Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 16 Eng Sub Mind Blowing Theory Na Hee Do is Not Married at all

Hi, this is Jonathan Pramana, welcome Back
to this channel. After watching episode 13 drama Twenty Five
Twenty One, there are alot of things in my head about the theory of this drama. Since the start many of viewers talking of
the possibility of Na Hee Do and Baek Yi Jin end up together, but untill episode 13 we
didn’t see anything yet about it. All the things seems still blured about Baek
Yi Jin and Na Hee Do relationship. Once i think they will not end up together
because of many reason but twice i think again and i believe if they will end up together
because of many reason.

I already made alot of theory regarding this
since this drama aired from episode 2. I never been this confused about the possibility
of the drama, but this drama is on another level. Twenty Five Twenty One become one of the hardest
predictable drama ever. Beside all of that i have another theory of
this drama and how this drama will end up. My first theory is about Kim Min Chae, Na
Hee Do’s daughter. I think Kim Min Chae is actually Ko Yu Rim’s
daughter and Na Hee Do is taking care and raised her since she was a baby.

If we see the character of Na Hee Do and Kim
Min Chae is very different. Na Hee Do is very childish when she was a
teenagers meanwhile Kim Min Chae is very girly same as Ko Yu Rim when she was a teenagers. Not only that, Kim Min Chae getting scared
of opponent also fairly similar to Ko Yu Rim. If Kim Min Chae afraid of losing in the ballet
competition, Ko Yu Rim is afraid of Na Hee Do when she lose once to her. Meanwhile Na Hee Do is not afraid of anything
and always take a risk on everything she did. The jealousy is also look seems between Kim
Min Chae and Ko Yu Rim. Ko Yu Rim jealous to Na Hee Do because she
beat her once and have everything in her life. Meanwhile Kim Min Chae jealous to Na Hee Do
because her mother won a lot of medal in the fencing competition. Kim Min Chae and Ko Yu Rim character is clearly
same even their calm face, introverted and hair style are same and not even one thing
same to Na Hee Do. I think the writer showing us this clues in
a hidden way.

So maybe Kim Min Chae actually Ko Yu Rim’s
daughter. But how come it could be happen? If we get back to episode 1 of this drama,
there is a scene where Na Hee Do is going to meet someone special. On her way she met a demonstrans who gave
her a chrysanthemum flower. In Korea chrysanthemum flower is a symbol
of death and it is always gave to the death people. On that time, Na Hee Do also throw that flower
and after that she met Ko Yu Rim. Could it be the sign if Ko Yu Rim going to
die? I think it is not just a normal scene and
it could be a sign of death since in the first episode. Not only that we never hear anything from
Ko Yu Rim, Ji Seung Wan and Moon Ji Woong in the present day. The only one person that we know and there
is a sign of him is only Baek Yi Jin.

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Na Hee Do’s mother once mention if she met
Baek Yi Jin a month ago. So this is mean if Baek Yi Jin still alive
or maybe she met him in his grave. But since the expression of Na hee Do is shock
i think Baek Yi Jin is still alive. But they are not end up together. Baek Yi Jin is clearly not Kim Min Chae’s
father. If we connect Na Hee Do’s mother conversation
saying, she met Baek Yi Jin last month, and Na Hee Do conversation saying, Kim Min Chae’s
father will come in a month because need quarantine, it is clearly tell us Baek Yi Jin is not Kim
Min Chae’s father.

Kim Min Chae’s father is in another place
or maybe in another country. Meanwhile Baek Yi Jin is still in Korea working
as a reporter. Baek Yi Jin and Na Hee Do might be separate
at the age 25 and 21 because of their job. In the episode 13 was mention if they are
not going to be together because of their job. And i think Baek Yi Jin might be hurting Na
Hee Do’s feeling and make their relationship broken. I think Baek Yi Jin will make report about
Ko Yu Rim’s family and make Ko Yu Rim suffered. Na Hee Do would try to stop Baek Yi Jin, but
Baek Yi jin will choose to be profesional as a reporter and not listen to Na Hee Do.

This will make their relationship broken and
they will separate after that. as we know, Na Hee Do is really admire Ko
Yu Rim from the start and before she know Baek Yi Jin. Na Hee Do would not choose Baek Yi Jin and
she will choose the person she like the most which is Ko Yu Rim. Na Hee Do might be not married after all,
because she still love Baek Yi Jin. Meanwhile Ko Yu Rim must be married with a
guy and having a baby. Ko Yu Rim might be die when Kim Min Chae born
or maybe by accident. Meanwhile Ko Yu Rim’s husband might be a
fencer too, and he have to work on the other country as a trainer. I know it is sound crazy but it is make sense
and Na Hee Do is not married at all. We never see Na Hee Do family’s picture
with Kim Min Chae and her husband. Meanwhile, Na Hee Do also not wearing a wedding
ring that showing she is married. So i think the truth will be revealed in the
episode 15 and maybe in the episode 16, Baek Yi jin and Na Hee Do will be together again.

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