Think of your Social Media Marketing as a Dinner Party!

Hi, all. It's Amber from
Ronin and today I wanted to talk to you about how
approaching your social media marketing and communication
should be just like a dinner party. What do I mean by that? We've all been to
those dinner parties where there is that horribly
annoying guest who just talks about themselves nonstop. Blah, blah, blah. I work here. I have this car. I live in this suburb. My child goes to this school. They talk at you for
the entire dinner party and nobody wants to
sit next to them, and they're never
invited back again. On the flip side of that we've
all had those dinner party guests who are so engaging. They communicate with you. They're interested in
you asking you questions and they talk with you. We like those people. We want to be
around those people. We're attracted
to them and we're going to invite them to
the next dinner party. So what does that mean for
social media marketing? So often we find businesses who
are like that annoying person.

All of their posts
are about them. Their products, their
services, what they do, at you all of the time. They're just talking at you. And on social media. That's really,
really irritating. And it turns people off. What you need to do is
think about a balance. You want to communicate
with your target market. You want to talk with them. You want to engage with them. You want to let them know that
you understand their interests and talk about all
of those things and make that connection between
what they are interested in and what you sell. Make it relevant for them. Getting that balance
can be really difficult. It's very easy to fall into
the sales-y side of things in a similar way
it can be easy just to become irrelevant and
just talk about fluff.

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Getting the mix right so that
you're that really interested, engaging dinner party guest
that your customers want to work with and
even better, they want to refer you to their
family and friends, is key. So if that's something
that you want to get you balance
sorted just right, come and talk to us at Ronin..

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