The inside of their van dwelling is not what you’d expect!

hey there welcome to my channel where i take you 
on tours of unique homes and showcase stories of   people living alternatively we've toured 
a lot of van conversions on this channel   but today's van dwelling is a real head turner 
this guy comes walking up and he goes that's a   terrible idea for a car and it is a terrible 
idea for a car a terrible idea for a car but   it's an awesome idea for a house but it's a great 
idea for a house john and carly are going to take   us on a tour of their woodsy van and explain 
how living nomadically doesn't mean you have   to skimp on some big home comforts and if you 
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you know every single time we publish a new tour make this house wooden walls in an air so cold pleasure's 
not enough when you're on a roll   hi my name is john and i'm carly and 
welcome to our funky little van what this journey with the van started almost 
exactly two years ago that's through about   five interior rebuilds about three exterior 
rebuilds a new member moving in right yeah   we joke all the time about what it looked like 
before carly moved in well it's very obvious that   a girl moved in right and he was like the first 
van lifer i ever met lucky for me because they're   all pretty cool so that was a close call i could 
get rid of everything i own and be totally happy   before i used to have my own car and i would 
follow the van behind and we would just kind of   caravan and i would get to see all the people 
looking and turning and talking slack jaw   faces of just what is yeah so this one day i 
was sitting in the front seat of the van and   this guy comes walking up and he goes that's a 
terrible idea for a car and then his wife is like   honey honey there's a person 
in there and i was just like   hi and he was like i like your voice your van 
scrambles away and it is a terrible idea for a   car a terrible idea for a car but it's an awesome 
idea for a house but it's a great idea for a house welcome to the outside of woody woody is 
a 1996 gmc savannah 1500 it was originally   very classic 90s family 
conversion van for road tripping   we took a lot of time to really modify it and 
make it look nothing like a family road tripper obviously got his name from the very custom wooden 
raise up here added 16 inches of height making the   interior 6'4 certainly wanted to be able to stand 
when i was traveling around and just got sick of   hunching over i actually did that alone in the 
desert which i don't know if i would recommend   i was pretty dangerous but quality of 
life has been dramatically improved   the colors are definitely eye-catching and i 
just picked a couple of colors that i thought   would work pretty well for wood stain when i was 
bringing it out and doing the work and immediately   after putting it all together i realized 
it perfectly matches harry one of our dogs the van has a 5.7 liter v8 engine we get 
about 15 16 miles to the gallon right now   which is excellent in our latest round of 
renovations one thing that we wanted for a   long time was a roof deck we knew we wanted 
it to be the full length of the vehicle so   it's an 11 foot roof deck up there with 400 
watts of solar on top that we actually built into   these wooden frames that pull out on wooden puzzle 
slides so now we have all four panels extended out   winning back a good amount of space 
about 12 inches in width on each side   when we built our roof deck obviously we 
needed a way up there and we found a great   deal on these flipped down ladder steps four easy 
steps with the bumper and you're on the roof deck   carly decided to do a couple little paintings on 
the inside from here we have phases of the moon   and when we're in bed we can see those perfectly 
in this most recent round of renovations we added   the skylight here we got the part for less 
than 100 and it has increased quality of   life dramatically for sure we get a ton of 
natural light when we're hanging out when   we're cooking when we're hosting and it really 
really fills up the space so our latest addition   here starlink from spacex is high speed internet 
pretty much anywhere we've been very dependent   working full-time from the road i work remotely as 
an adventure coordinator and i also do full-time   photography i do a lot of digital marketing
do a lot of social media stuff i do a lot of   graphic design branding web development it 
has been a major form of sustenance for us one nice feature that we did add to the van is 
our water fill so this feeds a 30 gallon water   tank that with two people three dogs it lasts 
us about a week all of our exterior lights are   independently solar powered so none of the power 
comes from our house batteries so at night time   when it gets dark they automatically turn on just 
like that all right let's check out the inside welcome into woody this is 
one of my favorite walls   in the whole van for christmas 
because carly's a photographer   i bought her a polaroid camera and now 
actually all of these all recent memories my guitar of course which i have set up here in 
kind of an interesting way i think or at least a   simple way these little wall hangers are made to 
hang a guitar perfectly vertically but i built a   very small wooden box down here that just holds 
the body of the guitar too and this doesn't move   at all when we're driving next to me here this 
comfy little stool looking thing is actually   our toilet it's a really simple cassette toilet 
there's a little release on one part and the top   water tank and seat actually come off and the 
bottom were able to walk into safe dump areas this front area up here behind me we reduced   our shelving up here really tucked it back and 
now it's things that bring us joy more or less   the shelving up here and trim throughout really a 
lot of the interior wood is just found pallet wood   so being able to find wood and rehab it and really 
bring character into each piece and use different   stains the wood is very homey it's very natural to 
us it makes us feel connected to nature it keeps   things really bright it's obviously also very 
durable and pretty practical and a lot of this   being pallet wood that's often cheaper wood 
so it's lighter wood it's not very dense this is our kitchen where i made the first meal 
i ever made for carly where i made the first meal   for a lot of new friends that i've met out there 
i'd love to cook love to share things when i met   carly i didn't have a countertop in here at all uh 
it was just the frame of the top of it and i lived   that way for a long time i like a lot of stuff 
in here when a girl moves in you gotta step it   up a little bit you know you gotta up your game 
you gotta get the butcher block our pantry that's   really massive tons of spices and little smoothie 
additives carly wanted a full-size mirror because   i was totally living bachelor life really 
before that and i think this might have been   my mirror before she moved in but now we have 
a big mirror that i intentionally tilted down our sink faucet was 30 bucks online it's usb 
rechargeable it doesn't go down to a pump an   actuator a foot pump anything like that it's 
plumbed into our 30 gallon fresh water tank   and it just turns on with the click of a button 
relatively quiet in the grand scheme of things   definitely quieter than most sink pumps we use 
this middle space for most of our cooking we   have this little tiny stove just runs off of 
one butane canister here no other moving parts   we swap out a single can of butane maybe every 
week or so and that's cooking every single meal   getting up making tea in the morning it certainly 
gets plenty of use and we don't really blow   through fuel for that as we come down the counter 
top here we have this handle and these hinges the   countertop actually lifts up and we have our 
top loading fridge nested underneath there   it's a 54 quart aspinora fridge half the cost 
of your average dometic when we're not using   the fridge we don't need access to it we 
have all of this additional counter space   all right let's check out the 
back the bed area the lounge area we built this table out of this is a terrible 
start come here this table functions as   our office our dining room table it's also part 
of our bed that fills in the gap here it sits on   one leaf that comes out on hinges and actually 
slides in between two pieces of wood that act as a   sort of counter weight when we're done working or 
hanging out in lounge mode we switch into bed mode   we take our table and that slots down our pillows 
that act as backing here actually fill in the gap   it's a full size mattress you can use a 
bread knife to cut your tempur-pedic mattress   the lines came out really really clean and 
we actually upholstered the whole thing   with velvet curtains that we found we just thought 
it would be comfy maybe durable they were pretty   cheap and affordable we absolutely love watching 
movies watching tv it's something i avoided for   a long time on the road feeling like like it 
lessened my connection to nature or something   but being a couple and wanting to just hang 
out we prioritized in this rebuild a nice big   tv that we would be excited to watch here we're 
up above the bed in the lounge area and this is   our clothing storage also built out of pallet 
wood here this is basically all of the clothing   that carly owns and then this little one 
basically all of the clothing that i own   some of this was the first pieces that we built 
in this whole rebuild we did the back pallet wall   here that we loved and really set the tone for 
the rest of the build so as we're looking around   there's inspiration coming from that everywhere 
for sure we use the same wood stains we used a lot   of the same patterning uh to keep things kind 
of cohesive related to clothes storage uh one   really cool kind of diy hack we saw on instagram 
was to take your pillowcases and stuff them with   your extra clothes so we keep our winter layers 
in the decorative pillows on the bedding here   so this area down below the bed here is where we 
have the majority of our storage that's where we   keep our bedding during the day where we keep a 
lot of our tools extra things that aren't quite   daily grab things and everything under here flips 
up on a hinge and we can get into our storage   one other thing we keep down here below the bed 
is our power system we actually have a portable   power station it's 1 260 watt hours it's really 
really more than enough to keep us powered here approaching 30 at the same time as my lease 
ending and my career changing dramatically   i sort of took a good hard look at 
my time on earth and realized that   i want to travel and i want to be in nature 
and i don't want to be up all night bartending   i definitely knew like one day 
i will live on the road one day in an air so cold pleasure's 
not enough when you're on a roll can bear the weight of where i've 
been of where i'll go of where i'll gold but i'm here with you you're here 
with me so much world we've yet to see you

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