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Are you a complete beginner in the Online money making world and looking For the perfect way to get started well You're watching the perfect video Because I'm about to show you how to Make five thousand three hundred dollars Every week in 2023 even if you're a Complete beginner and the best part you Don't need to spend a dime on expensive Tools or courses we'll be using free AI Tools that will help you achieve your Financial goals faster than you ever Thought possible I just need you to pay Close attention over these next few Minutes because I'm going to break Everything down step by step and I don't Want you to miss any important money Making details let's Dive Right In First of all it's important to Understand what AI technology is and how It can be used to simplify complex tasks AI stands for artificial intelligence Which is the ability of machines to Perform tasks that would typically Require human intelligence such as Speech recognition language translation And image recognition Today we are going to be using predis Which is an AI powered tool that Leverages these capabilities to help you Create amazing videos and posts for Social media platforms like Tick Tock Instagram and Facebook with its User-friendly interface you can easily

Create professional looking videos that Will capture your audience's attention And keep them engaged one of the great Features of prietus is its ability to Generate videos and posts based on a Specific topic or theme but that's not All predis also allows you to customize Your videos and posts with a range of Templates fonts and colors you can add Text overlays images and even music to Make your videos stand out from the Crowd in just a few seconds you can Create high quality videos and posts That will help you build your social Media following and promote your brand And the best part is you don't need any Prior experience in video editing or Graph design to use this tool Predis makes it easy for anyone to Create amazing content that will get Noticed To get started all you need to do is Visit the website and sign Up for a free account once you've Created an account you can begin using The tool to create your videos and posts Step 1 sign up for pretus so first Things first you'll need to visit the website once you're there You'll see the login screen but what you Want to click on is sign up From there you'll be taken to a page Where you'll need to enter your email Address and create a password for your

Account Make sure you choose a password that is Strong and secure as it will be used to Protect your account information After you've entered your email and Password click the sign up button to Complete the process you'll then be Taken to your dashboard where you can Start exploring all the features that Predis has to offer once you've signed Up for an account you'll be able to Create and save your own projects as Well as access a range of templates and Design Elements to help you create Professional looking videos and posts For social media And if you ever need help or have any Questions predis also offers customer Support to assist you along the way Step 2 start creating your professional Video Once you've signed up for an account and Logged into the previous dashboard You'll see a variety of options for Creating different types of content to Create a video you'll want to select the Video option from the menu on the left Hand side of the screen from there You'll see a button that says create new Video click on that button and you'll be Taken to a screen where you can choose a Template for your video there are a Variety of templates available so you Can choose one that fits your needs and

Style once you've selected a template You'll be taken to the video editor this Is where you can add text images and Other Design Elements to your video To create a video about the top 5 places To visit in Germany for example you'll Want to start by entering that topic Into the text box provided Next you'll need to select the input and Output language for your video in this Case you'll want to select English as Both the input and output language since You'll be writing and creating the video In English once you've entered your Topic and selected the language options You can click the create button to let The AI do its work The previous AI technology will then Analyze your input and create a Professional looking video for you in Just a matter of seconds Another reason why I love using predis Is that it also offers a range of Customization options for your video so You can make it look exactly how you Want it to you can add your own images And videos change the font and color Scheme and more step 3. post the videos On Tick Tock to gain a following Tick Tock is one of the most popular Social media platforms out there with Millions of users around the world it's A great place to share short videos and With the help of previous you can create

High quality content that is sure to Grab people's attention To get started you'll need to have a Tick tock account if you don't have one Already you can download the app and Sign up for free once you're logged in You can start creating and sharing your Videos to post a video you've created With predis you'll first need to Download it to your device you can do This by clicking the download button in The previous video editor once you've Downloaded the video you can open the Tick tock app and start the posting Process to post a video on Tick Tock Simply click on the plus sign at the Bottom of the screen and select the Video you want to share from there you Can add any additional effects captions Or hashtags that you want to include One important thing to keep in mind when Posting videos on Tick Tock is to be Consistent you'll want to post regularly So that your followers know when to Expect new content from you you can also Use hashtags and other tools to help Your videos get discovered by new Viewers Building a following on Tick Tock takes Time and effort but there are a few Things you can do to help speed up the Process First always make sure to engage with Your Audience by responding to comments

And messages Another thing that I would also Recommend doing is collaborating with Other creators and participating in Tick Tock challenges to help get your name Out there Step 4 monetize your videos with Affiliate marketing Affiliate marketing is a popular way for Creators to earn money by promoting Products or services in their content When someone clicks on your affiliate Link and makes a purchase you earn a Commission It's a great way to earn passive income And can be a natural fit for travel Related content to get started with Affiliate marketing you'll need to find Programs that are a good fit for your Audience and content one way to do this Is by searching online for travel Affiliate programs there are many Different programs out there so be sure To do your research and find ones that Offer products or services that your Audience is likely to be interested in Once you've found a few programs to join You can start incorporating affiliate Links into your videos for example if You're creating a video about the top Five places to visit in Germany you Could mention a travel booking website That you're an affiliate for You could also create a separate video

About a specific product or service and Include your affiliate Link in the Description It's important to be transparent with Your audience about your affiliate Partnerships You can do this by including a Disclaimer in your video descriptions or Mentioning it in your videos This helps build trust with your Audience and ensures that they know You're being upfront about any potential Financial incentives All of this helps you make that Consistent cash even as a complete Beginner and that's it thanks for Watching this video on how to make five Thousand three hundred dollars every Week as a complete beginner in 2023 with Free AI tools I hope you found the Information helpful and feel inspired to Start creating amazing videos with Predis if you enjoyed this video please Give it a thumbs up and don't forget to Subscribe to this channel for more great Content like this and if you have any Questions or comments be sure to leave Them down below I'd love to hear from You thanks again for watching and I'll See you in the next video

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