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Last week we talked about SEO 2019 And about the changes in SEO 2019. And you guys loved that video. thank you so much It rained with a lot of likes So if you liked this video then do like it. Like with the previous video Today we will talk about social media marketing 2019. About the changes in 2019. If you want to do social media marketing in 2019. On what factors you need to consider First point is CONTENT IS THE KING. This is the most important thing. If i keep on uploading bad quality content Or if i dont fulfil your expectation Then after some time You will stop watching my content. So Youtube is a part of social media marketing Facebook is too Mails and many other platforms. Instagram and many, they all are a part of social media marketing. If You follow something then why do we do that? Because we like their content. It somewhere adds a value in your life. It makes you emotional or happy etc You learn something new Or you get any professional guide.

Songs etc For relaxation So types like these So if any medium doesnt give a good content Of a movie or a song Would you like to watch it again? So content is most important. In social media marketing. No matter how far time goes. Next point i think Social media is getting so popular that It will conquer the television So many marketer will go towards social media. Because you spend so much on time on YOUTUBE itself. Basically On OTT networks Like amazon prime, netflix Hotstar Majority of time is spent on these things. If we compare it with TV. So in the upcoming time I think in 2019 People will move more towards YOUTUBE. Television viewers will be less So marketers will switch more towards social media So advantage of that as a content producer (me) I am making videos on youtube More marketers will switch towards me Means it will create more revenue for me. Second thing is Marketers will see a new opportunity Where they can target their audience properly. My suggestion is If you can make videos then Start making videos from now Via phone or camera Start making videos If you start making videos from now Then you will excel seo as well But also you will able to excel social media .

It will be very helpful. You may have fear of camera. Just start.unless until you start otherwise there is no benefit. If you start now I am telling you , your life will start changing. So from now if you want to grow on social media So please start making videos. Because video will be the future. If we talk about the content.

Whether we talk about SEO or social media Next point is chat bots. They are going to be very popular. You make your own chatboard.on facebook. There are many videos on that. you can check. If you want, i can make a video on this too But using chatbots. We can do automation. Like me , i have a youtube channel. many people follow me on facebook and they ask me certain questions to me. so sometimes i am not available i get busy in institute batches etc. for 3 months. so i wasn't able to check comments. means i couldnt check the messages. and when i opened all the messages, there were thousands of unread messages. now i cannot reply to everyone right. i can only reply to more than 20 only right. and i left the rest. so if bots come then i can refine them many people comment only thank you sir but many want to make a website but they dont know they need to contact me at a different email. because lapaas is my company. and intellectual indies is my youtube channel. where i teach people.

So people mail me at intellectual indies account. so using chat bots i can divide the audience. i dont need to hire a person for this so chat bots amazing so start watching videos on youtube how to make chat bots etc. and integrate it on facebook page. and if your website has a option integrate their also yesterday i made a video on A.I i told about the technology of A.I there were some comments, they were saying will A.I take away all the jobs? NO it wont. here A.I will create jobs as well. a new industry for A.I will be created. Where there will be work regarding A.I Here A.I will make thing automatic for you but There should be some caretaker also right if A.I is able to do the work of 10 people so the person who is handling that A.I system will atleast take the salary of three people.

🙂 so dont worry. next point is whatsapp ads. you may have read this newas that whatsapp will come with ads. so whatsapp is the biggest network. where people are active on daily basis. there are so many active users on whatsapp their you can target people on daily basis. so i think next is whatsapp marketing. people will run after this in 2019. i think second thing is stories. now stories are on whatspp, facebook adn instagram and on youtube as well. everywhere. and how they got popular. let me tell you. if i share my personal life lot of people want to know that what does he do is he married? where does he hangout? where does he eat, what does he do? so in terms of social media marketing. like on youtube there are many vlogs channel where there are sharing their personal life. we feel like we are talking to our friend. it doesnt add any value in our life but we feel like we are watching our friend. so we like knowing about peoples lifestyle. like my channel, i share my personal life on second channel: sahil khanna 🙂 little bit food vlogs then i share now youtube brought stories option.

Now i can interact more. in stories of youtube we have a option that you can reply to people's comments in the form of stories as well. which is a nice feature. stories stays for 7 days whatsapp stories can come with ads as well. instagram stories facebook stories what you can do stories is 1st option is buy a good phone. because everything is happeningin phone itself. portrait one not in landscape so you can record it via phone buy a phone whose front camera is nice. if back camera is nice then tell someone to shoot the video for you try to put it in bright light. if your camera is not that good. or what else you can do? i am telling you on the basis of creativity if you have a camera then edit it properly you can make a series of stories i am thinking of it too planning this too i cannot guranteee that i will make a series on this. i will try to make a series on stories everyday we will put something lets see how it goes.

If i can manage time for that or not. first we decide then we will work on ti next is instagram you know this too instagram has conquered facebook if not today but tomorrow they will be on the top people like instagram more facebook has more ads. people are leaving facebook i think (I THINK) i say this too that facebook as a markter is good for ads campaign but as a consumer it is getting worse. earlier we used to go to facebook what is going in my friends life. where is he working is he married yet or not but today if i open their profile, i see videos and lot of ads and a little stories of my friends. i read somewhere that facebook will concentrate more on personal communication like stories of your friends more than ads. but i havent seen that change. if they did any improvement regarding this. no instagram is of facebook now instagram is growing. ads are fine in instagram time duration is bounded. and people are able to communicate properly youtube videos are long instagram has shorter videos nealry 10 sec 15 sec videos.

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And it is fine. but instagram is all entertainment. here you can not put long videos. thats why they bROUGHT IGTV. they saw youtube is doing finr. now we will bring IGTV. the audience of instagram basically of stories. now they have a option of long videos facebook has created its monetisation if i share my content. i will see ads there too and can earn revenue. so if i get money i have a benefit its possible that i may make content for facebook as well. according to facebook people will use facebook more to consume that content. now people do some different work at facebook and some different at youtube. what they want? they want to fulfil the need of youtube with facebook . person get trapped in the same ecosystem.(facebook) next point is live videos live videos is going to be huge. there are many options you have a option of mobile live streaming as well. you can go live via phone on youtube. 360 degree live stream as well. if you have a DSLR. then there's a device that you can connect to your computer/laptop or you can buy webcam as well or you can use their own module i like the module of facebook live streaming.

But youtube live streaming isnt that good there are many things that you can not do. there is a option in facebook, i can run presentation along with my face. but youtube is limited. for that you need to use tools like OBSsomething. so start working on that too. from now because be futuristic. and be upto date. so start using live streaming. hesitation will be gone by then here i am making this video. i have done many live stream videos. it takes less cuts in making the video. now i feel like i am talking to you directly. In real life also whenever someone meets me my confidence level is same. because now i am used to it.

So start doing live streams. because people are like he is taking many takes. he just do some research and makes the videos. in live streaming , you and your audience will interact directly. like my channel is a educational channel its good for me. if i live stream on a topic. and i am teaching that topic live. and i am answering question directly. it will be a good thing although i think its good for long topics. my topics are intellectual , they wont be that much fun on live stream. it can be pre recorded. Q&A session can be a good idea too. and tell me in the comment section when should i come live.

I am dying to come live next two things Try to understand it well. Two big things are going to happen next year 2019. i am talking about Indian market. two big things i.e WORLD CUP we are crazy for cricket. like hell crazy Second is ELECTION 2019 Everybody knows what mess is going to happen That modi will win or lose now In 2019 , Big election is coming. so you neeed to focus on these things. And you need to focus your content around thes topics. start planning from today. When election will come and everything about worldcup and start creating content. so that at that time you are already ready with the content. And you can post atleast 3 content in a day. If you want you can run ads as well. It means if you worked hard on this content from now.

You'll be on the top. I guarantee you that. This was all about social media. Personally i think social media is a vast topic in digital marketing. here the more you try to understand your audience more difficult it is. For example if you follow my channel properly. i have tried many types of thumbnail. i tried classy I tried hindi thumbnails and english thumbnails. I have tried thumbnails with my photo. and without photo. I tried thumnails with someone else photo. but ultimately i came with this conclusion that people like negative things first. if i write in this thumbnail here i wrote Social media marketing. I am a simple guy. I will write Social media marketing 2019. in hindi. Because i am simple. but personally i think you should write in a simple manner.

But what our audience really wants. As a social media marketer. What should i do? I should write something like If you didn't do these things in 2019 Your business will be ruined If i write like this My views will increase But i dont want that audience I want learners ( YOU) Who wants to learn new things. and wants to grow. I hope you like this video and do tell me in the section below.

and dont forget to subscribe So goodnigh goodmorning goodafternoon whenver you are watching this video 🙂 And do share it. Lapaas – Digital Marketing Insitute and company.

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