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From a prestigious brand media. How is everyone doing? Hope you guys are having an amazing amazing day. So I am an online entrepreneur, a course creator, author. I teach social media marketing. And today I have an awesome topic that I want to cover with you all because I know content creation is yeah this is what we do, right? As marketers. We create content to attract people to us. So today I'm going to give you 11 content creation ideas that you can start implementing today to start building your business online. alright? So, let's get started. So, number one, run a contest or giveaway. People love free things, okay? So, let's say you have a product, right? And you want to get more sales.

I recommend you run a contest. Give away something for free. Okay? Pin it on your business page so people will know, right? You can boost your post. Let people know that you're running a contest. People like free stuff, right? And in the contest, you're going to set up a contest you know and what you're actually going to be doing is you're going to put all the names, right? Uh you know, for people who is going to come to your contest, right guys? Who's willing to participate? You're going to put all the names in a jar and then you're going to pick out one name and you're going to, you know, you're going to give them a prize or something for free. Right, guys? This is going to build trust with your audience because here's the thing. You know, it takes a lot to build trust with your audience. You need to show up every single day. You need to create content to attract people to you, right? For example, let's say you are a health and fitness coach and you're creating content for like online marketers, right? It's not congruent.

It makes no sense. So, for example, let's say you are, let's say maybe you have a keto diet product, right? And you're trying to get more sales. So, what I recommend you is host a contest. Invite tons and tons of people. Right? And what you can also do is create an Ebook. And put your create an Ebook is something you're going to get for free. This is what you're going to give everyone.

Right? But one person's going to win a product. So it's probably going to be like maybe a a keto product right? Something that they can use. One person's going to win that. So what you want to do is create an Ebook, okay? Create an Ebook and then have your affiliate product a link in your in your Ebook. So you're going to give the Ebook for free for everyone who attends your your giveaway or your contest, right? So, you're going to give everyone a copy of that Ebook which your affiliate link in there, okay? To get, you know, to buy the the affiliate product and then, one person is going to win that product, right guys? So, you need to create content towards that, okay? So, let's talk about number two.

So, number two, share relevant content. Now, share sharing relevant content related to your niche. Let's say you have a blog, a blog. Let's say you created a blog post, right? And you're talking about online marketing. What you want to that one that blog post. You want to syndicate it on all the social media platforms. So, you don't need to be creating multiple you know, different types of content each day. Well, yeah, for TikTok, you cannot share a blog post on there or Instagram. I mean, unless you put it on your Instagram story, I mean your Instagram bio, right? But I don't do that. I have, you know, I have my links for me to generate leads or because I'm giving something for free to generate deletes and I'm generating tons and tons of leads, guys. I have nine Email lists right now that I'm building. Yeah, nine of them. Right? And but this is what you want to do. You want to use that one piece of content. You can share it on Facebook. You can share it on your business page. You can share it on LinkedIn.

You can share that same blog post on Pinterest. Right? You can share that same blog post on Pinterest. Uh you can share it on LinkedIn, you know, Facebook, right? So, I recommend you start learning how to create blog posts. It's very important, guys. You need to start attract people to you and content creation is huge. This is how people are going to be attracted to you by the content you're producing. Not by the way you look. Yes. Well, yeah, it's good to look good, you know, and and today is my video day. So, I'm shooting videos, right? But you know, guys, learn how to create content. It's so important, okay? Now, let's talk about repurpose your content. and again, you can, let's say you have a blog post, right? You can create that blog post into a video. Giving them five tips, right? And you can repurpose that content over and over and over and over again on all the platforms, right? So, you don't need to be creating new content every day and I do it all the time.

Sometimes, I don't have time to like create new content but I have a content library with over 600 pieces of content. So, when I don't feel like like creating new content, I just go into my content library, you know, and I share that type of content, right? So, alright, this is a great one. Hosting a five-day challenge. Guys, this is how I hit the leadership ranks when I first started marketing. Yeah. I host a challenge. We had like about 600 people who registered. Only 20 showed up. Only 20 shouldn't because they were terrified of doing videos. Yeah, I did this. This with with Linda Bomber. This was our very first challenge we ever did. When they just just started doing challenges, right? And guess what? The first challenge I did, I hit Lone and MLSB and this was exactly five months after I started marketing online, right? So, that was residual commission.

I think that was like four hundred dollars a month with residual commission and then, I did another challenge, the following month and I hit Ltwo, Right? So, challenges is a great way guys to start getting on the leaderboards because here's the thing. People are going to you? Because they want to make sure you got results. Alright? So a lot of people are thinking, oh yeah, it's not that important to hit the leader, the the the hit the leaderboards. No, it's important to hit the leaderboards, alright? This is how you're going to get exposure. And then the following month, I did another I did another challenge but this was to generate leads and this was how I end up with MLSP leaderboard for lead generation. Right, guys? So, challenges work very well and you can do a free challenge for five days and let's say you have an affiliate program, you teach them something. Maybe you can a video challenge. Teach them how to do video marketing for five days.

And then at the end, on the sixth day, then you upsell your products. So it doesn't matter. This is going to work for for anything. This guys, this is how I've, how I've done it. This is how I've been on the leaderboards multiple times, right? And another thing, host a mentorship program. Now, when I host a mentorship program, I don't do this for free. Because this is a lot more work than hosting a challenge. So, when I host a mentorship program, there's there's a one-time admission fee, right? And this is where you teach people. The last one I did was 21 days. Yeah, 21 days of training and it was a a flat fee that they had to pay and then at the end, oh and by the way, and and that mentorship program I did, I made $20, 000. 20, 000 for that 21-day mentorship program, okay? Because at the end, I upsell them my affiliate programs, okay? So, that's another idea. So, you to learn guys. You gotta learn how to teach. Right? So hosting a mentorship program I highly recommend that.

Now, let's talk about how to create a how to do or a tutorial. This will be perfect for you too. You see guys, video marketing is huge. You gotta get comfortable doing video marketing. Now, you can create a training. Let's say maybe you have a a CPA offer. Right? You can teach them how to do this. You can do a video, teach them how to do this, right? How to create, how to like create a CPA offer, and then how to, how to like, how to like what you call it? You can create a CPA offer, right? You can teach them how to do this, how to do a CPA offer, and when people click, you're automatically going to be making $2 dollarsand something cents for a click, right? And then when after they they answer all these questions, then, they're going to go into your your free Ebook and then they're going to go into your affiliate program.


So, if they buy anything, right? You're getting paid on three levels, guys. Three levels. Okay, there's another idea how to make money and you can easily teach them how to do this or it could be like may be you can maybe you you are a chef, right? Maybe you can teach them how you know, to make to make a dish, right guys? Anything to do, how to do is going to work. Because people want to learn. This is why they're on social media, right? They want to learn and you as a online marketer, you have to be able to teach.

Alright? So, or you can do a tutorial. Maybe you can do a tutorial. Teach them how to use Canva. Canva is very simple to use, right? You can do a tutorial, record it on Zoom, teach them how, you know, how to to use Canva, how to create infographics, how to how to like you know, how to do video, video editing, right? You can do all of this stuff on Canva, guys. It's easy. One, two, three. Easy, easy, right? People want to learn things. So, as you start teaching people how to do things, you can build a know, like, and trust factor with them, right? And they're going to look up to you, right guys? So, you know what? Content is so huge. I mean, there's so many different types of content you can create for social media. You know what I mean? So create a poll. You can create a poll on YouTube. You can create a poll on your Facebook story.

All right? And creating a poll simply ask a number of questions. You can for example right? You know I created a poll on and on YouTube you can do that also. I've been generating tons of leads on YouTube. Because I'm creating polls and I'm putting my link on there. You know or for them a free Ebook. Right guys? So you can create a poll simply asking a question like which platform do you like to use? Which platform are you more comfortable using? LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram. Right guys, ask them a question. Get people to comment. It's very important that you get them to comment on your content because when you get them to comment on your content, you have a chance of your your content going viral and people sharing the heck out of it. You know? alright? So, encourage them. Encourage them to comment, alright? So, I highly recommend. Start learning how to do a poll on LinkedIn on your Facebook or even on YouTube.

Share a milestone. I do that sometimes. Like I share, you know, from when I first started marketing back in two thousand and sixteen. to whenever I reach a milestone, I share it. And guys, it's amazing because you're going to be able to see like how far you've come and like such a short period of time, right? And people want to see like, what, what more of you, you know, right? So, I highly recommend. Start sharing your milestone. Or another thing, right? Even if you hit the leaderboard, right? inflammation. Share it with your audience. They want to know. You know? Alright. Now you want to definitely tap in the trending topics. This can work on Facebook. This this will definitely work on TikTok. Because I've also tested out a trending topics. Right? My video goes viral. If I am like creating tenant trending topics sometimes guys well on my other account that this new account got banned.

I mean the the old with 43, 000 followers. Yeah, it took me about nine months to build that audience. But it's okay. You know, I mean, I was still learning TikTok but now this this TikTok is strictly just marketing. And my content, when I talk about just marketing, low views, but when I use trending and I add my marketing content in there, it's going viral. Right? So I definitely highly recommend guys. Tap into trending topics. And if you're going to do videos for TikTok, okay? You to follow trending topics, you need to keep your videos seven seconds long so you have a better chance of it going viral, alright? And people sharing the heck out of it.

Okay, so you want to ask your ask your followers advice. Ask them for advice. It could be anything guys. It could be anything. When you ask your audience for advice, guess what? People want to help you. They want to help, right? So, they're going to answer, you know, and this is a great way to build relationships with your audience because here's the thing, if you're not comment on others people's posts or content and stuff like that. No one is going to know who you are. No one. You know? So I just wanted to share that with you guys. And here I'm giving you a free copy of my Social Media Marketing guide on how how to market on social media. This is going to work for all the social media platforms.

I also included a daily tasks. So especially if you are a brand new marketer I highly recommend you click on the link and download this and go through my social media marketing guide. And it's it's going to give some tips and ideas on what you need to do every single day to build your business online. And remember, you need to be consistent. Consistency here is key. Okay, guys and you gotta be at it every single day and I'm teaching you what I've done. I've came a long way guys in five and a half years marketing online. You know, when I started marketing online, I don't even know what was a Facebook Live. I never did a live video and I was terrified and you know what I did to get over my fears? I challenge myself for 30 days.

And I didn't even know about content back then. I didn't even know anything because I came from medical background, you know, medical field. You know, I had I had no idea of technology, nothing of social media. And getting into online marketing was my only only resort. I I couldn't get a job. You don't have to spending over $150, 000 in student loans. Well I took out $150, 000 in student loans. And I couldn't find a job. You know I worked a medical case manager for 1 year. But funding was cut to public health and I was left without a job. Right? And I went on countless job interviews guys. For 3 years. No one would hire me. They wanted three to 5 years experience.

Where was I going to get that? I only had one year treating one year experience treating HIV patients. So when I started online marketing I had no knowledge of social media marketing. But I knew in order for me to reach millions and millions of people. I had to get over my fears. And I just did whatever I could. You know even though it was my wasn't great. Because I didn't even know what I was doing but guess what? The the reason why I did a 30 why I challenged myself for 30 days to do video marketing. Was to get over my fears. And I got over my fears.

Right? I got over my fears guys. I had to. No one wanted to hire me. No one wanted to hire me. Right? So you know I know many of you are going through this right now. Switching careers. Switching jobs. You have no idea what you're going to do. And listen. Social media marketing This is our future, this is now. Alright, so you guys gotta take action and if you need help with anything, just send me a message, alright? So, if you're viewing this video on YouTube, make sure you click on the make sure you follow me, subscribe to my channel, click on the bell, and follow me for online marketing tips, alright? So, listen, I love you. God bless you and have an amazing, amazing, amazing day. Bye, everyone.

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