm Dave Nick people are Just creating fake accounts reposting my Photos and dming you asking for money You can check their posts the engagement Is fake their new accounts and just know That I would never text you like that so Just stay safe and report them all so The AI bot that I'm talking about here Is called the Yara I'm Gonna Leave a Link to it in the description box down Below but Yara is a doula that will Allow you to get written articles for

You with one click of a button you can Get ads written for you articles or blog Posts emails website copy and much much More and as you can see they are trusted By some massive companies now what you Want to do for the step number one is Just want to register for free click on Get started and create a free account on Yara AI step number two is to find some CPA offer to promote on f plus f plus is Your CCP network with thousands of Different CPA offers to promote and CPA Stands for cost per action which means That most of these offers will pay you When someone completes a certain action Which in most of the cases is either Submitting their email address or Creating a free account on some platform And the best offers here are survey Offers so you can search for surveys on F plus and that's going to show you all Of these different offers where when Someone sign ups you're gonna make money Just for them creating an account and if You search for surveys those are offers Where people have a chance to make some Money by completing surveys in that Survey website and you are going to make Money for them signing up to that Platform like this one is going to pay You one dollar when someone creates an Account where this one is gonna pay you Three dollars when someone create it's a Free account so all you gotta do is

Select the offer which you want to Promote click on join the network and Then you want to grab your referral link From that Network for that offer and as You can see this is the one that I will Be promoting it pays three dollars per Account created through my link meaning That if I refer a hundred people let's 300 for a thousand people that's three Thousand dollars in profit from this one Single offer and remember if people Don't actually have to buy and I think They literally just have to sign up for Free so what you can do next is you can Log into your Yara AI account and then You can go to the tools section and you Can select a Blog and there you can Generate an entire blog post for you so You can either select blog ideas or you Can start right away with a Blog intro Or the blog title and now you can type In whatever your blog should be about so In this case I want to make a Blog about How to make money online as a beginner I'm going to click on generate AI Content and now this AI tool will Generate a title for my blog post and Then I can choose from one of these so Let's say for example I want to use this One start earning money online today a Beginner guide and I'm going to copy That title I'm going to go to blog intro And I'm going to use that to generate an Entire intro paragraph for my blog post

I literally the space that the title of My blog and now I will have the full Intro generator over here and I can also Customize it as well so I'm gonna paste Everything in one box and I'm gonna copy That and now we can generate the entire Outline for this blog post so in this Case the the outline is going to be About this blog post it talks about how To make money online I can also enter Some keywords they should Target in this Case how to make money online make money Online earn money online as well and Stuff like that I can enter a tone in This case I'm going to enter the Friendly tone and then I'm going to Click on generate AI content and now They will generate an outline for our Blog post which we can use then so here Is an entire outline and now I can base On this outline and generate all the Different sections so I can generate a Section number one right over here and I Can enter what this first paragraph is Going to be about so let's say for Example this first paragraph is going to Be about making money online with a Survey and I'm going to click on Generate AI content and now they will Generate data for me that will generate A full paragraph that I can use in my Blog post now the next thing you want to Do is you want to go over to night Cafe Studio which is an AI tool that will

Allow you to generate images from a Single prompt from a single word from a Single sentence so you can just create An absolutely free account and then you Can enter the prompt right over here so For example I can enter something Related to making money online so I'm Going to ask for an excited young guy With money flying around him as an Example and then I'm going to scroll a Little bit down and I'm going to create One single design off of this and here It is the design has been generated for Me we have all of these different Creations and I can just choose one Choose the one which I like the most so This is going to be the first one this Is gonna be the second one these are Just excited guys but I need someone With money so I'm gonna use this one Over here as you can see he's kind of Excited and he has money so I'm gonna Download this design over here and by The way this is AI generated content Which means it is 100 original so now You can just go over to vocal dot media Which is a platform where you can share Different articles blog posts and Stories and you can click on create a Story after signing out for free and Then you can go back to Yara and you can Copy your entire article that was Generated for you and you can paste it Over here with the intro paragraph first

And then below the intro paragraph you Can perhaps upload that image from AI Tool called Knight Cafe Studio then Below that you can have your first Paragraph in my case this is going to be The first paragraph and then below that You can create a call to action for People to sign up to that offer what You're promoting from one of those CPA Networks in this case f plus I'm going To say click here to sign up for the Best make money online survey website And then you can highlight that call to Action make it bold and then you can Insert your affiliate link from App plus Once again you just sign up for that Offer you grab your referral link and Then you can paste it over here so that When someone is reading this article They can see or call to action they can Click to sign up for that and you're Gonna make in this case three dollars Per person in sign ups for that Particular website and if they're Reading an article it talks about making Money online they will obviously sign up For that free website it costs them Nothing and they can also make money and If they just sign up you're making three Dollars from that single sign up so now All you're gonna do is press save Changes and publish this to And another platform where you can do The same thing is so you can

Also write articles for medium and you Can share in pretty much the same way You just upload your title Apple the Photo and you publish it and then once You are done publishing your article you Can even drive more traffic to the Article like yeah you can't get traffic From and you can Get traffic organically because they do Rank pretty high but what you can do to Get even more traffic and potential even More signups to make even more money is Share those articles on platforms such As Pinterest you can go to You can create an account click and Create a pin create a dedicated board Upload that design from night Cafe Studio and perhaps enter the title which Is pretty much the same title from the Blog post and then you can copy that and Then you can paste it over here and for The description you can also just use The intro paragraph which should hook Them in to read the entire article and Then you can just leave a link to the Article right over here so if you your Article is listed on vocalot media you Will just copy the link from And you will paste it over here the Article of yours which was published in Walk a lot media just seconds ago and Then you can publish this to Pinterest You can grab attention with this unique Design which you're sharing and people

Will see that they can start earning Money online today a beginner's guide And it will click to actually check out The Beginner's Guide which is going to Take into that blog post where they can Potentially sign up through your Referral link for that CPA offer which You found on app Plus or literally any Other CPA network of your choice we just Used app plus as an example so that's Pretty much how you can get started with Making money online using these free AI Bots once again I'm gonna leave all of Those in the description box down below I really hope you got some value out of This tutorial and if you did make sure To drop a like down below and I will see You in some of the next ones Thank you

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