Hotel Social Media Marketing – Simplified!

Today’s world is ever more connected. Social media. Love it or hate it, having a social media presence for your hotel is a huge opportunity to attract and convert potential guests. Some Fabulous Facts for you: 82% of customers place trust in companies that are on social media, and 56% say they follow brands to browse products for sale. In short, this is a goldmine for new guests. The key thing to focus on with social media is engagement – seizing your audience’s attention with beautiful photos. 76% of social media users post their vacation photos on social media, so a simple thing such as encouraging guests to tag your hotel in your posts can work wonders. With the age of Instagram influencers and internet-fame, taking full advantage of this free advertising can raise your hotel to stardom. Another huge part of social media is images. Inspire travellers with creative content of both your hotel and its location, having high quality images of your rooms, lobby, bar, activities and more can really entice potential guests to book. Make use of Facebook’s paid advertising feature, focus on simple promotions like direct booking discounts, exclusive offers and promotions.

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This comes partnered with having an instant booking facility, aka direct booking engine, on your website. The right online booking engine can even connect to your Facebook page, so travellers can book directly with you. What should be noted is that you need a minimum number of likes on your Facebook page to enable this. For more info, check out our full blog post in the link in the description below. If you enjoyed this video, don’t forget to give it a like, and to subscribe to our channel for more high quality content..

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