How To Make Money With Clickbank Affiliate Marketing – I Made $5,357 in 4 Days Using Free Traffic!

How I made $5,357 in 4 Days with Clickbank affiliate marketing without a website for FREE. In today's Clickbank tutorial, I will show you how to make money on Clickbank with FREE TRAFFIC, and how you can get started even if you're a total beginner. Learn how to promote Clickbank products for free.

You can make money on Clickbank or any other affiliate platform, and today I will show you how to start affiliate marketing step by step.


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Hey everyone in today's video I want to Show you how to make money with ClickBank affiliate marketing and what I Did to make over five thousand dollars In just four days as you can see there's Five thousand dollars there and this was Done in a four day period I'm going to Reload my page so you can see that this Is 100 legit and you can see that this Money was definitely made if I come over 2 to the main page of my ClickBank Account and I reload this page you can See that just this week I have made over Five thousand dollars and on this Particular day 13th of November over two Thousand dollars and if I click onto This it's going to bring me over to this Page and I'll reload this page one more Time to show you that this is a 100 Legit and I'm gonna walk you through This entire strategy step by step Because I want to show you exactly how I Did this using 100 free traffic to make Money on ClickBank and there's no reason Why you can't do the exact same the Strategy involves promoting ClickBank Offers you can see here I promoted this Offer I've got over 7 000 clicks and There's other products that I promote And you can do the exact same thing now Before I get into this strategy and I'll Show you how you can make money with ClickBank affiliate marketing if you Want to win in my course I'm going to

Give it away for free all you need to do Is go to down the bottom and comment I Want to make money online because and I'm personally going to choose a winner And I'm going to give you a free copy of My jet video Academy YouTube course I'm Gonna find the most entertaining Response and I'm going to respond back To you and I'll give you a copy of that Course it's just something that I want To do to give back to you so how are you Going to make money online with ClickBank affiliate marketing like I Said guys when you take a look at my WordPress over here you can see that I'm Continuously promoting a range of Different types of products and how do I Do this will I do this by sending out Simple emails to my email subscribers Now you're probably thinking Alan I Don't have anywhere near forty five Thousand email subscribers but that's Okay because I'm going to show you Exactly how you are going to get these Email subscribers how you are going to Get an amazing offer that converts and How you can retarget these people with Emails that you don't even need need to Create and this is not that difficult You are going to need to do a little bit Of work but as you can see the reward is Massive but honestly writing up these Emails guys is super simple I barely Write any of my own emails I use email

Swipes that the product owners give me And this is super simple so Step One is What we need to do is we need to come Over to platforms either like digistore24 Warrior plus Jvzoo and find products that you want to Promote from there what you want to do Is you want to quite simply log in to Your ClickBank account so I'm just going To log into mine from here what you want To do is you want to scroll up to the Top and you want to go to Marketplace Once you go to your Marketplace what you Want to do is find an offer that you are Happy to promote I'm going to show you The types of offers that you should be Promoting as you can see here on the Left hand side you've got all these at Different categories of products that You can promote ones that do really Really well for me guys guys obviously I'm I'm into affiliate marketing so I do A lot with E-Business and e-marketing But equally as important I do a lot with Health and fitness so if you click onto Health and fitness what you want to do From here is you can scroll up to the Top and you can search for products in Gravity this is going to give you Products that have a high gravity what This means is a lot of Affiliates are Having luck promoting these ClickBank Products and when you can find a product With a high gravity and a good

Conversion amount of 146 dollars then You are on to a winner at least you can Test these products out then what you Want to do is scroll down and take a Look at other products that you may want To potentially promote what you also Want to look for are products that you Can promote that you feel like would be Easy to convert and easy to sell as an Example this product over here called Java burn if I click onto this product You're going to see that this product is A product that people can combine into Coffee to lose weight so this is Something that people will potentially Test out and you can see they can get Started with as little as 39 but what's Really good about a product like this is That you can see it's got a reoccurring Rebuilder case so it means people are Continuously purchased purchasing this Which is averaging out to 122 dollars Per customer okay so that's why products Like this are amazing and they convert Really well what you want to do from There guys is you want to scroll down And you want to click onto their Affiliate page once you click onto their Affiliate page you can scroll down Complete all your details and what this Is going to do is it's going to give you All the resources that you need to their Back office and I'm going to show you Throughout this video why this is

Important now if you're enjoying this Video up until this point all I ask that You do guys if you enjoy my content is To smash that like button in Appreciation and don't forget I do have My free affiliate marketing guide that You can get absolutely for free which Contains information exactly what I'm Showing you on this video which is going To help you make money online with Affiliate marketing potentially with ClickBank digital 24 and other affiliate Programs so make sure that you're Following my channel by subscribing down The bottom and make sure that you turn On the Bell notifications so you get Notified every time I post a video just Like this one so once you have found a Product that you are happy to promote Like this one over here this is what we Are going to be promoting today what we Now need to do is we need to create a Landing page and a landing page that's Going to help us collect leads that we Can later on retarget so that we can Continue to make money with affiliate Marketing even if people don't buy this Product if we collect their email we can Potentially make money on the back end By promoting other products to them and In order to do that what you want to do Is come over to this site called convertkit is an email Marketing software it is an amazing tool

That offers so much but what I Absolutely love about convertkit you can Go down the bottom in my description Click onto it so you can sign up Absolutely for free or just Google it It's completely up to you if you come Over here and click onto pricing guys You can see here that with convertkit up To your 1 000 followers up to your first 1000 email signups which are going to be Making you money if you've got 1 000 People that you can re-target on a Regular basis with new products you are Going to get sales you can see that this Is free zero dollars for your first free 1000 subscribers after that depending How many email signups you have you are Going to be paying a lot more but the More email subscribers you have and the More email signups you have the more Money you are going to be making every Time you send out one of these emails so The first thing that you want to do is Come over to convertkit and create an Account for yourself once you create an Account for yourself when you're in your Back office us of your convertkit what You want to do is come up to the top You've got this grow option and you want To click onto landing page and forms Once you do that it's going to bring you Over to this page once you're on this Page you can see here you can click on To create new and then click onto

Landing page once you click onto landing Page this is where you can create your Very own very simple landing page if you Scroll down it's going to show you all These different templates that you can Use to create a very simple landing page I'm going to find a very simple one if We scroll down you can see there's so Many different options I'm going to Select this one over here that we are Going to use for the purposes of this Video so what you want to do is quite Simply click on to choose and this is Going to allow us to customize this so That we can tell people exactly what They're going to get so we're going to Be promoting this product but the way We're going to be promoting this product I guarantee you no one is showing you so Make sure you pay close attention okay So you can see there's a few options the First one is to enter in your email Address and then you've got all these Other options so you can very easily get Rid of all these other options by coming Here on the right hand side and deleting This field so we can delete this field Then with this field you can put that up Here guys and you can scroll up to the Top over here and quite simply customize A field you can put here for example Name so you want people to enter in Their name okay and then you just want To hit enter so you can see here first

Name email address now once people enter In our email address this is going to Come over to your convertkit account and The way that looks which I'll show you Will do a test to make sure that I'll Show you exactly how this works if I Come over here to my current subscribers You can see if I scroll down these are All people that have signed up just Today that I can potentially re-target Okay so you can see that people are Signing up to this every single day with Free traffic and I'm going to show you How to do the exact same so what we now Want to do is we want to come over here Guys and we want to customize this so That people will enter in their first Name and their email address so the First thing that you want to do is you Want to change this title now in order To change his title you can there's a Couple of things that you can do the First one is you can come over to these Landing pages and you can try and get Inspiration from these landing pages so That you can replicate this on your Landing page so the information is Roughly correct okay what you can do is You can copy this okay so let's copy This and then come over to our landing Page and maybe this is something that we Could potentially put in over here okay So what we'll do is we'll delete that And we'll paste this in and there's

Probably more information that we can Put in here okay so and now what we'll Do is we'll come back over to this Landing page and now what we can do is Maybe scroll down and grab something Like maybe this a first sentence copy That Come straight back over to our landing Page paste this in here and then inside Our heading you can put something like All right so what I've quickly done guys Is just put this in how to lose weight Quickly drinking coffee then you've got This in there and then you've got this In there you could probably reverse These two around okay maybe you want to Put that up there but you get the idea Of how this landing page is starting to Look now what we can do guys you can see Here you've got this symbol what we can Do is we can replace this symbol and you Can use images from unsplash okay so one I downloaded earlier was this one so you Can just click onto that well if you Come over and click on to unsplash you Can type in weight loss for example okay So just type in weight loss hit enter And then look for all the different Options that come up okay maybe you can Do something like that maybe you can Type in drinking coffee it's entirely up To you guys you can choose any one of These that you want so I'm just going to Continue with the one that I've got

There okay and what this is going to do Is it's going to replace that image okay So that's the image that that's been Replaced with just looks a little bit Better and fits in with what we're doing Now what we want to do guys is we want To come up to the top and we need to go Over to the settings section what's Going to happen when people enter in Their name and put in their email Address what they are going to expect to See is this product we want to promote This product now I do this a little bit Differently you can send people directly To this product but I like to give them A little bit more value so if you come Up to the top here and you click onto Settings what happens from here you can See redirect to an external page if you Click onto that this is where you can Paste the direct link from ClickBank What I mean by that is if we come over To ClickBank you can click on to promote You can click onto generate hop link and You can grab this link you can come Straight back over to this product and You can paste that link in there that's One way to do it and it's going to take Them straight over to the product but Like I just said to you I like to Provide a little bit more value and I've Seen that it converts a lot better are When I provide more value now in order To provide more value what we're going

To do is we're going to give people more Advice on weight loss we're going to Give them more options on how they can Lose weight in conjunction combining it With this particular product there's a Couple of ways that you can do it the First thing that you need to do is you Need to come over to Google and you type In type in something like best diets to Lose weight okay because I need Information on that so what I do from There is I scroll up to the top I click Onto the settings tab I scroll down I Click onto advanced search from advanced Search I scroll down and then from here I click on two free to use and share Because I need articles that I can share Okay I don't want to take anything so Don't get into trouble with copyright Click onto advanced search and then when I scroll down I'm going to find all These different websites that I can use And share the information from these Websites from there you want to scroll Down and you want to find one once you Click onto one what you want to do as You can see this is one that I found Says weight loss tips and techniques you Can literally scroll down have a look at It I like this particular article I had A look at a little bit earlier and it Has everything and it's not overwhelming It's not too long very very simple it's Got exercise diet control and good sleep

So only a couple of things very very Simple now what we need to do is we need To create a very simple Google doc that We can use and share and we're going to Implement our affiliate link inside that Google doc so quite simply what you want To do is come over to Google typing Google Docs scroll down click on today It's going to bring you over to Google Docs open up a blank Google doc okay so Just open one up like this once this Opens up now we need to create this Document and all you quite simply need To do is come over you guys and copy This entire document once you copy that You want to paste that in there and this Is what this is going to look like so Weight loss tips and techniques is the Heading and then I've just copied this Entire document because I am allowed to Copy it so what we now want to do we've Copied this entire article as you can See what we now want to do as you can See it comes over here to diet control And as we scroll down it comes over to Good sleep routine which is the end of The article now what you want to do is You want to add this section to this Document if you scroll down over here it Says my bonus tip for weight loss and as You can see all I've basically typed up Is something like this if you want to Give your metabolism and body a Kickstart to losing weight quickly while

Following the above tips you can do that While enjoying a nice cup of coffee Click here to get access to Java burn Today now this is why people clicked Onto this so they will be looking for This information now what you want to do Again is you want to come straight back Over to ClickBank you want to copy that Link you want to come back to this Document over here you want to highlight This you want to scroll up to the top Where you've got this link and then you Want to paste that link in there and you Want to click on to apply that's the First link entered there then what I've Done as you can see it's got all this Information on this product this is very Simple to get all I did was come back Over to this product and I just copied All this information guys quite simply Copy come straight back over to here and I pasted that all inside here again at The bottom over here I've got clicky now To try this amazing weight loss strategy That others swear by and are having Amazing results you want to highlight This again You want to click onto this link hit Control V guys and you want to apply now We have our Link in two spots and we Have a really good document over here That people are going to enjoy reading We're not just taking them straight over To some product they're at least getting

Some value out of this because people Will read this okay they'll scroll down They'll take a look at it they'll come Down over here and they are going to see Your offer so now what we need to do is We need to get this article inside that Landing page so what you want to do guys Is you want to scroll up to the top here You want to click on to share you want To scroll down and what you want to do Is you want to click onto this Restricted and you want to put anyone With the link so anyone with the in with The link to this can view this document You want to copy that link you're going To click on to done now you want to come Back over to your landing page over here And inside redirect link to what you Want to do is you want to paste this Inside there now what you want to do is You want to click on to save once you've Clicked on to save from here you want to Save this landing page and once you save This we can start to share this landing Page with free traffic to make money With ClickBank affiliate marketing so Quite simply you want to come up to the Top guys and you want to click on to Publish before you publish if you want To preview this by all means just come Over here click onto preview and this is What this is going to look like so exit The preview now what we can do is we can Publish this once this is published you

Want to copy this link sometimes it can Take a few seconds in order for this to Work but what we're going to test is Just to make sure to see that this is Working paste that link that we got Paste it in here hit enter and as you Can see it hasn't refreshed yet so I'm Going to refresh this so I've just Refreshed this guys as you can see this Is working so what we can do now is come Over here on the first name let's just Put test and under this we can just test This so test123 hit the Subscribe once you do that it's going to Bring us straight over to this document And as people scroll down they'll be Able to read this once they come down Here they'll be able to click onto this Java burn so you get the ID and you see How powerful this is so you can play Around with that make changes where you Need to you can change your landing page If you think you've got a better idea And you're always testing test things Out if it's not working for you but if Somebody comes down here guys and they Click onto this now it's going to take Them straight over to this product and When they purchase you stand a very good Chance to make over a hundred dollars Every single time somebody signs up for This on average per customer so if we Come over to my convertkit account now And if I refresh this I just want to

Show you that this is going to work you Can see that this has come up you can See that it shows test and then test1234 so what's happened here is That I have now collected this lead and I have the ability to retarget this Person with any other product by sending Out broadcasts and I'm going to show you How to do that towards the end of this Video using emails that are already Provided by these different Affiliates But now what we need to do is we need to Drive traffic to these different Products that we are going to be Promoting on ClickBank and there's a Number of different ways that I have Done this in the past and continue to do It today the first one is through quora Quora is an unbelievable platform where You can go to guys to promote different Types of products and because you're Using a landing page which is not a Landing page with just a direct link to A product it's got a little bit more Value I've seen that my links are Getting removed less and less which is a Brilliant way for you to actually try This yourself as well on quora so quite Simply if you come up to quora and type In something like best way to lose Weight you can type that in there and You can look for different questions Over here that you can answer yourself And then paste the link to your landing

Page inside the answer to Cora the other Thing that you can also do with quora Guys once you come over here you can Answer a lot of these questions so once This comes up guys you can see that Questions like what are some easy tricks To lose weight all you need to do is Scroll down and quite simply answer These different questions by clicking on To answer and then putting in answers Very very similar to like what are these Other people are doing and you're going To find a lot of these people do have Links inside the answers the other thing That you can do is come up to the top Click onto spaces and you can create a Space for yourself you can scroll down And see that people are creating spaces In many different niches and weight loss Fitness Nutrition is just to name a few That you can do this in so quora is the First place that you can do this and I Guarantee you people are going to click Onto this they're going to want to get That information they're going to enter In their email the other place that you Can do this thing guys is obviously on Instagram Instagram is a Powerhouse when It comes to these different types of Strategies and all you quite simply need To do is paste that link inside your bio Over here just like I've got my link Tree account and when you come over here And take a look at these different types

Of Instagram accounts like this one over Here it's called weight loss diet tips You can see here that they're putting up These different types of posts they're Also putting up different types of reels Now this particular product this Particular Instagram account over here Does a lot with promotions but if you go Over here and take a look here's another One where you can see somebody with just 282 followers has a bitly link inside Here and as you scroll down you can see That they're putting up very simple Posts and their bitly link as you can See moves over to Fat Loss coffee so if You click onto this this particular Person is promoting the exact same Product so you can see that this is 100 Legit and people are doing this all the Time what I'm telling you to do though Is provide a little bit more information And provide a little bit more value Before you go directly to the product so This is you can obviously do it on Instagram you can income of you guys and Do this on platforms like Pinterest okay Pinterest is massive when it comes to This stuff if you come over here and go To search and type in weight loss as an Example all you need to do is create Pins Now to create pins and to create These different posts on Instagram you Can use platforms like cam valve put a Link in my description for you come over

And you can very easily create these Different types of pins very quickly and Very easily you don't even need to be a Graphics artist or anything like that to Do this and all you quite simply need to Do if you click onto any one of these Pins all you need to do is put your link Inside that pin when you're creating That pin and then once you click onto a Here it's going to redirect you to the Information that you've given them and Then they'll click onto that link and Potentially purchase you're going to Make 125 dollars now if you're somebody that Doesn't mind being on screen where you Can definitely come over and do this on Platforms like Tick Tock guys so quite Simply come over here type in weight Loss Hit enter and then take a look at what Other people are doing when it comes to Weight loss you can do a lot of before And after stuff you can even just do Images if you wanted to I created a Video recently which I'll show you at The end of this video where you can find And as you can see guys people are doing This all the time and they're getting Millions of views 1.6 million 2.5 Million 1.4 million all you need to do With Tick Tock is place the link inside The bio of your account so if you click Onto any one of these accounts I'm just

Going to come over to this person's Account and you can see here that 115 Followers and normally what they'll do Is paste their Link in there so if I Come over to my profile you're going to See I've got my link tree Link in here And this is where you can place your Link as well now in order to send out These different types of broadcasts what You what you want to do when you're over On ClickBank if I just close this you Can see here that if you take a look at Any one of these different types of Products if you scroll down and click Onto their affiliate page what this is Going to do this is another product just An example all the products are very Very similar they all have swipes you Can see here if we click onto this we've Got email swipes once you click onto Email swipes you're going to be able to See all these different email swipes That you can use now let's just say that You've been promoting Java burn and You've been getting a lot of people Signing up and you've been getting a few Sales now what you want to do is you Want to start promoting a different Product because people have already seen That product the ones that I've Purchased have bought the ones that Haven't potentially aren't interested in That or maybe they're thinking about it So you can send out a few emails about

Java burn now what you want to do is you Want to introduce the second product so You come over here guys you get the link For this and as you can see if you click Onto email swipes you've got all these Email swipes so now what you want to do Is you want to come over to your Convertkit you want to come up to the Top you want to click on to send and you Want to click onto broadcast once you do That you want to come over here on the Right hand side and you want to click Onto new broadcast once you click onto That it'll bring you over to this page Now what we need to do is come back to This product and you can see here that It's going to give you a few things it's Going to give you a subject it's also Going to give you an alternative subject So we're just going to use this subject So copy this okay come straight back Over to convertkit okay paste that in There now all we need to do is come over To here and we want to copy the entire Body of this so just scroll down and we Want to copy everything that's in here From there you want to come back over to Convertkit and you want to paste this in Here now you're going to see that there Is something that's been put in here I'm Going to unlink this because what we're Going to do as you can see there's Something here as well so we're going to Unlink everything what we want to do is

Come back over to convertkit you want to Promote this product now you want to Promote that you want to generate this Hop link you want to copy that come Straight back over to convertkit you're Going to highlight this And then what we want to do is we want To click on to link insert link and We're going to paste this in there we're Going to click on to open link in new Tab once people click onto it and click On to insert now as you can see we have Our title and what we have now is an Email obviously down here you just want To put your name if you want to put your Name it's completely up to you okay so I'll just come down here I can put Alan Now all I need to do guys is hit preview Once you hit preview you can see it's Going to show you exactly what this is Going to look like and then from here Guys we can close this off once you've Seen what it looks like then you want to Come over here click on to continue and You want to send out this email so You've got two options you can send it Out straight away or you can schedule This email to go at a certain time that You wanted to go out to this is how the Other tens of thousands of people that You have on your email list are going to See new products and once they see these New products you have the potential to Make even more money with ClickBank

Affiliate marketing this why this is why Creating a list is so important this is Why I create all these videos on how to Get free traffic using Pinterest using Quora using tiktok using Facebook using YouTube using all the social media Avenues that you have then from there You can obviously create websites you Can go into places like so Many avenues that you have collecting These leads and creating an email list Is a super powerful strategy to making Money with affiliate marketing as you Saw when we come over to my ClickBank Account we've just been logged out we Can log back in just to see if I've made Any more sales I'm going to log in very Very quickly and if I click on to log in Over here let's just have a look Maybe Not maybe I have you never know but Let's just test it out just to see if I Click on to know so you can see here you Haven't made any more sales but two Thousand dollars for one day is not too Bad when all you're doing is sending out Emails because all the hard work has Been previously done so this is how you Are going to make money with ClickBank Affiliate marketing now if you want to Know one of the fastest ways that you're Going to be able to collect these leads To make money with ClickBank affiliate Marketing then click onto this video View right now for a full step-by-step

Tutorial I'll see on this video until Next time you guys take care of Yourselves and goodbye

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