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Hey everyone I want you to take a look At something for me because I want to Show you one of the easiest ways that You can make money with affiliate Marketing in 2023 and I did this with 100 free traffic and I'm going to show You that right now and this strategy Involves using a platform called Digistore24 which is an affiliate Marketing platform all you need to do is Come over here and sign up the best Thing about digistore24 when you click Onto Affiliates when you scroll down is That they have over 8 000 at different Products and the best thing about this Method is that you don't need a Following I'm going to show you where to Get that but most importantly with this Is you can do this in any Niche so Whatever you enjoy whatever you like You'll be able to do this and make money With affiliate marketing because you can See there's 8 000 products 44 different Niches and the commissions on Digi store 24 are amazing you can earn up to 70 Commissions and some of the products are Reoccurring and this strategy is passive This is why this method is super Powerful and how I've been able to get Those results with affiliate marketing And I'm going to show you everything on This video so all you need to do is make Sure that you watch this entire video Step by step do not miss anything this

Is really really easy but you need all The steps so that you can put all this Together and all I ask that you do is to Make sure that you subscribe to the Channel turn that Bell notification on So you get notified every time I post a Brand new video now just before I show You this affiliate marketing strategy if You haven't got my affiliate marketing Guide all you need to do is go down the Bottom in the description of this video And just get it it's absolutely for free It's a guide that I've created to show You other ways that I make money with Affiliate marketing it's my way of Giving back it's yours to keep Absolutely for free and you might get Some more amazing ideas on how you can Get started with affiliate marketing in 2023 so what you want to do when you're Over here on digistore24 is sign up once You have signed up to digistore24 it's Going to bring you over to a page that Looks like this all you need to do is Make sure that you've clicked on to Marketplace once you're on their Marketplace on the left hand side over Here you're going to be able to find all These different categories and niches of Products that you can promote Automatically what it's going to do is Show you some really good and high Converting products on the right hand Side but if you want to choose a

Particular Niche just scroll down and Click onto for example fitness and Health once you've clicked on that what This is going to do is show you a range Of different products and a few things I Just want to teach you very quickly so You understand how this works number one Is this is your commission range this is How much potential commission they will Pay you per sale so this ultimate keto Meal plan will pay you as much as 85 Commissions on your sales and this over Here is your affiliate link this is Going to give you a bit of information On the product and as you scroll down Two things that you're going to see over Here number one is you can click over Here to see their sales page and a lot Of these people also have affiliate Support Pages which is their resources That you can potentially use to promote These affiliate products that will have Email swipes they'll have images a whole Range of things sometimes videos and you Can use all these resources when you go To promote these products so as you Scroll down what you're looking for is a Product that you would like to promote a Product that I've promoted a lot of Times is this one over here called keto Desserts it works really really well Because keto is doing really well and This is tailored to over 50s okay and When you scroll down one of the really

Good things about this product you can See that the cancellation rate is only 1.8 percent I mean that is incredible For any affiliate marketing product and As you can see the average price on Conversion is 16.47 now that may not Sound like a lot but when a product Converts as well as this one does you Stand to make some really good money Especially with the traffic that I'm Going to show you on this video and That's coming up soon so don't miss it So let's say that we wanted to promote The this product I'm going to show you a Couple of tricks on this video never Really talked about it before one in Particular and I'll let you know what That is in this video and these tricks Help you convert this so that you can Increase these already amazing and jaw Dropping earnings per click so what you Want to do is you want to come over here And as you can see you want to click Onto their sales page once you do that It's going to bring you straight over to Here and this is the page that people Are going to potentially see once they Click onto this offer but I want to make This a little bit better because what Happens is when people click onto this Primarily they're going to quickly skim Read through this they're going to get Down to the bottom once I get down to Here they're going to click on to claim

Now basically once I click on today it's Going to take them straight over to the Page of it this is the checkout page but What I want to do is I want to give them This as a PDF I want to tell them that I'm going to give them a little bit more Value okay even though it's the same Landing page people like to get Something for free so how do we do that How do we give them this little sales Page as a PDF so what you want to do is You want to come up to the top you want To click onto this URL okay so double Click onto that you want to copy this From here what we need to do is we want To come over to this website called W2p so it's word to from here you want to Scroll down here you want to paste that URL in here once you do that you just Want to click onto this little circle Once you've done that what this is going To do now is it's going to convert that Landing page into a PDF that you can Give them that they're going to be able To download and read and have a look at Now from there once you have that I'm Going to show you how to insert links Into that then give that book Away Absolutely for free and when they click Onto the links inside there it's going To take them straight over to the Checkout page so I'll show you how to Put all that together so now that this

Has downloaded what we want to do is Click on to download the converted file So click onto that and as you can see Down here now this has downloaded so What we want to do is we want to click Onto this and as you can see this is the PDF and this is what we're going to give Them okay so this is an amazing PDF Little booklet it's the exact same Landing page now what we need to do is We need to put some links inside this PDF because at the moment people can't Click onto anything when you scroll down To the bottom where it says claim this Or click onto here to get this as you Can see claim now there's nowhere for You to click onto so we need to Customize this a little bit and the best Way to customize that I'm going to show You how to use this site over here Called now a lot of people Believe that we'd say they're you need To pay for and I'm going to show you how To do this for free so these are just Some of the tricks that I'm showing on This video and if you appreciate it make Sure that you smash that like button in Appreciation and do me a favor go down The bottom into in the comments of this Video and let me know what is your daily Income goal for 2020 3 with affiliate Marketing what are you hoping to hit let Me know in the comments I'm interested To know how much you need to make every

Single day so how do we use this for Free well the first thing that you want To do is come up to the top you've got Pricing over here so click onto pricing And you're going to see that it costs Eight dollars for seven days 12.50 per Month 99 per year but what people don't Understand is that when you scroll down You can see forever free to use and you Can see here that you can click on to Get started you need to make sure that You do this otherwise it's going to Charge you I don't know why they've done It like this but as you can see no sign Up required limited usage and features Which is fair enough but you can use This for free so click on to get started Once you click on to get started you're Going to see that it says upload file And the file that we want to upload is This one over here that we just Downloaded so quite simply come back Over to you and click on to upload file Then what you need to do is just type in Keto find the right one that you need And click on to open now you can see That this has now downloaded that PDF Onto this software and this software is Going to allow us To insert our link inside this this is a PDF editor okay and as you scroll down What you're looking for now is you're Looking for all the places where it Tells you that you can claim now what

Happens a lot of the time with this is That it's not going to download some of The images let me show you what I mean Now if we come back over to the landing Page itself if you scroll down you're Going to see that there's all these Images and the PDF doesn't have some of These images you don't need to insert All of them but some of the images you Are going to need for example when you Scroll down the bottom you can see here You've got this Acclaim and now option Over here so this so what we need to do Is we basically need to grab this image Okay so I'm going to snip this image out Or you can also right Mouse click onto That image then what we need to do is we Need to come straight back over to you Guys and what we're going to do is we're Going to scroll down and we're going to Find that exact same section because we Want to add our link there as well so if We scroll down here now just stay with Me I just want to show you how simple This is okay so when we get to this page You can see he says claim now so what we Need to do up top you can see you've got These images click onto that drop down Box and then click onto New Image now All I need to do is just type in Screenshot because that's been saved as A screenshot so if I click onto that Click on to open okay and then I just Need to put that in there and that's how

Simple that is so now we've got that Image in there and you can pretty much Pre-fill all these images that haven't Converted over but that's fine so we've Got this in here so now what we need to Do is we need to add our URL our link to Our product inside everywhere where it's Got for example claim now or buy now or Whatever it might be but what we don't Want to do is we don't want to send them Over to this exact same PDF because Remember this is the sales page this is The landing page so when they click on To claim now what we want to do is we Want to send them over to the checkout Page let me show you exactly what I mean By that so if we come back over to Digital24 and that is our think when Somebody clicks onto this link so if we Click onto this it's going to take us Straight over to the landing page as an Example which we're giving them as you Scroll down to the bottom okay and you Click on to claim now this is when Someone's buying so this is the PDF now That they have when they scroll down and Click on to claim now you want them to Go over to this checkout page you don't Want them to redirect again to the exact Same page so what we now need to do is We need to come up to the top and this Is a unique link this isn't a unique Checkout to your url to your affiliate Link so what you want to do is you want

To double click onto this and you want To copy this okay this is the link that You want to copy so when someone Purchases using this link you are going To get paid with affiliate marketing Otherwise what you're doing is you're Sending them from the PDF which is the Exact same sales page back to the sales Page and you don't want to do that Because you're going to lose conversions So now what we do is we copy this we Come straight back over to this site now What you want to do is you want to go to Links now what you need to highlight This image so we're going to highlight This image and we want to delete this Section over here I want to hit command V and you want to hit enter now now Anybody that clicks onto this claim now It's going to take them over to that Checkout page the other thing that you Want to do is anywhere where you see Claim now for example over here you want To go to Links so make sure you click Onto links and you want to make sure That you highlight this entire section Over here and again remove that command V hit enter and you want to repeat this For everywhere that you can see where People can click onto a link or where it Prompts them to purchase this the other Thing that a lot of people will do as Well is they'll come over here and Sometimes they'll just highlight entire

Sections as well people click onto it Okay as they're scrolling through it's Going to take them straight over to that Checkout so feel free to to do that as Well once you have done that and you've Inserted all your links and you've Inserted all the images that you want Now what you want to do is you want to Scroll down and you want to click on to Apply changes once you've clicked onto Apply changes you can see it's saying Your task is ready now what we need to Do this is our PDF okay as you can see It's all done it's all nice and finished And we've got all our links inside here What we now need to do is we need to Scroll up to the top and click on to Download Once you click onto download You can see here that this is now Downloading this PDF booklet over here And this is the exact same booklet that We're going to use or this PDF to be Able to promote this product so that we Can make this money with affiliate Marketing so where are we going to go to Get this free traffic so that we can Turn these simple PDF books or this book Into sales one of the best places to do This and there's many ways that you can Do this is to do this on Pinterest and I'm going to show you how simple this is Because you can get reoccurring clicks And purchases with Pinterest and the Best thing is you create the pin one you

Can continue to get sales because it's Just going to be out there on Pinterest And I'll show you how to create this Very quickly so the first thing that we Need to do when it comes to Pinterest is You need to create an account for Yourself as you can see I've got a Business account so sign up for Pinterest the other thing that you can Also do if you take a look at my profile You want to create yourself a nice Banner like this create yourself an Image create a very simple buyer as well Maybe you can use a link tree over here Inside your bio for any other products That you want to promote but the best Thing about Pinterest is you can Actually have a link per pin and that's Exactly what I want to show you how to Do so create your bio once you've done All that now you want to start creating These very simple pins and one of the Best places to do this on Is a site called the good Thing about canva is if you don't have It I've got a link in my description for You is that you can do all this Absolutely for free it's not going to Cost you anything that's what I Absolutely love about canva and what you Want to do is you want to come up to Here and you want to type in something Like Pinterest pin once you do that you Click onto Pinterest pin it's going to

Bring you over to a page that looks like This and you can see here that there's All these different customizable pins That you can use a lot of them are free There are some paid ones but there's so Many free ones that you can use then From there if you want you can quite Simply come over here and click on to Create a Pinterest pin once you do that It's going to bring you over to a blank Canvas if you want then on the left hand Side you can actually type in something Like keto as an example so type in keto If you wanted to and you're going to Find all these different types of Keto Examples you can do weight loss you can Type in ketosis it's going to give you All different types of templates that You can use so as an example you can see This one over here is freeze so let's Use a free one if I was to click onto This as an example what I can very Easily do is just delete all this okay So I'm going to delete that delete this Delete this delete that there now what I Want to do is I want to put an image From the landing page that we got or That we have from this particular Product so quite simply come straight Back over to this product over here Let's just come over to their landing Page and once you're on here you can Scroll down you can use the book if you Wanted to so when you're doing this you

Want to think to yourself how many Different types of pins can I create Well you can tell people if you want to Get this a keto desserts cookbook that Can be your title so you can use this Image you can use this amazing image you Can see it's got a number of different Types of examples of food they can get Scroll down and you're going to find a Whole heap here's a really good one as a Cake so what you can do is quite simply Click onto this copy this image then Come straight back over to canva And paste this inside here and as you Can see you can just stretch this out Okay so you can just stretch that out Like this All right and here you are you're Creating your very first pin and you can See here this is exactly what I did over Here just a little bit earlier to save Us some time and you can see here I've Got enjoy delicious sugar-free low-carb Desserts and still be on keto I've got This from the actual landing page so if We come back to the landing page and we Scroll up to the top you can see this is Exactly where I got this from okay so I Copied this Came back over to my pen so I can move This down a little bit just close that In like this I've got more space to put Some writing in here then you come over To elements so you come over to text

Sorry you come over to text then you can Click on to for example add a heading or You can use any one of these other types Of fonts so let's just click onto this One I like this one now all you need to Do is just remove this bottom little Text okay double click onto this And paste that in there now all you need To do is just stretch this out as an Example and just close this in what's Really good about canva guys is you can Come over here and you can put this in The middle like this Stretch that out okay and another thing That you can also do is we can click Onto this which is going to allow us to Separate this spacing click onto effects Click onto this we can change the color Of this we can go to Yellow as an Example if you wanted to do it like that Or you can change the background for Example if you come down here and put The background to Yellow then double Click onto the writing and make the Writing black okay and you can see how Simple this is to do and you can just Make this a little bit smaller put it Over here and then you can just do that And this is exactly what I did to create This very simple pin once you create These different pins what you now need To do is you need to download this pin So come up here and just click on to Download save it as a PNG pin hit

Download now this pin is downloading Onto my computer you're going to see This is going to download in a second Once this downloads now what we need to Do when we're on Pinterest is we need to Start uploading these different types of Pins just like all these people are Doing over here you can see these are All these different types of Keto pins That people are putting up so what you Want to do is you want to come up to the Top you want to click on to create and You want to go to create pin once you do That it's going to bring you over to a Page that looks like this this is where We're going to create this pin and I Want you to make sure you keep watching And if you've got to this point let me Know in the comments that you got to This point because we're so far into This video and there is a little bit so If you need to go back and re-watch Anything please do but there's one more Thing that I need to show you you don't Want to miss it and that's how you're Going to add that destination Link in Here as well okay so you need to make Sure that you don't miss that bit as Well so now what we need to do is we Need to grab that image we need to drop That in there so there you can see enjoy Delicious sugar-free low-carb desserts And still be on keto get your very own Recipe book today so we've got that in

There now for the title guys you can Quite simply again come back over To the landing page and create something Or you can just type in something that You've already got here so get your very Own Keto Recipe book today something along those Lines you can tell everyone about what Your PIN is about again for this you can Very easily go straight back over to the Landing page and get some information in There and just paste it straight in here Again this is about ketosis it's about Losing weight so just do a very quick 2-3 sentence spill on that And now what we need to do is we need to Add our destination link now once you Downloaded that PDF booklet from SATA From this site as you can see once we Downloaded that it looks like this now And this is the URL for this but what we Now need to do is we need to create a Link for this we need to make this a Shareable PDF document that people can Use so what you need to do is you need To come over to Google and type in Google Drive and then open up your Google Drive create a Google Drive just Using your Gmail what that's going to do Is it's going to bring you over to a Page that looks like this and what you Need to do is you need to come up to Here you need to click onto new and then

You want to click onto file upload once You do that you type in a keto okay so Just look for that particular file okay So this is my file over here that I've Got so which is this one over here so I Just want to make sure that this is the One yep so that's the one and then click On to open what this is going to do as You can see this is now downloading this Keto file and this has now been uploaded So now what I want to do is I want to Open this file and then scroll up to the Top and click on to share once you click On to share you want to scroll down you Can see that General access is Restricted so only people with access Can open the link which is pretty much What you want or you can change it to Anyone with the link so leave it on that And then you want to click on to done Once you're done but you want to make Sure you copy that link so link copied Then click on to done now what you want To do is come over to Pinterest and you Want to paste that link inside here so What's going to happen now is people are Going to be able to see that this is That link okay the other thing that you Can also do is you can shorten this link Using link tree if you wanted to have Any other products in there as well that Works really well and now what you want To do is you want to save this Particular pin now what I'm going to do

Is I'm going to show you how to create a Board so you come up to the top here you Want to scroll down you want to click on To create board and I'm going to call This Third Keto one I'm just going to keep a secret For a second because I haven't I'm not Going to post this on this particular Board so I'm just going to keep this Secret for a second I just want to show You what this looks like and then I'm Going to click on to create once I click On to create This is now finalize this and now what We want to do is click on to publish now You can see that it's allowed that to be There and I want to show you exactly how This pin is going to look and that you Can actually click onto this and take You through the entire funnel so now This is saving you can see how powerful This is because you can create as many Of these pins as you want with these Different types of images and you are Going to get people to click onto this Pinterest is amazing at promoting your Pins I get a lot of clicks on so many Different things and the good thing About Pinterest is you can have one Pinterest profile but have many Different boards in affiliate marketing In keto and weight loss relationships Etc so now what you want to do is you

Want to scroll down and this is that Board so I'm going to click onto it this Is that pin so this is the pin that we Have created I'm going to click onto This and as you can see so this is that Pin people are going to see these now if They click onto this it's going to take Them straight over to this particular PDF document okay so as you can see once People scroll down they're going to be Able to read this this is their PDF Document and as they scroll down what You're going to be able to see once they Get to this section as you can see it Says Acclaim now and then what they'll Be able to do is Click onto this as you Can see this is now going to redirect Them directly to the checkout page and When they purchase you are going to make Money with affiliate marketing all That's left for you to do now is to go Back and to repeat the process now like I said guys that's one way that you can Make money online with affiliate Marketing but don't forget if you Haven't done so already go down the Bottom and grab my free affiliate Marketing Ultimate Guide that's going to Show you other ways that I make money Online with affiliate marketing feel Free to grab that right now and if you Enjoyed this video make sure that you've Hit that like button and subscribe to The channel for some more awesome

Content I've got coming your way but Don't go anywhere if you want to know Another way that I make money with Affiliate marketing make sure you click Onto this video for you right now for a Full detailed step-by-step tutorial that You can use with this strategy I'll see You on that video until next time you Guys take care of yourselves and and Goodbye

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