Top Careers in Marketing – How to Choose a Specialty and Score the Best Salary

Careers in marketing,
where should you start? What are the good jobs in the first place? So I'm going to talk about that in
this video, when I think about it. Okay. We have our marketing agency Single Grain,
so we get a lot of applicants coming in. A lot of people asking me, you
know, uh, can, can we work together? I'm super grateful for that. And also looking at my other
friend's companies too. Who are they hiring for exactly? Okay. So I'm gonna give you a couple of
good job opportunities if you're looking to get started in marketing. Now, what I recommend is if you have
no marketing experience, start out as an intern, even work for free,
because that's exactly what I did. I started out as an intern, I went
on Craigslist, looking for a job, and I became an intern where I became
a slave and I'm still friends with these guys, by the way, I became a
slave and I made a site for them.

I was like a content intern. Okay. So that's one of the
internships you can do. I did SEO work for them. I made my own website. I did it for three months or so, and
while I worked my full time dead-end job. So if you have a dead-end job, look,
still entering for free, be, be grateful that you can even find a
free internship in the first place. That's a great place to start. In terms of getting an actual
job here at a couple of jobs. I recommend if you are able to get a
job in paid media or paid advertising, which means you're running Facebook ads,
Google ads, LinkedIn ads, or YouTube ads. You are going to be able to find a job. Cause a lot of people still need
these types of people to run the optimizations for their ads. This is a really good way to
get started and get your mind to be a little more analytical.

It doesn't matter what
major you are in college. It doesn't matter if you even went to
college or not because we have people on our team that didn't even go to college. That are doing a really
good job for our clients. Check out our videos on this channel,
or check out the Marketing School podcast if you want to learn more
about paid media or paid advertising. The second thing I'm
going to say is content. Okay. So a content creator, it
could be written content. It could be audio content, or
it could be video content too. These are all important things because
everyone's created content now. Everyone's trying to become a media
company and a lot of journalism majors. They're struggling to kind of find
work right now, but in the marketing world, if you go, go for like a
tech company, for example, You should have no trouble finding a
job if you're good at what you do.

The third one is SEO. SEO, especially for large enterprises. You think about Nike, you think about
Amazon, they'll have a lot of traffic coming to their website and they need
to do a better job with their SEO. And there aren't a lot of SEOs these days. Okay. But the SEOs that I know that are
enterprise level, they are exceptional. They say amazing things. They know amazing things. They know the right people
and that's super helpful. The fourth thing is if you can
become a marketing engineer. So not just a software engineer,
but you're a software engineer that's focused around marketing. You're going to do a really good
job because there's a lot of these growth engineers, uh, that are, that
are actually becoming a real role. And I remember when I was leading
marketing at a technology startup, I campaigned for this role. I said, I need an engineer on my team. Otherwise I'm not gonna be
able to get things done. I need an engineer. I needed a designer on my team
that way we're going to fly.

pexels photo 5310562

Okay. So you have to have a growth
engineer on your team. And a growth designer, the careers
that make the most money in marketing. Think about this for a second. If you can rise the
ranks, it doesn't matter. You start with any of these that
I've just given you right now. You can rise to the ranks to
become the chief marketing officer. Chief marketing officer
makes a ton of money, growth engineers make a lot of money. Great designers make a lot of money too. I'll say you are a little more
limited around kind of paid advertising and uh, content creation.

If you're kind of, you know,
doing the work, but if you become, you know, you grow into the
executive level, you grow good. You, you become a good leader,
you become a good manager, you are going and to make exceptional money. What I'll say is this to the really
good marketers that are good at execution, they're going to go off. They going to go do their own
things, because they know they have all the leverage in the world. They know that they can
create things from scratch. And you are going to be able to make
we're talking, you know, a good six figure amount, potentially even seven figures.

Okay. So that's the potential that you have. You might start lower first. You might start with the internship. You might make nothing, you
might make 30 or $40,000 a year, but you're going to grow. You can get stronger and
stronger and stronger. You got to level up and
it's going to be great. So you've got the paid ads. You got the content, you've got the
SEO, you got the growth engineer and he got the growth designer as well. These are all related to marketing. Okay. And you can start anywhere. You can start a marketing school. And if you guys have thoughts,
like let us know in the comments, what do you want to do? Do you wanna do SEO? Do you wanna do content, right? Do you want to do paid media? What is it exactly? Drop it in the comments and maybe we
can share some resources with you.

And with that being said,
that's it for this video. Don't forget to subscribe
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