Social Media Marketing Tips | 5 Mistakes That Will Keep You Broke

– Social media provides
a massive opportunity to promote your offers. Think about it. When we were kids, we used to spend hours in front of the television. Times have changed. People now spend hours
a day on social media. It's ripe for the picking. You don't want to miss
out on this opportunity by making these five huge mistakes that people often fall into and will definitely keep you broke. Hey, it's LeahRae from and I'm not only gonna
teach you the five mistakes, but also how you can avoid them so you can start making sales.

Mistake number five, spamming. Posting, or more annoyingly commenting, on someone else's posts just with a link to whatever your offer is. You see this a lot in Facebook groups, but the really obnoxious way to do this is actually to private message people too, just spam it to someone,
private message to them, or post it on their timelines, or even just comment on
someone else's post or videos with your affiliate link. This is never going to get you the results you're looking for, so don't do it. It's desperate and it doesn't work. People only buy from those
they know, like, and trust. And spamming builds none
of that with people. And honestly, it's a really
good way to get blocked or even get your accounts shut down. All social media platforms, all of them, they want to preserve a good
user experience for everyone.

If you're doing things
that are really annoying and takes away from their user experience, they're not gonna like it. They can and will shut you down. Now here are some examples. I just pulled up my Instagram
today and grabbed some. I get a ton of these all the time. These are just private
messages that we receive from people that we've never talked to or interacted with in any way and they just messaged us stuff like this. This, obviously a cut and paste message, has nothing to do with
me personally, my needs, or how he could help me.

Just a pitch for a CBD oil opportunity. That is spam. This one's even worse. There's no information at all,
just a random YouTube link, like yeah, I'm bored enough that I'm just gonna click on
a link that someone gave me, not knowing any way why I should do that. It's not gonna work guys. It's spam, it's annoying, don't do it.

Mistake number four, blatant
pitches with no value. You see this all the time on social media. Someone's page or
account is just filled up with basically commercials. And they provide no
value and no real reason for people to connect with their accounts or to follow their posts. You can easily see that the person or page is only there to sell you something. It's key that you understand why people are even on social
media in the first place. They are on social media to network, to be informed, and be entertained. They aren't there to go shopping. They would have headed over to Amazon if they were looking to make purchases. So you have to provide some type of value and work within the frameworks of why people are even on social media. This post would look great in a catalog, but not on social media. There's no value given to the person. It's just about pitching.

No networking, no
information, no entertainment. Mistake number three, no curiosity. They don't leave any curiosity
about what the offer is. If you give all the information up front, people will not take the
next step to click your link or to opt into your capture page. And when they don't do that, guess what? You lose the ability
to follow up with them. And since people often
need five to seven touches with someone before they
actually make a sale, you probably just lost that sale. On top of that guys, if you
give them all the details, but you haven't built
up enough know, like, and trust factor with them
yet, even if they want to buy, they're not gonna buy it from you. They're gonna head over to Amazon and see if they can find it there. Why? Because they know, like, and trust Amazon.

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So your posts should get them curious, curious enough to want to
take the next step with you, to click on your link, to
opt into your capture page, whatever that is. This post is a great example. Absolutely zero curiosity,
just laying it all out there. It doesn't work guys. Don't do it. Mistake number two, trying
to market to everyone. There's is an old saying in marketing, and even though the delivery methods of advertising are different today, the principles are exactly the same. If you are trying to market to everyone, you are marketing to no one. Your audience needs to feel like you are talking directly to them, that you understand them, that you understand what
they're going through and that you can help them with whatever they've got
going on specifically. They will never feel that way
if you speak in generalities because you're trying to get
your message out to everyone instead of just those who are most likely to take out their credit
cards and purchase.

I've seen this a lot in
the home business world. One example, I've had
some people come at me, trying to push this shopping program, programs where you purchase
through their websites or you keep all your receipts
and at the end of the week, you're supposed to plug in your receipts. You're supposed to make money doing this. So I don't know anything
really about this stuff, but I know that I am not
that target audience. But they frame it as,
well, you definitely are. It's for everybody. Everyone goes shopping. Well, that's not true, because it's definitely not true for me. At this point in my life, there is nothing more
precious to me than time, just time, and if you're
gonna try to make me keep my receipts and
plug them into a website in hopes of making a few
bucks, it ain't gonna work. I have zero interest in that. And trying to market that to
me is a waste of your time because I am not your target audience.

Instead, if they focused
on maybe stay-at-home moms who aren't super busy
with running a business, families with only one
income where money is tight and do what they need
to to save some money and they want to relieve
some of that stress and that pressure that they
feel from pinching pennies. It would be way more successful speaking to that target
audience in particular than trying to market it to me where I have no interest in it. Mistake number one,
telling them what it is instead of telling them what it does. You don't want to talk
about what something is in your marketing.

You want to talk about the
benefits of it in your marketing. So how it will help them? How will it make their lives easier or make it easier to reach a certain goal or help them avoid a specific pain. People make purchasing
decisions based on emotions. They only use logic to
justify those decisions. And you get to the emotional side by talking about the benefit of it, not just talking about the specs and what it is and how it works. With truly understanding
these five mistakes, you can now avoid them and maybe fix what you may have already been doing. And if you were doing some
of these, don't worry. We all have to start somewhere. Don't beat yourself up for it, okay.

It's not about where
you start that matters; it's where you end. Now if you are ready to capture the power of the fastest growing
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