I Turned $1 Into $1,000 FOREX TRADING | Sophia Golden Version

one dollar into one thousand dollars using sofia world television like i said guys all the trades are opened by sofia gold television as you can see remember yesterday i took hundred dollar into hundred thousand dollars but today i'm telling just just one dollar guys into one thousand dollars as you can see all the trades here as well like i said all the trades are opened by the robot as you can see sofia gold television all the trades are written sophia uh golden vision ea like i said so guys uh the broker that i'm using here you can see i'm i'm killing it on imac yeah i'm killing it here on macbook sorry uh you can see hot forex live account let me see two five minute time frame i want you to see the entry here like i said look at the balance guys just look at the balance it's still going up i'm on one thousand one hundred and one dollar this is the only robot that can do this and like i said i only started with one dollar what happened is that guys because the broker doesn't allow one dollar everyone knows that so i deposited ten dollars now as you can see i deposited ten dollars and we throw the nine so as i can start with the one dollar as you can see the deposit and the withdrawal like i said i deposited how much i boosted ten dollar with raw the nine so as i can remain with one dollar and turn that into one thousand dollars using sofia golden vision nothing is impossible guys uh from classic forex trader just because you and your friend failed to do it doesn't mean uh it's impossible uh we do have the high risk us uh out there like what classic uh who is able to do this guys hey i'm done and i'm out you can see hot forex broker i'm dolly killing it hot forex yeah i'm done i'm done i'm done i'm done i'm done i'm done let me just close anyway i think i'm done let me just close like this okay accept the conditions of closing the trades what what yeah let me allow this allow like this okay close like this close close close i'm closing all the trades guys uh from one dollar just from one dollar into how much okay i'm closing okay let me close from the phone here okay because here it seems like some little bit slow i don't know why but uh like i said i deposited ten dollars we throw the nine and started with one dollar look how much i'm making i'm still closing the trades here as well okay let me close the threes here you can see the balance is 500 and something okay let me close here so as i can make the withdrawal just quick okay uh because i i don't see the reason of you making money but yet failing to withdraw if you understand so let me close everything guys i think i'm done when you're done reaching the target just lose everything you understand i'm done from your guy classic three forex trader uh with sophia this is the golden version of it by the way it's gonna be released by the 15th of june so yeah from meet classic i think i'm done guys okay let's see uh 1154 dollars yeah classic forex trader yo yeah hot forex spinning milk the guy says you can see yeah the broker this is the broker in case and you don't have eyes to see this is the broker that we are currently

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