Neues aus dem Social Media 13: Facebook Live, Instagram Direct, Facebook Jobs und WhatsApp

welcome to news from the social media
already see today with new facebook live functions in a better
overview of the instagram direct messages 9 shop offers for
facebook and the best integration of facebook videos in whatsapp fangmann start
with three new facebook live functions from our colleague thomas
Rother reports the first function is kross posting, which means that a post can
be posted and carried out on several pages at the same time .
The second function, persistent stream gravel, means if a bit of a
facebook performance has made it had to careen a new stream every time
and the old jaw is no longer there valid that means i also had to start live streams
again i missed the planned sign e.g.

Or something went
wrong with the new feature i can always use the same key
so i don’t have to constantly generate new ones that makes it much easier if you use a
lot of external software street and that last thing i think a I
've been wanting a live event for a long time as a spectator. That means testing functions in
ongoing performances. If I
can do it later, for example, I think it's cool and will make Facebook even more
measurable and convenient for both producers and spectators.
Then we'll have it Colleagues from futurepath who report about the new functions of
instagram direct messages they say that it will be activated primarily for
company profiles the first function message filter
i can find it in the mailbox unread and with stars
that is not yet a real structure but it helps to tidy up a bit
if i get a lot of messages as a brand,
the second function instagram directly becomes a box, i.e.

pexels photo 4350218

I can
now always display important messages directly in the inbox and what no longer
searches for really helps even if i really
get a lot of messages and the last feature is quick reply so quick direct
answers that are probably also being tested in the announcement first of all about
deliveries, events and opening times, so
speak clearly commercially designed features all in all but important
changes because instagram direct messages are becoming more and more
important, especially if I use even more stories and there is every function that
makes something usable that also makes the structure and the quick
sorting of answers easier welcome the third topic today are
new shop offers for facebook no not facebook very widely advertised
but i can use the company now the function is also available in germany
in the usa and canada we have been creating job offers directly for a while here
at the colleagues from on facebook dear podcast listeners see it's worth taking a
look at the youtube video or at the linked articles
there you can see how the surface looks like everything you can enter I can
you in photo work I can n specify salary expectations i can specify
the doctor is shops so part-time full-time i can specify the
location i can of course specify the title and
a descriptive text and thus have the opportunity to really
post a job offer directly as a new format on facebook i not only have to use
the careers page link but can kill it directly on facebook I'm
curious if that has many effects I'm looking forward to it but it's definitely
so test available it's only very short and
the conclusion is made by the colleagues from engadget who report
that facebook is active whatsapp right now for the ios user
has rolled out new functions, namely that facebook and instagram videos
can be played directly in whatsapp i hate and don't have to switch to the app i get the
link and that picture in picture also works, that means if you don't
leave whatsapp or respectively in others chat go into whatsapp then
the video continues was hay te according to engadget initially only
for us users outside android should follow and that was it with news
from the social media 13h facebook annoying because but facebook
also has facebook instagram whatsapp on which you screw all three that leads
to a lot of innovation male please as always, if you have questions and topics that
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no video thank you for your time and
attention see you next monday for the tenth edition and yes it
will come on monday also on whit monday to be sure

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