The 10 Best Social Media Marketing Tools (for agencies)

– I have had a social media
marketing agency since 2010. And I have learned a
lot of things about how to create better content for my clients. So in this video, I'm gonna show you my favorite tools to
use, so that your agency can create better content
for you customers. Hi, my name is Desiree,
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and the bell below. Now, I truly believe that the secret to any successful social
media campaign for any brand, is by having a really good
social media management tool. I have tried all of them, all of them! Literally, over the last 10 years. And the one that I have stuck
with over and over again is Sendible, which is my go to platform for all social media management.

It allows me to manage
a lot of tools at once. It allows me to do all
of my social platforms from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. It's the best tool for any agency because it's specifically
designed for agencies, and I can't recommend it enough. I've been literally using
it for over nine years. I have tried to switch! But I always come back to Sendible. Now, we live in an era where video is like dominating our lives! It's really hard to figure
out to create video content for our customers because so many of them are busy or resistant to getting on video. So that's when you should
consider making explainer videos or text animation videos.

And today's tool is the
one that my agency uses, also the sponsor for our video, Biteable. Biteable is gonna allow for you to make social media ready
videos for your customers, without them really having
to send you anything. You can use existing
stock photos and videos, or you can be provided your
own from your customer, with beautiful templates
to create those explainer and text overlay animations. I create these videos
for all of my customers every single month, as a part
of our social media packaging. And now you can too, very
easily, starting out for free. So click that link down
the description below, so that you can checkout Biteable for free and see if it's a good
fit for your agency. Now, if you are fortunate
enough to have a customer that is creating video and
doing a rocking job at it, make sure you're
including closed captions. Closed captions are important
not only for YouTube, Because it's going to allow
YouTube to know how to better place those videos
in front of people.

But, it's also important to
note that over 84 percent of people are consuming videos on social media without sound. And if you don not have
those closed captions, either as an option or
embedded into the video, then that is a lot of
missed view opportunity for your customers. is going to
charge you $1.25 a minute so that you can get that
transcription done really quickly. You're talkin' less than a day! I get this stuff turned
around super quick. And then you could easily
upload it up to YouTube, and you can also have it to
hardened code into those videos. And what tool can you use
to hardened code those into? My next tip for you, is with

Quicc is a tool that allows for you to hard embed closed captions onto videos of any size. It allows for you to pick
the format of the video whether it's like a newsfeed,
a story, or a square so you are never able to miss out on an opportunity to share your video content with somebody no matter what platform that you're on. Quicc does have an
auto-generated option for you, for the hard embed. The difference between a tool like Quicc and a tool like, is Rev is closed captions that
you can turn on and off. Quicc is a hard embed. And if you're going to use
your videos on YouTube, you definitely want Rev but if you're looking to use your
videos just for social, definitely just use Quicc. Part of our job as agencies is creating a lot of content. Because we know that
visuals are the best way to connect with audiences. And the easiest tool that I have found for doing this, especially
if you're creating so much at once, is using
a tool like Picmonkey.

Now Picmonkey has a lot of things, the same templates that will format everything for you across the different platforms. So you can create something
once and then get it in multiple different designs. This is going to be a
faster option for you then doing something like Photoshop. Now if your agency is
fortunate enough to have a design team, then this
is totally something that you don't have to worry about. But, if you are working on more boutique, or you have a shoestring budget, or you just need something quick, Picmonkey is going to be
a great option for you to get that visual done, and with all of the
platform sizing that you will need. User generated content
is a really big deal because we want to make
sure that other people are talking about your
customers product or service. That is why a tool like
Tack is going to be so helpful for you. Tack I going to allow
for you to have legal permission to use your customer's photos for marketing purposes. So, for example, let's say you are a hotel
and someone is enjoying their time at your space.

And they take a really
wonderful picture of like their food by the pool. And you're like oh my god
this is the best photo I would love to be able to use this on my social media. Well, you can't just take that photo and re-share it. No, you have to get
legal permission from the person that created that photo to do it. And Tack is going to
allow for you do that. So definitely consider
using Tack if you are an agency with a client or clients who has a lot of that
kinda content out there so they legally protect themselves, so they're not getting into trouble.

pexels photo 6483615

It is no secret that
people love using GIFs. In fact ninety two percent of people are using GIFs on a regular basis when on social media. So all of your customers should have their own GIF library,
with GIFs representing their brand, their product,
and the face of the person that they can really use. I personally use this all the time responding to comments and stuff, and you should consider doing it too. Using you can easily create a GIF library on the
largest GIF library platform on the planet, that is
also owned by Google. So you know that if you
want to find a search, you go to Google. You want to find a video? You go to YouTube. And if you want to be found in a GIF, you go to Tenor. So definitely check that out I have a video in the cards, you can watch right now, to teach you how to do it. So how are you supposed to be managing all of this content? My personal opinion, in the past ten years of doing this, is that Google Docs is the bee's knees.

OK? Google Docs allows me
to easily share things with my customers and with my team. We can collaborate on easily in this nice and organized, and it's in the Cloud. Like I never have to
worry about if my computer crashing or a hard drive going out, or anything like that because everything is in the Cloud. Additionally, when one
of my team members is down for the count, or I
have to change something for a customer, I can easily go into the Google Docs where everything lives,
and make the appropriate changes.

So definitely consider
something Google Docs for managing the files that you have for all of your customers. Now if you are creating a lot of content for your customer, maybe they have a YouTube channel, or they have a podcast, or they're writing blogs all the time, an extension to a word press website like Prettylinks will make it very easy for people to find that
content and for you to share it.

So for example, let's say you have a podcast episode, it's episode, like, forty
two, and it's like a super long thing. You can just easily do like, customer's A pretty link is going
to allow for you to have those done and create them easier. This is great for affiliate links, this is great for partnership, this is great for sharing
other people's content on your website. So consider doing that,
rather than having these weird long, complicated
clicks, and websites, and it, it just gets ugly. Make it pretty. With Pretty Links. No content marketing strategy is complete without email marketing. Like literally, we all
need to be building lists. Not only for our agencies,
but also for our customers. So a tool like convertkit
is going to be super easy. I know that there are a
plethora of options like infusion soft and mailchimp
and all that stuff, but convertkit works the best. I cannot love on this place enough. I, again, I've been
doing this for ten years.

I have had all of the
email marketing systems, and convertkit is super
easy and super effective. For three reasons. One, my open rates are
off the hook because it's simple and easy to send emails to everyone on my list, or the different segments. Two, I can create landing
pages within convertkit and put people into my flows very easily. And, three, I can have a
pop-up that I put on my website that comes from convertkit. Rather than having to
have like a landing page website, or tool, and a pop-up tool, all these other things. It's just easily done in
one place with convertkit. I highly recommend that
you check out convertkit for your customers, so that you can have better
conversions for them. I want to success as an agency, so finally, sort all the
tools I talked about, down in the description below, and watch this video right here I'm going to show you how you can use biteable, so that you can better create social media videos for your customers.

And until next time, I'll see you soon..

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