20+ Social Media Post Ideas to Radically Simplify Your Marketing

– If you are a business owner, I can guarantee that every
month you ask yourself what to post or you
spend a way too much time trying to figure it out and plan it out. In this video, I'm gonna walk you through over 20 different social media posts ideas that you can use every
single month on repeat to keep your organic social
media channels, fresh, engaging, helpful, and
valuable to your audience. (upbeat music) Why should you be posting
organic social media content? I think most of us understand that in today's world, it's a necessity. But again, you don't want to
be spending all of your time creating content that
people may or may not see. You do want to make sure
that you're focusing on systems that can increase
your speed and efficiency when creating your social content.

The first thing that
you really want to know before we dive into this
is your audience, in depth. You want to know what they
like, the topics of interests, their biggest pain points,
their biggest questions. Knowing your audience will make
all of this so much easier. But trust me, using these post templates can actually help you
get to know your audience much, much better. The second thing you
really want to understand is what are your business goals? Don't take exactly what
I'm sharing with you today. Make sure that you tweak
these and customize for those products and services you want to focus on. The end goals, such as a phone call, a text message, an appointment. All right, let's get started. Number one, this is a,
this or that template. This is simply asking for your audience to give you feedback on
what they would prefer, this option or that option.

For example, if you are a
home remodeling business, you could ask people which
kitchen style they prefer, this modern kitchen or
that rustic kitchen. If you're a running store, you could ask people which
running shoe they prefer, or which brand, Nike or Adidas. There's so many options here, I know you'll find something that works. The second one we'll talk
about is called a, B, C, or D. This is similar to this or that, but instead you're giving
someone four different options. This could be for them to choose
the option they like best. It also could be for
them to choose the option they like least. For example, if you're a
restaurant and you serve all-American style food,
you could have four photos, pizza, chicken, wings,
hamburgers, and French fries. You could say, if you had
to get rid of one of these for the rest of your life
and can never eat it again, which one would it be? A, B, C, or D.

And let your
audience share their feedback. The next would be a testimonial. I cannot tell you how genuinely impactful this type of post can be, yet how rare I truly see it
posted by any type of business. This could be a Facebook review. This could be a video that somebody shot you on their cell phone. This could be an email that
was sent that you screenshoted. It could be a text message. It's someone that has purchased
from you that is happy with what you've done,
sharing their genuine words. Pro tip, if you have a
really long testimonial, take out a really powerful
line and put it in a graphic. You can post the entire
comment or testimonial in the post content, but you have something really
simple and eye catching for your audience to look at before they read the rest of the review. One of my favorites is a story format. This could be a story about you, it could be a story about
one of your employees. It could be a client's
story that you're sharing to showcase why they decided to buy your product and service.

It really is a great exercise in improving your storytelling, to be able to better
connect with your audience and really establish yourself
as a personable brand that people can trust. Another idea would be to
focus on different styles, designs, or options within the actual products and services that you sell. If you are a flooring store, then you could showcase two or three different styles of flooring. Maybe the color style. Helping people understand the differences between your product offerings
will ultimately put them in a much better position
to be ready to buy. Another post example that I'd
highly encourage you to try is the transparency option.

This is taking something that
typically isn't discussed in your business very often
and making it very clear and transparent for the client
to see, such as pricing. one great example would be a friend of Social Media
Examiner, Marcus Sheridan. He noticed that everyone
in the pool industry was not publishing their pricing anywhere. Homeowners were desperate to find out how much this might cost, because they needed to know
what they could afford. He decided to publish
all of his prices online for everyone to see, and
the results were incredible. He had so many homeowners
reaching out to get started, because they finally felt
confident to work with someone who wasn't afraid to publish the cost of what their product and
service was actually going to be. This does not have to be only for pricing. However, pricing is usually
a great way to do it. It could be the way that you operate your business on the backend. It could be about where your
products are purchased from, or sourced from or how they're made. There's so many different
things you can choose from, but it should be something
that isn't discussed very frequently in your industry, but that your audience potential customers are desperate to learn more about.

Another idea would be to talk
about different materials or tools involved in your business. If you are a digital business, this could be your programs
you're using on a daily basis. Highlight something that
you've really enjoyed and share that fun fact with
others who could benefit. If you are a physical product seller, you could talk about the
actual materials that are used in different products, why you
chose the ones that you did, or the tools involved with
making some of these products. People want to know
where things come from, especially if you're a
physical product seller. Another great idea is to really highlight one of your clients. This could be focused on them as a person, it could be focused on
what you helped them with. It's shining the light
on a client or customer, making them feel great. That type of post is
really gonna encourage them to share it with their audience, which is going to reach a lot more people. The same could be said for
highlighting another business in your area or industry. People love to be flattered, and if you can be the
one doing the flattering, they in fact have a much higher likelihood of sharing that content, exposing your business to
new potential customers.

Quick tips are one of my absolute favorite type of organic posts. You have more than a few quick tips that only someone with as much experience as you have would know, start sharing those tips. It could be one simple sentence, but if the value is there,
if it will help somebody, they're gonna think of you
every single time they use it. A great option for posts is always frequently asked questions. This is not only integral as
part of your sales training, this is where your best
content can come from. Make sure that at least once a month, you're taking one of those
frequently asked questions, asking the question as the
opening line in the content, and then giving the answer
for everyone to see. That's how you turn a
frequently asked questions into questions that are no longer asked. Another option that I love
is the before and after. Before and afters are not just limited to health and fitness businesses.

pexels photo 6483586

They're not just limited
to beauty businesses. Every single product or service develops some type of transformation for the person who's utilizing it. You need to understand
what your transformation is and create a post that focuses
on that before and after. If you are a marketer or
a social media manager, a before and after could
simply be screenshots of the results before you
started working with that person, versus the screenshot of the results after you started
working with that person. Another idea would be an employee feature. I can guarantee your employees
are gonna absolutely love you taking some time every single month to highlight one of them,
what they do for you, what their dreams and aspirations are and how much of an asset
they are to the company. People in your community will really enjoy seeing that as well. Another really, really versatile idea is gonna be content related
to the other interests of your potential buyers. Every single business
is within an industry, and those industries
are naturally connected to other industries or types of products or types of services. You really need to understand
what your buyers want, what they need, what they
think about, what they enjoy.

And you should have a list of that content so that you can create
ideas that don't just focus on what you sell, but focus
on what your audience likes in relation to your product or service. That's the way that you
can establish yourself as an industry expert. For example, a hair salon can talk about a lot more than just hair. They can talk about makeup, they can talk about fashion trends. They can talk about health and wellness.

I promise you, if you take a few minutes and write out a list, it'll be
a lot easier than you think. Another post example
would be the comparison. This can relate to just about anything. It's simply comparing
one thing with another. You really want to focus on the details. For example, price or quality
or durability, how it's used, what the end result
typically is going to be. This could be for a physical product, it could be for a service. It also could be something unrelated to your product and service that your ideal client would care about. Another great example
would be pros and cons.

This can relate to your
products and services, It can relate to your industry,
to you and your competitors. It could relate to things
that your customers or potential customers are actually doing. Anything that relates to your business can be a comparison with
benefits and drawbacks. You just have to keep
your eyes open for them. One of the very best things to do is to utilize user-generated content. This is simply a piece of content created by someone who's purchased
your product and service. This could be a photo of them wearing your product and service. This could be a photo of them after they've used your
product or service. It could be a picture of
you and your employees with someone in the
community that they posted on their social media channels. Anything that is published
by one of your customers is user-generated content, and it's a great thing to highlight. Another great topic to discuss is trends. There are trends in every industry, whether that's related to
the products and services, the direction the industry
is taking pricing, sourcing.

A great example of this could
be the automotive industry. The electric car trends are rising. I would want to be
highlighting the differences that we may see between
the cars we have today and the cars that we'll
have in five years. A really great idea for
content can be focusing on the causes that matter to you. If you are working in
the remodeling industry, Habitat for Humanity could
be a very natural fit. If you were working in
the animal industry, then working with a charity
that rescues animals could be a great fit. Whatever that cause is
that matters to you, ideally it can relate to your business or your audience in some way. Those are things that
I'd highly encourage you to speak out about and try
and get other people involved, because the more people
involved in that cause, the better it will be, for
not just your business, but for everyone. You also want to make sure
that you're actively posting some long form content occasionally.

This could be a longer video. It could be a podcast, it could be a blog that you've written. You should have a good mix
of short form and long form. And once a month is definitely a very easy to achieve timeframe for this. If you're a local business, you
should definitely be talking about community related activities. For example, social media marketing world. This is an incredible conference for the social media industry. So if you're related to
the social media business in any way, that would be
a great topic to discuss coming up in future months. Finally, you need to be
making a direct offer every single month. Too often, businesses just
assume that their audience understands what they sell and
how they can work with them. I would encourage you to get more active in posting direct offers. What is something that you
have going on right now that your audience may not know about? Talk about it and give them
a very direct call to action, And you'll see an immediate
increase in engagement for the thing you actually
want, which is sales.

Now that you have all of your
content topics planned out, you really need to get these
written, created and scheduled. I'd highly recommend
the process of batching. All your copy at once, all
of your creative at once, and hopefully scheduling those out. There are a lot of different social media scheduling tools available, but I'd highly recommend just diving in with Facebook business suite
if you have access to it, otherwise go into your
Facebook business page under publishing tools
and start scheduling these posts right then and there. If all you're doing is
organic social content, you are going to be missing out on some of the prime benefits of paid Facebook and Instagram ads. Click on this video on the screen to learn how you can incorporate your
organic content strategy and your paid ad strategy to
see the best possible results..

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