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what's up gq i'm joe keary and today i'm going undercover on the internet it is actually me [Music] seriously it is actually me [Music] twitter i've seen some on-set photos of stranger things 4 on tumblr and i have a big question why is joe curie covered in blood what happened or will happen to steve again well it's a theme at this point on the show that they always beat me up you know they're kind of always tossing me around you know you can expect some consistency in that way i guess is uh all i'll say if i were to reveal anything they would really beat me up read it read it we love reddit oh this is excellent i wish i could have been a fly on the wall when they tell jokiry that this is what he'd be wearing all season yeah that's pretty much my face that i was making i think the only moment of real panic i had was when i was there on my first day of shooting i put everything on i went through makeup and then i like looked at myself and i was like man this will never go away and i've got a little worried but now i'm really not so worried and i kind of really like the sailor outfit those shorts fit me better probably than any shorts have ever fit me so yeah is stranger things is joe keary this generation's ashton kutcher i don't know tbd to be seen tvs i am gonna be doing a steve jobs movie just dana's how to make my hair as good as joe kiri's get sarah hines gall to cut it and style it every single uh day on set she's the genius i don't know what she does otherwise i'd do it joe carey did you make any of the music and spree no i did not i was james ferraro um who is a great musician but that was something that was actually most helpful i had a playlist of some of his music and some of the demos that he was making for the film and listening to that music it's very chaotic and it's very [ __ ] and just felt really right to listen to that when getting ready for the for the movie this is at zayn's blonde beard nice does joe curie run the kurt kunkel instagram account no i do not that is in fact well maybe i'll just leave it as a mystery i'll leave it as a mystery youtube why the hell does everyone say steve became a mom in season two because off-screen i gave birth to triplets during the filming of that season so i actually am a mom bromance bromance is that really a thing to say about a mom raising his son now this isn't so gayton actually isn't uh one of my uh yeah the public has never seen my children yeah people went really crazy with this people want to say i'm a mom i guess they can it is quite weird wikipedia after graduating from depaul my alma mater that is true kiri went on over a hundred auditions a lot of no's and one yes and that's why i'm here i'm pretty good at not getting the things i'm very excited about so i try to be as least excited as possible as i can about the things that i really like try to you know reverse engineer the universe in that way in his early 20s kiri released music under the name cool cool cool that is true i just it was a couple songs messing around before i met my uh band buddies in chicago the post animal guys who are the best over to the youtube comments funny why does every time joke here get hurt in the show he has a bruise in his eye i ask myself the same question i have very sensitive eyes i wear glasses but i don't wear contacts because i don't really like getting getting in there every time they have to get in there it's i'm not looking forward to that so we should start a um not a gofundme what is that petition page to just end bruises in my eye we gotta take it up with the duffers gotta end this it's been enough enough is enough can we talk about how joe is the only american celebrity to do a great australian accent oh man to be put on the spot well i shot with daker and daker's uh always going mate night so taker gave me some tips like a lot of bands from australia so i've seen a lot of interviews too it's me for real why is no one talking about joe's cardigan don't think that's a cardigan i just think that's a shirt that thing is dope like i'm a steve harrington fan as much as the next bloke but damn joe curie where'd you get that cardigan i think it's a shirt i think it's just a regular shirt and it was a outfit for press i can't quite remember what it was whoever created it probably will never allow me to wear one of their things again because of uh this because i can't remember the name of it okay back to twitter when are we getting a biopic about the everly brothers starring rejected jokes ben schwartz and joe kiri i mean come on you know we kind of do look like them actually a lot yeah that's crazy maybe this will give this thing some legs and we can actually make this thing happen i've been waiting for this project to come along instagram where's the album not done still figuring that out shout out to bendick uh who did the art for this huge fan of uh todd i think it's teurs or terrier i'm not quite sure i pronounced it but love that album that's how i met uh bendick art is amazing lovely guy yeah working on it hopefully it'll happen soon or ever we'll see what your hogwarts has joe um good question i have read all those books obviously probably would be probably hufflepuff maybe i don't know we'd have to get the sorting hat out here for that hey joe what do you think about being a survivor and dead by daylight by the way you're my favorite character in stranger things and i play as you in dead by daylight i have seen uh photos of this yeah the brothers showed me photos of this on set i think it's really kind of crazy i have not played this game but maybe i should i think natalya is also a character so it probably plays natalia's character kind of weird to be a video game character okay guys thank you for the questions love answering them but i'm signing off of the internet bye bye

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