LinkedIn Ads For Beginners: How To Run Your First Campaign In 2021

if you're looking to work with other businesses market to influential professionals and get more leads consistently then linkedin advertising is exactly what you need for b2b marketers linkedin is the number one platform for lead generation so in this video you're gonna learn how to set up your first ad campaign and four little tricks to make your ad convert tip number three is a little secret that not a lot of advertisers know so make sure that you're staying tuned for that [Music] i'm michelle bally and if you're new welcome to learn with shopify we make videos that help you start and grow your online business so whether you want to learn facebook ads or you need ideas for new products here is the place to learn we are a channel for small business owners with big plans so make sure that you're subscribed so that you don't miss out on any future videos linkedin has an audience of influencers executives and decision makers that have two times the buying power of the average web platform so if you're looking to leverage that then there are several different ad formats available for you to choose from you can promote a linkedin post to make it sponsored content this could be a video a photo or even a job ad direct sponsored content allows you to test audiences and it allows you to create different versions of your ads to see how your audience will engage sponsored inmail uses message ads and dynamic ads are automatically personalized for each individual based on their profile so those are the types of ads that you can expect to run but now let's see how to actually put them into action how to advertise on linkedin step by step so before anything make sure that you have a linkedin company page and also make sure that you have your payment details already set up this is what your dashboard will look like so on the highest level we have campaign groups campaign groups give advertisers an easier way to control budget run dates and see your reporting across multiple campaigns so let's click create give it a name and so maybe we're promoting a series of professional development training courses set the status if you want it to start right away or if you want it to be a draft then you set the schedule you can make it run continuously without an end date and specify when you actually want it to start or you can specify a specific start and end date you can also set the budget at this point once you save it you'll see it populate in the campaign group dashboard so this is just a grouping now we need to actually add some campaigns into the group itself so i'm going to click on the words to go into the campaign and now i'm going to click create campaign this section here is where we will be spending most of our time now because the cost to advertise on linkedin is relatively high i do not recommend using the awareness objective on facebook it costs around sixty nine dollars to reach a thousand users whereas on linkedin it can cost anywhere from thirty to a hundred dollars to reach a thousand people now because this is a specific audience of professionals you do pay a premium to reach that niche so i recommend setting up your campaigns with the consideration and the conversion objective in the consideration section we have website visits we also have engagement if you would want people to interact with your post and we have video views which is great if you have educational content then under conversion you have lead generation which is basically a built-in lead intake form website conversions works well if you have a physical product that you want to sell and job applications will help promote a job opportunity at your company now it's time to set a specific audience to target so i think a lot of first-timers get caught up on this because they just don't know who their audience is but use data to back up these decisions if you've been operating for a while look at the traits of past clients and your social media following also try targeting any new markets that show promise if you're a new business and you don't yet have a wealth of data use google trends reddit forums and competitive research to make educated decisions it is common for first-time advertisers to have to play around with their audience settings throughout that campaign until they find their winning combination so do not be discouraged in my case i'm advertising to 25 to 30 year old males and females and they're looking to level up their professional skills to advance their careers in marketing this course content applies to canadian professionals so hopping back in here we have the option to target people that live in a location or people that were recently visiting a location i'll target canadian residents but maybe my course isn't available in ontario so i'll click exclude and then i'll hit ontario make sure to exclude appropriately so that you're not wasting money on an audience that just wouldn't be able to convert anyways now we have the option to narrow down or exclude our audience think of narrow as including attributes and exclude as rejecting attributes i'll hit narrow now we see this is broken out into audiences and audience attributes if you choose audience this assumes that you already have some data to build this campaign out so for example if you have an extensive email list you can click this list upload button these methods are very effective but today we're just going to focus on building a new audience out i'll click audience attributes and then education these are marketing professionals that are trying to level up their skills they already hold a position as a marketer so i'll indicate that here in job titles i'll make sure that i'm not choosing too senior of a position because people that are generally looking to improve their hard skills are in junior to mid-level positions wanting to move up in their career so here i will target mid-level roles i'm thinking critically about my audience you're going to want to think about yours as well i'll narrow this further and select the ages here and then i'll go into interests and target keywords that reflect my course content so you will go ahead and do the same as you're doing this though you're going to want to keep an eye on the target audience size the larger the audience the less expensive it will be to run your ad but when an audience is too broad you could be wasting your money on an audience that doesn't really care about what you're offering but on the flip side targeting a narrow audience has the potential of bringing you highly qualified leads but it is more expensive to target a niche audience for sponsored content linkedin recommends a minimum of 300 000 people and for sponsored ads and for text ads they recommend targeting between 60 000 to 400 000 people you can take a minute to write these numbers down but i'll go into detail later about what these types of ads are enable audience expansion gives linkedin the leeway to show your ad to similar linkedin members they will use ai to infer i recommend using this as something as a test where in one ad you would enable audience expansion and in the other ad you would turn it off just to see what results you get by the way if you're interested in learning more about digital marketing register using the link in the description box to gain access to a free 30-minute webinar that's going to help you change the way you think about your store's marketing funnel now we choose the ad format we discussed these in detail earlier but here you'll choose the format that makes the most sense for you so single image ad shows up in the main news feed carousel image ad shows up in the news feed as well but here you can scroll through two or more images video ad same thing newsfeed but this is going to be in video format text ads are just words no images but these will show up in the right column or on top of the page on linkedin spotlight ads are ads that change format depending on who's seeing them these are personalized ads based on your own linkedin profile data message ads are sponsored content that goes straight to your audience's inbox these have a sponsor label on them and conversation ads are similar to the message ads but here you can set up multiple call to action buttons that link to your landing page for example you can set pre-populated responses through a message decision tree you create with this format uncheck the audience network option this is linkedin showing your ads outside of the linkedin platform and they're not very effective because they're interruptive now i'm sure you've seen these before these are the type of ads that you see when you're on an app for example and they're the ones that take up the entire screen and all you want to do is x out because they're interrupting what it is that you're trying to do these ads are not very effective so i would recommend that you turn this option off now we choose the budget and schedule options you can decide to set both a daily and a lifetime budget this means you control how much linkedin spends a day and throughout the entire campaign you'll notice that it says actual amount spent daily may vary so some days you can see up to 50 more money spent and then on other days it'll spend less this is basically just linkedin showing your ads more when it thinks you're getting better results and showing your ads less when it's too competitive you can also choose to set a daily budget indefinitely or you can set a specific start and end date and lastly you can spend a lifetime budget this means that the ad spend will fluctuate every day but you will spend no more than you've budgeted for by the time the campaign is over you can choose to deliver your ads to members that are most likely to click on the link to your landing page i would recommend this route otherwise you can choose to let linkedin deliver it to as many people as possible to get the maximum number of eyeballs on your ad in the manual bidding section you can choose how much you want to spend per landing page click linkedin will recommend an amount and of course they like to see you spend as much money with them as possible but just start small and then grow from there we'll skip conversion tracking for now as it is a little more advanced but you'll want to set this up so make sure you're checking the description box for that article link now we're going to go ahead and actually create the ad so click create a new ad upload the creative so that would be an image or a video here and next you're going to add in your headline you don't have much space and that forces you to convey only the essential information you'll have a preview on the right hand side of how it's going to look you can create many ads within a campaign and i recommend doing this so that you can test out which ads are performing best so that's the final step before actually hitting launch on your campaign now if you're not sure what video or image you should use or even what wording you should use i have a couple of tips to help you out so let's look at some successful examples use a clear call to action this bluejet airways ad says get a jump on upcoming business travel with up to 20 off base airfare to all u.s cities book by may 23 for travel then it has an image with a big 20 off and an eye-catching two-day sale banner there as well now this works because it's a clear message that i'm getting 20 off it also has a clear call to action that i need to click to redeem the deal it has a sense of urgency that gives me a deadline with the date use relevant imagery this wework ad gets the award for best creative you can understand right away that the ad is for office space the image is well lit it's modern and it's branded with their logo people don't really have the attention span these days so one sentence and a clear photo is exactly what you should be aiming for here are some secrets to find success with linkedin ads number one keep content short whether it's information that will help them excel in their careers or business networking opportunities make sure that you're keeping your message to just a few words for videos you have two to three seconds to capture attention share the most interesting or important information in the first 10 seconds before people scroll on secondly include people-centric visuals linkedin has found that featuring people especially recognizable leaders like your company's ceo will boost the performance according to linkedin ads with people in them can increase your click-through rate by as much as 160 this third tip is not very well known so unlike facebook linkedin does not know their users ages on facebook users volunteer sharing their birth dates in order to use the platform but linkedin on the other hand guesses people's ages by their graduation date and other milestones so when you're creating your audience try to lean on other demographics like location and job title as well and finally call out noteworthy stats quotes and testimonials but make it short and punchy to lure people in and then follow through with an irresistible offer linkedin tested an update with a statistic and one without the update with the statistic had 37 higher click-through rate and 162 more impressions don't forget to sign up using the link in the description box to gain access to a free 30-minute webinar so that you can level up your digital marketing skills today so that should get you well on the way to starting with linkedin ads if you have a landing page make sure that you're dropping it in the comments section that way we can ask our community here for feedback and actually start getting more ideas for yourself and your own landing pages as well hopefully you found this video helpful if you did make sure that you're giving it a big thumbs up because that's going to help our channel and our community grow thank you so much for watching i'm your host michelle bally and i will see you in the next one bye [Music] you

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