Best Feature of Being a Social Media Manager with Phyllis Khare

can you hear that that is the sound of summer Hi I'm Phyllis Khare of and Social Media Manager School and today we're
gonna talk about why I don't have anything to talk about
and it's only my 10th episode yay I'm that shallow – Wow –
no there's lots I'd like to talk about so we'll think about it for a minute as we watch this
thunderstorm get closer and closer I want to talk about what it's like to be
a social media manager straight up the real stuff what it's like — the nicest
thing about being a social media manager is you can set your business at the
level you want it to be — you can have one $400 a month client – easy sneezy – and
your life can be fine — you can have 10 $400 a month clients and have a wonderful time — you can have five $5,000 a month clients and be totally great — I mean you
get to choose this — the better you get at what you do and the clearer you are with
your clients the better your life is going to be if you choose to be a social
media manager — did you see how dark it got
quick alright when the crickets stop making their noise or the tree frogs — is
it cicadas — or whatever they are okay how much do I want to get hit by lightning
so anyway back to being a social media manager — the whole point being that this
is a wonderful industry — you don't even have to be the face of the work you can
work with an agency and have the work subcontracted out to you and you never
have to talk to a client — how cool is that — sorry clients I love you –you get to choose how you build your business more
than almost any other thing — you get to decide how much you go out and network
— you get decide what your pricing is going to be — you get to have to create
the strategies — you get created to create everything – the systems, the processes –
everything — so if you're a creative person or you're bored and looking for
something to do and you need some extra income this is like the perfect thing
for you to do — if that's something that's interesting to you Social Media Manager
School opens up a couple of times a year and so that's it for today from the
hammock before I get hit by lightning

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