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This is a very unique way to make money Online and there's only one single Website that allows you to do something Like this so you better hurry up and Actually jump on this to make money Online as soon as possible before too Many people find out about this method Because once again it is 100 unique and We've never talked about it before just A quick disclaimer here if someone Replies to your comment like this Claiming they're me just know it's a Scam I don't have WhatsApp I don't have Telegram and I would never tax you for Money you can track their accounts they Don't have a verification badge they Don't have the same subscribers or Videos as me and they will just scam you My only Instagram account is at I'm Dave Nick people are just creating fake Accounts reposting my photos and dming You asking for money you can check their Posts the engagement is fake their new Accounts and just know that I would Never text you like that so just stay Safe and report them all so what you can Do is you can actually Leverage The YouTube Partner program and YouTube ad Revenue but you don't have to post any YouTube videos this has nothing to do With YouTube Automation and you don't Have to record any videos but you can Leverage The partner program and I'm Going to show you exactly what that

Means you see these channels that are Run make thousands of dollars as you can See some of them make like a hundred and Ninety three thousand dollars in one Year and the lifetime of this channel Was about half a million dollars just For my Revenue alone or for example this Channel over here a hundred thousand Dollars uh audition over here four Thousand dollars or this one over here One point eight thousand dollars so These channels are making thousands of Dollars from other Revenue just because They have been approved into the partner Of progress now once again you don't Have to start a YouTube channel or Anything like that but I wanted to show You that YouTubers and YouTube channels Can make a lot of money if they get Approved into the partner program YouTube's partner program but a YouTube Partner programs are pretty stiff and Not a lot of people are able to get Approved pretty rapidly it usually takes About 12 a month to just meet the Monetization requirements which are These requirements over here and then it Takes them an additional probably 30 Days to get approved into the partner Program and sometimes they even get Rejected so that's why what I can do is They can go over to this this website Over here dfydave.com monetization which Is my service where I basically provide

People with already monetized YouTube Channels or we monetize their existing Channels in less than 24 hours and That's a very very valuable service Because they would usually have to spend 12 months trying to make the Monetization requirements and they would Have to waste so much time and money and They would not even make any money from Ad Revenue if they're not approved into The partner program so we fix all of That in literally less than 24 hours Sometimes almost immediately and they Can start making money from their YouTube channel from ad Revenue right Away so it's a very very valuable Service and no one else actually Provides something like this so what you Can do is you can become an affiliate For this so what you can do is you can Go to onlinebusinessacademy.com Affiliate you can just go to that link Or just go to online business Academy.com scroll all the way down to The bottom of the website and then click On affiliate program that's going to Take you over to this page where you can Just click on join now and then you can Just apply to become an affiliate over Here if the spots are still available And then you're going to receive an Email after you get accepted that's Going to look something like this it's Going to come from online business

Academy and you can check this time and Folder in the promotions folder as well But once you click on get started right Over here that's going to take you over To teachable where you can create an Account and you can go to links and Resources once you create an account in The in the admin dashboard and you can Find this affiliate link which is dfy Dave monetized channels and you can copy That specific affiliate link for this Website where people can buy a monetized YouTube channel and you're going to earn A commission from that once again this Service doesn't exist but it is so much In demand obviously a lot of people want To get their YouTube channels monetized Because as you saw they can make a lot Of money from ad Revenue if they're Approved into the partner program now Because as you can see these links are Kind of long and confusing what you can Also do is you can just shorten up your Link with bitly or any other link Shortening service just click and create New and you can just shorten your link Like that you basically just add the Link over here and then you can Customize the Backhouse so for example I Can type in monetize Channel and let's See if that's available and it seems Like yeah that is available and I can Now have this a little bit better link To share but it's still the same

Affiliate link now there's a lot of Different ways that you can drive Traffic and get sales one of the best Ones is to obviously make YouTube videos About how to get monetized and then talk About that service and then link it in The description that's exactly what I Personally did and as you can see I have The link over here for that monetization Service because if you go to YouTube and You search for how to get monetized on YouTube all of these videos don't really Share any actionable steps they pretty Much just tell you post as many videos So be patient and stuff like that and That whatever works but it takes a lot Of time takes like 12 months what if you Go out there and you tell people that They can actually get their channel Monetized in less than 24 hours not only Will your video get a lot more views and Obviously a lot more attention but it Will also make a lot more money from Those affiliate sales if you put the Affiliate Link at the top of the Description box of that video now if you Don't want to record any videos there Are also other options what you can do Is you can just go to YouTube and you Can find smaller creators in literally Any Niche and literally any topic you Can find channels that have like less Than a thousand subscribers and if you Notice that they are posting videos and

They have less than a thousand Subscribers in most of the cases you can Find that they are an email address in The about section and then you can just Email them and explain to them how that Service works and how they can monetize Their YouTube channel and start earning Out Revenue right away because if they Are posting content and they have less Than a thousand subscribers that means They're putting effort potentially even Investing money in their content but They're not making any money because They're not approved in the partner Program they don't have the partner Program requirements and one of them is 1 000 subscribers so you can definitely Find a lot of creators a lot of channels And you can help them out that way you Can help them make a lot more money and You are going to make money in return so For them that's a bulletproof investment It's a one-time investment for them and After that they will start making money From every single video that they Publish so it obviously pays off for Them as well and lastly you can just go Over to Facebook and you can search for YouTubers group where people try to help Each other grow because these are like Small creators and no big creators are Going to go to these Facebook groups Which is great because you need those Smoke faders that are just starting out

That don't want to wait for 12 months to Get the monetization requirements that Don't want to waste so much time and Money and that actually want to start Making money right away these groups Have hundreds of thousands of members And you can join those groups and you Can start telling them about the service And then leave your affiliate link over There what you can also do is you can Open up the affiliate promos I'm going To leave a link to all of these designs In the description box as well but you Can get them all for free you can open Up this Facebook groups folder and there You can find this screenshot where I've Added a screenshot of one of my channels Getting approved into the partner Program and you can share that and you Can perhaps say hey my channel got Approved into the partner program thanks To this service or something like that Just come up with something creative so That you can get people to click and if You share this there's going to be a lot Of people are going to notice this Because this is what they're striving For as well to receive this email from YouTube that they have been approved Into the partner program and if you can Provide them with a service it helps Them do that in a little less than a Single day it's extremely extremely Valuable for them once again they're not

Going to waste time and money and they Can start making money right away from The channel that they are putting so Much effort into so you're definitely Helping them out make a lot more money From their YouTube channels and Therefore they're going to be willing to Put a one-time investment into getting Their Channel approved way faster than Usual so yeah as I said this is a very Very unique service that not a lot of People know about so you can definitely Take full advantage of it because there Are millions of creators that would Obviously like to make money off of Their YouTube channels but they just Don't want to waste so much time and Money and effort into getting Approvement of their partner program but You just want to go straight to the Point and get monetized right away so That they can reinvest money into their Channel and grow and become better Creators and so on and so forth so this Is a very unique service so definitely Take full advantage of it before it's Too late anyways I really hope you got Some value out of this tutorial if you Did make sure to drop a like down below And I will see you in some of the next Ones

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